My college life

NOT So Long Ago (Benedict)

I still vividly remember my first day in college. I was so excited in meeting new people. College felt like a liberation for me since I was far away from my family. It was my first time to be separated from them.

It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn't know how I should behave just to fit in. But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends whom are still my best buddies even until now. Every time we would meet up, we will never fail to recall how we were back in college; how we were molded to what we are now. College is a dry run of the rest of our lives. It's a training ground on how to be successful and become good people.


Just like this guy in the pic… the symbol of the University of the Philippines - the Oblation. He is naked for truth. Arms wide-spread in accepting knowledge. And looking up seeking guidance from the One above. Oh yeah, a fraternity in my university also mimics (legally) the 'nakedness' of our symbol. Every 16 December, the anniversary of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, they hold oblation runs. I don't want to put links here, so you better go ahead and discover what oblation run is about. Please search at your own risk.

The Next Step by Alvin John ~AJ~

After spending around 7 months of my life without education, here i am moving from secondary school life to college life. Honestly, I'm still not used to college life. I really miss my crazy buddies from my hometown and all the fun-filled adventures we used to do together. Now that all of us have gone our separate ways, it is really difficult to have a 'get-together'. The only way is to carry on and let the times we had together be memories.

My classmates and I during a Hari Raya Open House at our teacher's home =)

I'm from the city of Johor Bahru and i was all set to study, just across the causeway, at the island country of Singapore when my dad suddenly said "Let's go and check out Taylor's University since they are having their Open Day." But few days before the Open Day, unfortunately, i got into a motorcycle accident and at the hospital i thought to myself "I'm screwed! Now i'll definitely study in Singapore!" and true enough my dad said to me, "How can I let you study far away from home when you're always fooling around and getting yourself into trouble?" So, through this event, I've learned to be more mature in whatever I do, think before making any decisions and also think about the people who care for me. Anyway, I'm now in Taylor's thanks to my mom, who talked my dad into sending me to Taylor's University and making convinced that i will change..i hope i will =D So, Taylor's University it is, a whole new adventure for me. Not forgetting to mention the headache my dad and i have to go through just to find a proper and decent accommodation for me. For all this sacrifices my parents did for me, i am indeed very very grateful to them and i will not let them down.

My mom and siblings and I

College life is WAY different from secondary school life! The environment, especially at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, is cool and amazing. The people here from all over the world with their different sense of fashion and style has made this campus special to me. But like most of the people during their first week, i was alone. The whole week of orientation was enlightening but i am still without a new friend. When the second week arrived, our lectures started and i met some classmates. They are friendly. The Taylor's University Freshies N Newbies Club (FnN) did help to break the ice. The gathering we had was very fun and laughter was in the air most of the time. When the third week arrived, i went away to Spain for 17 days and when i came back it is Hari Raya holidays. Well, i hope i can catch up with what i have missed in class and i really hope i will have some very good and close friends here and have a fruitful 2.5 years throughout this Diploma course. College life has been complicating for me so far but I'm going to enjoy or at least TRY to enjoy each and every moment of my college life. \m/

Bob, Kay, me and Matthew

The Change - Azrin "Bobbie"


First day of college? Yeah, I remember it perfectly! In fact, it felt like it was just yesterday. I left high school, attended education fairs, filling in surveys after surveys and meeting the first pretty girl in college. INTI College was the one. Waking up at 6am on my first day was not easy. For the past few weeks, waking up at 9am was the norm. I took my shower, put on my clothes and off I went. As soon as I step on college ground, I knew this was it. Making friends, hanging out and checking out new lectures. After two months, I knew I would enjoy my degree life. As months go by, staying up late nights and trying to finish last minute assignments was a weekly affair. After 2 months, my semester exam results came out. I did pretty well but I felt I was in the wrong class. I didn’t feel like going further with all the boring subjects like biology, calculus and physics. Maybe I didn't have interest in them. Having to endure those subjects for 2 years before I get to learning about communication subjects was a pain in the ass. In case you were wondering, I was doing an American Degree Program.


My parents weren’t too happy when I told my parents that I wanted to change. After weeks of talking, they finally gave me the green light. So there it was, that moment of CHANGE. Did I feel happy? Sure do! How about leaving all my friends behind? It was tough but after all most of use undergo change. After weeks of talking to family and friends, I have made up my mind. Taylor’s Lakeside was the right one. Why lakeside? Well, mainly because I enjoy looking at the lake, environment and the facilities. I shall fast forward this story to 2 weeks forward, which is the 3rd time I step foot on college before you guys fall asleep.


"Photobooth-ing in class"

To be honest, that moment of time, I felt pretty nervous. Meeting new friends, new lectures and a new way of life. I never thought I would be changing colleges. During orientation, I met this girl from Vietnam and she was probably the cutest looking girl. Probably the cutest looking girl! But I managed to get her number though. OH YEAH!!

After a week of orientation, it was time that I have been waiting for, meeting my lecturers and getting to know my classmates. A figure walked through the door and he then introduced himself, “I will be teaching you CCPD and my name is Dr Ben”. Everyone just sat still and the class was as silent as the grave. I took a glance around class and I saw many pretty girls, and a Korean looking guy that caught my attention. Without thinking twice, I made effort by going up to him and we chatted. Sadly, he was a Malaysian who looked like a Korean but he was a very friendly guy. As days go by, I have met new friends and we are getting to know each other better. In fact we plan on having a "chill out" session next week! One thing that I noticed between all my classmates, we have something in common. You can say that we are as lost as a gay rooster in a hen house due to the fact that Taylors changed our timetable and group placing hundreds of times. The first 2 weeks of college definitely rocked and I am sure that I will love it here.

Adaptation - Arif Lee

How does an individual adapt to tertiary education ? I asked myself that exact question two weeks ago. The night before first day of college as a FRESHIE was nerve-racking . On the other hand , having to expose myself to a new environment and having to make new friends was something that I needed . Being on a 7 month break with time filled by working in two different companies , kickboxing & leisure time was getting extremely redundant as I was longing for something different .

So as I was too excited , I packed my bag the day before with a note pad , stationary & my water bottle.The thoughts going through my head were endless and trying to sleep was impossible . Eventually , I went to sleep an hour or so after . For the first time waking up at 6 am since secondary school , let's say it wasn't easy. I then went through my morning ritual - showering and having breakfast. As for transportation , I decided to carpool with a friend that I've known since primary school . It was a mere coincidence that he decided to choose Taylor's University (enrolling in the Taylor's Business school , Foundation in Business) & I jumped at the opportunity to have a familiar face with me for our orientation .

A fresh breath of air , as I stepped on campus for the fourth time but the first time as a registered student . The previous three were during a secondary school tour trip & the latter two were to enquire and register for my course . Having been there before , it wasn't as much as a shock to me as I suppose it was for the others . Still , I was a stranger , none of the faces I saw were familiar aside from a handful of people , whom I knew from secondary school . My friend and I went around looking for a place to have breakfast as we were there early , we decided on Old Town Coffee . To our horror , we didn't realize that we needed to register for orientation and ended up waiting twenty minutes just to do so.

Orientation flew by and in the process , I met my first two DICM classmates ; Kingston Lo and Calvin Tan . I would say after meeting them , adapting was much easier . We spent the first few days of lecture talking about our interest & sharing views on different things . First lectures for every subject was another thing I'd been longing , learning . We all went and introduced ourselves and I was surprised to find such extraordinary individuals , the people that I'll be spending two and a half years with . Some of them were national athletes , aspiring musicians , aspiring dancers , generous individuals whom had experienced doing charity work in Brazil , and there was even one girl who wanted to eventually be a owner of a bakery !

Here's a little preview as to how I was spending my time during my 6 month break

I truly raveled at the thought of having the honour of working with them & being classmates. Whoever you are , whatever you want to be , just be true to yourself . Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something .

"Who am I/are you to tell you/me that you/I can't do something that you/I love ?"
- Quoted by Arif Lee

"Live the life , live the dream , no fear"
- Quoted by Nathan Scott , One Tree Hill Episode: "Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous"

the beginning towards college life-Matthew zubin

The college experienced that i have personaly was a transition from secondary education to tertiary education.The feeling that i have was excited and looking forward towards.Well choosing this college was another issue that i need to survey.Hey the best part is that everybody was telling me you shoud definetly consider enroling yourself at taylors university college.Taking their advice for this at that very moment was something that i consider doing.I was like ya this is taylors we are talking about their main intention is to excellence,integrity and wisdom this was their moto.Now deciding what couse to take is still a question mark.The freedom for choosing any couse thankfully was giving by my parents.Well i gotta be honest with this that i was not totaly prepared for college life.You know meeting new friends it gonna be new.Somehow the feeling is like you have been transfered from school you go to a new one.When i arrived at the taylors university the spectacular view was marvelous…really the lakeside the the facilites provides was this gotta be the word that i am going to use is expensive hahaha.Ya but anyway when i enquired about the programme that was offered.Like i told you earlyier havent havent decided which path should i take for my carrer.So i was checking the programmes that they had.Having a conversation with the conselor regarding what i am good at was decision i made to do.So i told them please you dont give me anything that has maths.They said fine than you should do mass communication.Then i went back decided that this is what i wanna do.You guessed it i join the programme.

A New Chapter: College :O!!

Collegeeeee!!!!!! WOOT! :D! College life is new to me. Kinda nervous on the first day of lecture class! (Not knowing anyone in class)! I know how you feel fresh SPM leavers ;)! About the lectures some are nice some are fun some are boring and some are gamers (You know who you are :p) Haha I would love to have a PvP match with him (hope i dont get pawned in game). As for classmates.. they are pretty nice will get to know more about them sooner or later. A guy like me from a little town in Penang coming to a big city in Subang, I'd say the lifestyle is very different from where I came. Going to Taylors is like… woah I see many differemt kinds of people. Its good to be exposed right? So that you wont be living in a nutshell doing nothing :O! The first day of orientation was kinda boring with all the crappy speech but I have no choice but to sit and listen. But things get pretty interesting on the second day of orientation when all the SoC students regardless of freshies and seniors went to a lecture hall. I kinda forget the person giving the speech but at least its not boring :D. In the lecture hall thats where I meet Ariff Lee and his friend from Foundation of Communication Alfin ( i think :O). Nevertheless, its was a good day. Well enough said, so here are some of the pictures that i took while i was walking around campus

First off, The Lake. I rarely see any university (or college) that has a lake this big! You can feed the fishes and the geese. Yup i just say geese LOL! By any chance that you come at night there are some couples sitting beside the lake ( I was stalking them :p mwahahaha just joking)flickr:6028909824

If you noticed the HTC advertisement, THAT particular building its the Library :O OH MY GAWD! SO FWEAKING BIG!!! And it has a 24/7 study room just right beside the library where you can burn the midnight oil there…but not me if I'm alone O.O! Me scare of….!!!

Conclusion, college life is pretty fun and interesting. Yes even though some subjects are boring and dull, BUT!!! IF you put that aside The Pros are more than the Cons! So yea just enjoy college life while you can because It comes only once in your lifetime (unless you wanna fail which is not the case LOL). yea so thats all I can write about thoughts of college life. Peace Out!

Kingston Lo

A Different Level by Hisham Zainal

College?Right after SPM I was given the chance by my parents to choose which college/university to enroll in.And Taylors was not my 1st choice in my list.I wanted to enroll in Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology but my dad managed to convince me to choose Taylors instead.He said its more convenient for me to travel to college everyday as its much more nearer to the house.What he said is true so, I took his advice and registered myself at Taylors.

I was really excited about college.I mean its better than bumming around at home doing the same boring routine right?I wanted to start immediately but unfortunately I had to go for NS which explains the short hair :D .2 months filled with bullshit in NS.But I did got out 15 days earlier than the rest of the people there,thanks to Taylors acceptance letter.Yayyyy!HAHA!


First day of college was okay.I was maybe a little bit nervous but excited at the same time.The campus is huge but i didn't get lost that's for sure. :D I've actually been here several times actually.Most of my friends are studying here so i come by and hang with them at times.What caught my attention when I first stepped into the campus was the commercial block.I mean a Starbucks in the campus itself?! Oh wow! :D Sadly I haven't had the chance to try out anything at the commercial block as it's fasting month.

The first week was introduction week,we had to introduce ourselves to the class.As each individual share a little something about themselves I learnt that we are all creative in our own ways.And we are all here to activate that creativity to achieve the best from it.From there I made new friends.Some share the same passion and some differently.But it's cool,our differences of interest are simply another thing that makes life more unique.

Its a whole different vibe in college.It's not the same as high school.The freedom of not having to wear uniforms anymore.We can now wear whatever we want according to our own style cause no one's going to scold you.The lecturers here are friendly.They make loads of jokes and you can see that they just want to help us enjoy our time here studying in Taylors.OH,not forgetting the assignments.Oh wow,we have only been studying here for 2 weeks and the amount of assignments given are hell a lot.Hmmm,that's college…Well,I'm pretty much enjoying my life in college,making new friends aswell as working together.And I'm glad that I will be enjoying it in Taylors.

You gotta work hard & do for yourself because no one is gonna do what you want for you! :D

Getting Back On My Feet by Al Hanafi J


I was a Cambridge A-Levels Student (CAL ) back at Taylor's Subang Campus. I've been there for a year and i didn't regret one bit taking that course at the very first place. My original plan was either to take mass comm or go into a film school before but my parents told me to take a-levels instead cause of the recognition that you'll receive upon completing the course. So i followed their advice but before that we did argued bout it. Everything happens for a reason and yes i took it as a lesson. I gained lots of experience during my course even though i skip lots of classes, fooling around most of the time and yes..great times. Here is a glimpse of the moments that i had :


-Part of the Taylor's Dance Club Family ( TDC )-


-Fooling around in class when the lecturer is not there-


-I miss them-

How i wish i can get back in time to redo my wrong doings during my course. God has his own ways showing his almighty. Don't look back now and move forward.That's what i kept telling myself.

Now that i'm in the big house that is Taylor's Lakeside campus, it's best that i don't waste my time anymore plus my parents money. Why i dropped my a-levels? It was never my thing to begin with something like studying 24/7, putting your mind 100% into it and addition to it i was never the study type to begin with. Yes, i'm a slacker during my a-levels.

First thing first. I pretty much hate the parking lot here. One, it's packed.Punctuality is the main key to survive the horror of driving your car to Lakeside. Trust me, it's really that bad but in a way it helps you to be more discipline. Two, the gravel road.I like it very much(Sarcasm alert). It punctured one of my beloved Kelisa car tyre. I was furious but i had to stay calm no matter what the consequences.There's no one i can blame for that.Hahaha.


-Send my regards for this awesome road-

I'm getting off topic now.

I admit it. I was really looking forward when class starts to kick in. I can't wait to see new faces and also was hyped about assignments. Weird but true. Maybe its because i had my fun for a year and its enough for me. First tutorial was conducted by Dr.Ben.I was late for his class and the message that he sent about the consequences of coming late in class shook me. There i was sat alone. Not even one familiar faces but thats okay. Made several friends during the tutorial week. They're great and i'm really looking forward working together with them for this 2.5 years. Awkwardness remains there but things evantually work out in the end.

This is it. A new beginning. I'm back to basic and let's start all over again.

About My College Life (Wyman)

I like the view from here.

I did foundations in science for the past 2 years in Inti Subang. I'm notreally interested in science studies. In fact I really love mass communications. I love writing, I love practicing interpersonal skills. :) My parents did not encourage me to study this because I can't help much in their business. This leads to arguments. I finally gave up and "tried" studying science. I've been slacking around for this two years. I tend to skip classes with friends, flunked my finals for the 2nd last semester. And I finally gave up on my studies. Parents were pretty disappointed towards my attitude and my results. After persuading them for a period of time, they allow me to take mass communications in Taylors Lakeside. They gave me a last chance to prove them my capabilities in this field. After a bad experience there I decided to study here now. :)

I really like the atmosphere here, is undeniably good. Walking across we can find delicacy that fills my big tummy (oooppss!) hehehee :P During break time, friends and I will be hanging around at the lakeside. Seeing culinary students feeding fishes and amazingly I saw 6 ducks. Hahahah :D I enjoy going classes because the lectures caught my attention at the moment they speak & of course with a great bunch of friends. :D

The moment I stepped in the library, I felt so different. The library here is simply fantastic. Resources are fully provided for studying purposes (only :P) LoL. Some how I indirectly have the urge to lend a text book and read it through. I browse the title of the book using the computer provided, find it in ease and scanned it along with my student ID card and there goes my book! ( for that week ) hahah. I mean c'mon, it's the 21st century now, we no longer need librarians, library cards and unorganized shelf of books. :) Everything is computerized and make living easier! And of cuz saving time of busy city people like everyone here :) Besides, we can print our slides from BB7 here as well. I bet not every students here have a printer at home especially people from abroad. Discussions room are placed in the library as well. We can have our group assignment discussion there in an air-conditioned room and discussed in peace. Mac lab is placed in various placed with the professional Macintosh desktops. It is definitely better than the usual windows computers. Taylors are standing at the student's point of view and gave us the best they could. And this is what I love about Taylors. :)

Overall, Taylors is a nice place regardless to study or to hang out at syopz. This course requires plenty of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which I'm eager to practice practically and theoretically. Day by day I come for classes, I see my dream approaching. With the environment and opportunity I'm gifted to study here I will definitely get good grades. Not to prove my parents wrong, but to make them proud of their son. At least for once :P. Let's go Taylorians! Reach for your dreams! Good luck! :)

A Whole New World~~Michelle

Hey People!Well,my story goes like this.
Before entering Taylor's University, back in Johor Bahru,i enrolled in Sunway College,doing the Foundation in MUFY(Monash University Foundation Year), for about 3 months,till i quit. It was really tough for me as it was a big transition from our normal easy going high school life,to college life. I bet many others are feeling the same way as i did. I know that i may seem like a quiter to say that i dropped out of my previous college, but to me, it was the right choice as i was not doing what i wanted to do. From the start, i already kinda set my mind on doing Mass Comm,but,wasnt really confirmed,so,i decided to go with my family's plan and go for MUFY.

After some time,after i stopped the Foundation,i set my mind on Mass Comm,really confirmed!And i chose Taylor's.Campus is beautiful!My family says so too,even my younger sis has already set her mind to study here in future.
And,I feel that this is the right course for me,and also because we're taking this particular course,we have to talk alot and we have an excuse to talk alot.haha!! =D It's really been a huge change for me as back in JB i stayed at home,always in my comfort zone,with my parents there to take care of me 24/7,but now,im in a different state,i stay in a rented room,i walk to college,and my family is over 300km away.Everything is really new for me.Im learning to stand on my own two feet,i am afraid of course,but,i know i'll make it through,and i do miss my family very much,not forgetting my cute puppy,but i do try to make it home for the weekend sometimes.Well,this is a new stage in my life which i will have to go through sooner or later.I know i have got to Breakaway someday.[]

Anyway,on my very first day at Taylor's, i was so nervous!!I bet everyone else was as well,right?The minute i walked into Taylor's,my heartbeat started pumping sooo hard!It seemed like there was a sign on my forehead that read 'New Girl Right Here!!' It was scary because everyone would just stare when we, 'Newbies' walk pass, and we,who already feel scared enough,get stares from others and it makes us feel sooo much more afraid!!! And we all have this habit,of taking out our handphones,and just randomly type away or act like we're busy on the hp.hahaha.I already know many people who do this.Haha. On orientation week,we got to meet everyone in the School Of Communications and my gosh!there were sooo many students!!But,we are split into Foundation,Diploma and Degree of course.

So,it has been about 3 weeks since we started our course,and the groupings have been really,really confusing,but,the subjects are really quite interesting and our classmates are realy nice people!!Everyone is so unique and cool!We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other better.Im sure we're all going to rock this course,and graduate with flying colours!!

Oh,and not forgetting, i was so starstuck a few days ago when we saw Jack Neo fliming his movie here at Taylor's!!Its so really,awesomely,COOL!! A lucky group of us got to take a picture with the Singapore Mediacorp actress,Xiang Yun!


She's really nice in person too!And the credit goes to Kay who asked her if we could take a picture with her!Not many people knew who she is,but back here in JB,we all watch Chinese Drama alot,so,i am a fan of the dramas that she has acted in.And later towards the end of the same day,Snoppy helped Kasinn and i take a picture with the chinese actor!Seriously,starstuck!2 Singapore stars in one day!!I was soo happy!Haha.


And this is only the beginning of the sem,but,im already loving it!not only because of my 'starstuck'ness',hehe,but i know we are going to really enjoy our whole course!
Well,that's all for now!

Rock on,peeps!

Yay! (Puteri Zelia Athirah)

On my first week of college (orientation), I felt rather nervous yet very excited. I had seven months of what you can say, freedom after my SPM was done and to finally continue my studies in a whole new different environment was very exciting. I am much of a shy person when you first get to know me, so I was pretty much nervous about meeting new people. I did not really make new friends on my first week of college cause I was still hanging among my own group of friends whom I have met in school.

But as the first week of classes have started, I slowly gained new acquaintances and I must say, from my point of view, we have grown a lot closer thanks to the help of the FnN club for organizing the gathering for the newbies, the D/O for mixing up our group list (cause we had to find out from each other on what was going on right?) and of course, Facebook.

There are so many things that I really like about Taylor's Lakeside! For one, the amount of space it has. It is undeniably huge! And it is a huge plus that most of the hallways are outdoors cause the wind here is fantastic! Second, obviously, the commercial block. I can honestly say I have never seen a university with Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Old Town and Subway all together in one place. Thirdly, the library. It is always cold in there, the atmosphere is really calm. And it is a good place to relax, study and maybe.. sleep? :p


Here is a photo I took yesterday (13th August)

Compared to being in school and being in college, I have to say being in college is a lot more enjoyable. The breaks in between classes are long (but sometimes that can be a bad thing, maybe it is cause of the fasting month. Can't eat during break :( ) but at least that gives us some amount of time to relax before the next class starts.

I have made quite a number of friends throughout the second week and I do not regret meeting them at all. When I first made my way into class, I kept thinking in my head that I would never get new friends because of how shy I can be, or how awkward I get when I am nervous. But I was certainly wrong. Thank god! :p

When I first visited Taylor's Lakeside on a school trip last year, I was so amazed by how modern it looks like compared to other colleges/universities I have seen. I have made up my mind that I wanted to be a part of this college because it offered Diploma in Mass Comm, my parents have been told that it is a really good place to continue my studies and also because it looked so nice! But unfortunately, the parking here is really messy, no help with the amount of scattered little rocks all over the place. But I guess it is as good as it gets.

I am grateful to be a part of this university, to have made new friends and acquaintances and for awesome lecturers. I am definitely going to make it worthwhile.


My very first photo taken in college. With Adem, Lin Vin, Yazmeen (from FIC) and Azriq.

Thanks Kay for taking this photo! :D

so far so good (adem khaled younes dreed)


Hmm college life. What can I say about it? So far it’s been going well for me. Everyone has been great and I couldn’t be happier with the course I’m taking. Let me share a story with all of you guys on why I took mass communication. No one can actually say why I took this course, heck even I don’t know why but all I knew is that I made the right choice.

4 months ago my mind was set on one thing. To study diploma in business. What change my mind? Taylors university finally launched their open day .my mind was only set on one thing. To register for diploma in business. Arrived at Taylors University. As soon as I wanted to register for the intake the registration area was closed for the night. The next day came. As I was about to register, an announcement was made saying that registration will be closed in another 15 minutes. As I was heading to the business registration counter two girls, very friendly came up to me and introducesed me to mass communication. Sitting there, I can’t really explain the feeling I was having when they explained to me about the course but all I know that this is what I wanted to study. So in those 15 minutes I changed my mind and took diploma in mass communication. And until this day not a single day I regret taking mass communication.

The first day came and I couldn’t wait to see how my classmate like are. At the same time I was really nervous because you can’t really expect what is going to happen or how is your life in college going to be. I keep imagining the worst scenario and how humiliating it will be if that happen to me. I took a deep breath and took my first step in class. I keep thinking it was going to be like high school again where everyone is judges for every single thing you do. Yeah high school really wasn’t really my year so I thought I will play it safe and keep quite .and honestly I’m a weird person. Then our lecturer came he introduced himself as Dr Benedict Agulto . Kind of strict but other than that he was really nice and very funny.

The next day came. I stepped in class and sat down. Our next lecturer came and introduces herself as Ngim Mei Yee.she was really nice and very talkative. She told each one of us to stand up and introduce our self. So I sat down and listened to everyone on how they introduced them self and what makes them special. Everyone had their own special individuality and honestly I was surprised on how open the class was. But honestly is the way the class reacted to other people and how they accepted them for who they are and how they were so nice to everyone. And in that moment I definitely knew I’m in the right place.

So days goes on I met many cool people. But the first person to ever say hi to me was Saarah Jasmine which is really a nice and cool person to hang out with. I made some new friends met some new people and they were all great, anyway I’m looking forward to knowing all of you. Han I think bieber is awesome too. And Stephanie , hopefully you got selected as the new newscaster. Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to say hi. Just do it (:

There's a first time for everything

Yeah right..

Heart racing , palms sweating and clothes looking unsually drab among the throngs of many fashionably dressed adults. ' Why ,' I think to myself ' Did i ever choose to go to such a high class college ? I'm practically digging my own grave… ,'

That , my friends were my exact feelings on the first day I stepped onto the hallowed grounds of the Famous Taylor's college now turned University.

To top it all off , I arrived late for the orientation and had to noisily fumble into the MPH , pulling my chair out with a screech and achieving quite a few glances along the way. The announcements taking place on the stage were probably important but with the distance that I was seated at , it sounded more like incessant chattering that could be easily ignored …. which was exactly what i did. Taking sight of the people around me was actually the most interesting thing I had done that day . Long streaked hair ( both guys and girls) , short skirts and unsual faces were the sights that overwhelmed me .

Many people told me that I would face many or at least a few shortcomings in college as it's NOT like high-school and not everyone there is out to help you . Sometimes I wonder whether if they are actually attempting to make me feel bad , but anyway onto that topic for later . My main problem……. Taylor's is a HUGE campus and it will probably take you 5-10 minutes to get from one area to the next .. So what do you do if you are to walk from one side of the campus to the other ? No friend's to walk with you and laugh voraciously by your side and no mother to persistently nag at you about what you should and should not do . So i did what any teenager would do during a chrisis… I LIED… ok , not really but i pretended. I would pretend to get a message from my phone or even fake a call . But i would actually be having a conversation with the screensaver on my phone .

Some of you reading this may be like , " What ? Couldn't she have listened to music ?" , while others may choose even not to comment at my utter lameness at controlling the situation but all I can say is that , My earphones were broken and that I panicked. Im young and idiotic , give me time to grow .

That was about all that occured during my first day of college . I didnt even stay for the entire day of the orientation… My mother didn't know the way back home and so I had to leave in the afternoon to help her with the directions. But with the friends that I have made so far and the people that I have met along the way ,if I had a choice I would not have changed the way my first day at Taylor's was planned.. XD

- Swaroopini Nair / Roopz / Snoopy.. ;]


portals oh portals.. (Emmanuela C A Mutiara)

when the first week start. the lecturers always discuss about Student Portal, BB7, and etc.
(swear to God, i really-really-really have NO IDEA about these stuffs).
finally, i ask my friend to teach me (oh so embarrassing). ah! but i still don't get it! because i don't know why i can't log in the portals. i try to report about this to the Divisional Office but when i reach there, there's so many people in lines. i got little bit annoyed for waiting too long. at last, i decided to went to the Student Central.


i took the wrong steps again. they told me to go to the ICT. doooh! i'm so tired to go back and forth around the campus. but this is for the Student Portal. i had to do it.
okay, when i reach on the ICT, again.. and.. again.. i have to waiting in a line.


i ask the guy from there, why i can't access Student Portal, he just demand me to fill the form, and come back again tomorrow.
"well, okay i obey you sir!"
the next day i went back to the ICT, i met a different guy, and it still…….. ZONK! i still had to just sign the form then come back again tomorrow.

i start mess up and panic! because when the lecturer ask who wasn't access the Student Portal yet, it's only me. ONLY ME! argh! then, i thought in my mind, if tomorrow the guy from the ICT is only demand me to just sign the form, i would scold them! (hi hi hi)
and the next day after the class finish, i went back to the ICT (AGAIN) for asking my ID fate. then again i met the different-different customer service. he just demand me to test accessing by a computer over there and change the password (so simple)


ouch! my bad!
i supposed to typed with CAPS LOCK for entering the password. Oh My God! so shameful! i already had intention to be mad at them before. obviously, I JUST MISUNDERSTOOD.
he he he so sorry sir, i had bad intention for you before.

after that i decided to go to the library. i want try to log on at IMac Lab. but then again,
i feel shock! it won't access!
i started panic. i decide to go back to the ICT.
but, i stop!
i'm thinking for a moment…. maybe i had to try log on at the PC lab.

and YESSSS!!!
(okay, i'm going too much)
then i started to browse the Student Portal website, and look upon the BB7, timetable, assignment and so on.. fiuh! finally..

alright, this is my awkward story when i start my university life. TRULY DIFFERENT from the high school system.

My Start - Syed Haziq Ali

My first day of college life, the orientation week. I woke up pretty late, about 7a.m or so. Still felt drowsy and tired then. After all, I did nothing whatsoever during my 7-month of free time so it felt really tiring just to get out of bed! Did my usual morning routine afterwards. I drove off to Taylor’s University. My heart was pounding like crazy on the way there, I didn’t know WHAT would happen there!



Once I reached the University, I saw people queuing up for the Communication course. So I just followed them and queued up at the back. Waited in line like everyone else. Finally after quite a few minutes of waiting, it was my turn. I was to sign something. After that I was told to go inside the MPH for orientation. In there I met some Japanese students. We chatted for a few minutes while the people on the stage were introducing Taylor’s to us. The Japanese bunch were quite friendly.

After a while the speech got boring, so I’ll just skip everything until my favorite time of the day… LUNCHTIME!! I met a friend at the food court. He’s from China and it was good because I can speak Chinese fluently. THIS ISN'T BRAGGING by the way! One more thing is that He’s in communication too. But to my demise is that he’s taking foundation! NOO! That means he's not going for the classes that I'm in. Well, enough about that. Back to the main topic! After lunch we decided to take a look around campus. There are plenty of food stores around campus. Yum yum, temptations galore.. And there I thought that the University had me at Starbucks!

There weren’t much going on in the next few days of orientation so I’ll skip to the first week of the semester. I remembered I woke up late (again) so once again, I rushed to Taylor’s hoping I won’t be late. Too bad for me, I was about 20 minutes late. When I got to the Lecture Theatre, I saw someone waiting outside the door. I asked him why was he standing there and he said the door was locked. We waited and finally the door was opened. The class was about halfway done when we got in. The 1st lecture for the week was by Dr. Ben on CCPD. I noticed the class was in total silence. They were either listening to Dr. Ben’s lecture or just let their minds wander off. I talked to the person sitting next to me, he was the same person that was standing outside the LT earlier with me. After the class, went out and had some food.

The rest were pretty ordinary except the constant change in the grouping list and the timetable. That was pretty messed up and drove most of us insane! Well, we’re at the end of week 2 already and still the timetable is changing. Hope this doesn’t continue for long but well, it feels like lady luck is smacking my head and saying 'Welcome to college life you brat!'

The Fool (Qirza) Zero

The first week of college started with me missing the bus to taylor's and ending up taking the taxi (it was by chance I didn't take one of those cheapskate taxi drivers). I doubted myself I could get there on time, but luckily i was wrong. 7.45 and made it to class to find out I had nothing to worry about. I sat next to my friends from high school and just waited. i looked around to see my classmates and noticed two things. 1, the girls are hot and 2, these are my classmates. The very people I would have to either compete with or have my best years with.

Our first lecturer was Dr. Benedict Agulto, the man who told us to start on this very about our first week in college. Though I don't really mind, but it's really hard trying to write something when there are others trying to write as well and you can't do anything about it except fending them off cause you writing it at the moment.

ANYWAY, Dr. Ben's lecture went well. We got a gist on what we're going to do for the following year and the lecture ended early! YEAH!! Except one thing, oh yeah, I'M FASTING! So I had nothing to do except either go hang out with my friends or just kill time by walking around the campus (FOOOOD, Y DOES THOU MUST BE SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR~). So I went for the former and just waited till our next lecture.

The next lecture was Ms Ngim Mei Yee and she teaches, and i quote, the EASIEST subject of all, COLLEGE STUDY SKILLZ~ A subject mainly about studying! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! Of course, it's still important and I shouldn't get ahead of myself. We were thought on what we were going to learn, how to learn and how important it is to us, the students, to learn the subject so that we are able to not only pass CSS, as well as other subjects.

AAAAAND, that is the end of the first. It ain't much to say on how the first week went. We met the lecturers, met our classmates (officially of course) and for the first time, felt my life has begun. I'm looking forward to what's coming in the following weeks that i attend here.

This is The Fool signing off!


Adapting the college life…

Before I arrived to college (by myself) I was so happy and at the same time nervous. I mean I was so scared like HECK, I was trembling my whole body I had goosebumps all over as I was scared to mess up (hopefully I wont). But anyways I controlled myself and kept still, I became furtive as I dint want anyone to notice my apprehensive actions. So I went with the flow good thing I have friends who came at the earliest intake before me so I wasn't that friendless.

College is tough yes, who doesn't know that ?! But its way much better and fun than high school. Ok its my first time in college so I was pretty flacked out with too much work because I had to do a lot of stuffs i.e moving up and down to print the notes,photocopy, finding text books,and there also seem to have been a topsy turvy about the groups and the time table so we had to go to the division for help. But now I'm on the ebb of adjustment.

He! he! I remember my very first day here in college;when I was to report to the International Student Office,I was like so lost coz you know this place is so big and there is too many entrances and exits, it was sooo confusing. I couldn't ask anyone…if you ask me why? its coz I just couldn't. Though I'm a very social person I just couldn't socialize at that time. So I looked for for the place by myself but I still didn't know where I was going until luckily I met these friends of mine that I mentioned earlier so they showed me the place and they accompanied me to this other place until the last one to go to which was to the DIC division this time I was on my own…that was another adventure for a new student in college. So this time I had to ask; I remember asking this girl whom I met when I was wondering around and what she told me was realy perplexing she was giving me the directions yeah but not exactly coz what I needed was the so called "a campus tour guide" hehe so I had to look for the place myself until I miraculously found it. Yeey!


I was so moved on my first lecture because I was expectig it to be so obscure but instead it was so ok. So I just sat in class quite studied the the teaching environment and adjusting from it..from there I also saw new changes and difference from high school as in students are allowed to carry their electronic devices be it pocket PCs,smart phones,laptops and other electronic gadgets..except phones aren't allowed to be answered during session as it shows the sign of disrespect.


There is also something about the lecturers that impresses me..some of them are cool and some strict (but only if missing the lesson). Why do I say they are cool? well the content of their communication is comprehensive.. they also crack jokes most of the times. Some lectures maybe boring so whenever it reaches that state the lecturer makes sure to keep us active instead i.e may ask questions and we all participate or showing us some short lesson related videos that are actually funny and we all laugh.

Another thing that I have learnt about college is that nobody minds or cares about your business but except for the teachers of course only if you do not show any commitment in studies.. but all in all nobody seems to care about you everybody is buzzy to notice your problems of perfection.. you get to wear different dress codes except for some classes that actually doesn't allow certain dress codes.

Anyways life in college is the best experience to go through…rather than staying at home and having repeated days, you'd rather be learning new stuffs,or even going through something you never went through before like giving a presentation or even standing in front of the whole crowd giving a speech through that you learn to shape your communication skills and shaping confidence in you. And lastly, I'm loving this new threshold of finally getting to know where I'm destined to be later.

the KTM an ended up being a bit late.

Happiness Moment in College - KaSinn


Woah..this view is really nice. Thumbs up everyone. XD. Honestly, one of the reasons I chose to study at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus was because it is really beautiful.

The reason I chose Diploma in Communication was because my dad. It was because I didn’t know what I want. My dad suggested me to look for mass communication. He said it is an interesting course. It is the best course for those people who don’t like accounts, economics and business like me. I searched for it. I even went to many education fairs to get information about mass communication. I was in love with this campus when they gave me the brochure. We need good environment to enjoy our studies. (Am I right? Correct me if I’m wrong….lol…)

Then, my college life begins immediately after I came back from Malaysia’s National Service (NS). Unfortunately, I haven’t get my pictures from them or else I’ll post the pictures for you all especially for the foreign students to see. I don’t really like the latest time table. I bet most of us prefer the first time table that they gave us during orientation week. But no choice… this is college. I will try to adapt to my college life.


Did you guys know there is filming progress at our campus? They are filming a Singapore drama. This actor is quite handsome. Michelle is a super fan of him and we finally found a chance to take picture with him. Look at my shoulder….. I mean look at our shoulders….. KIAH…………………


We saw another Singaporean actress too. She was actually sitting near the MPH discussing something with the others, so we don’t dare to ask her to take picture with us but thanks to Kay. Although he doesn’t know who the actress is, he helped us to grab a chance to take picture with her. Kay, I will appreciate it. Thank you. I can’t believe I can meet artist at my campus. All of a sudden I feel happiness studying at Taylors University Lakeside Campus.

I guess many of you like to make friends right? So do I. I like the moment when all of us having lunch together. The power of mass communication makes us communicates with the others. It makes us get closer with each other. When I was in the NS camp, the commandant and a “high position man” whom we used to call him Major Afandey likes to talk with me because they said I’m cute (weird). Their “VVIP” dining table is just right opposite of our squadron’s table. When they are having their meals, they used to ask me to go over to chat with them. The commandant and Major Afandey even gave me chocolates as presents when I was about to leave the camp (May be it was because they miss me? Buahahahaha…). They were concerned about my health because I always sick when I was in the camp. I am really sensitive in dirty stuff and environment, so I ended up fever, cough and flu. They even asked whether I need to go hospital to check. I knew I made the right decision to study mass communication when I was in the camp. It was because I realized they like the way I communicate with them (am I a bit too narcissistic? Lol… )、

The commandant and Major Afandey's actions causes me in love with mass communication. The love made me enjoy my college life so much….:)

*My English is not that good…so….hope I'm not wasting your time:)*

Freaking =p by Emma Leong

During primary and secondary school I study is because of my parents, but now I study it’s because myself…I’m actually not a good student, I doesn’t like to do homework, I hate exam, I hate school… I really don’t know why I changed my mind. But I know a very important thing, that’s NO ONE CAN FORCE WHATEVER I UNWILLING TO DO, I’LL DECIDED MY LIFE BY MYSELF…. ^.* after finish my SPM I choice to work at a company, soon I feel bored…=( Then I back to study, finally I found that’s what I want…^.*<3

The first week orientation I feel bored and lonely… Because I had no friend during that time. Everyone said that college life is fun, I don’t think so…. Then I scare to go to school =( I don’t want to be alone, I scare to be alone… On second week…I find my friend, I find that’s actually a lot of fun in college life….. I have been a student 19 years ago, honestly….I had never been library before, really… I don’t go to library, is not because I don’t read. It’s because inside library we have to keep quiet, we have to walk slowly. Have a lot of rules…so I don’t go, I can’t accepted… First time I step into Taylor’s library is because I wanna find my friend. Then you know what I see? I saw a lot of student inside library not only reading, some student even library as home, sleep at there ( I’m one of them now)… =) and there also have movie room, Mac lab, and plenty of books… In Taylor’s library everything is self service, especially borrow book….=).College life is also my freaking life, I have to learn everything again. I have to learn how to manage my time, I have to learn hang up my assignment without people force, and I have to learn how to communicate with stranger, learn how to speak well in english… a lot of things I have to learn… I’m just like a baby in college… (^(..)^)

Actually I’m a very shy and inactive person, every time when I speak with stranger, I’ll feel damn nervous… that’s why I choice mass comm.… I’m still finding the fun in college, I believe it won’t let me disappointed =D…


Okay, where do I even start? My first time walking down the college steps? My first time i sat on the chair at the cafeteria? My first day of college? My first orientation day? How about I just tell you everything. It is just so boring talking about "why I choose Taylors? why i choose DICM? why this why that", so why don't I just skip that. On to the fun part , college ~ it was a challenge waking up at 6 in the morning to get ready. Sometimes my mum had to literally splash me with water just to wake me up. By 6:45am i was out the door (pretty early I know) but thankfully the timetable has change and my morning classes are just a few. That means more sleep time!

Lets talk about my student card id story, not this is a funny one. On orientation day , all the new students have to take pictures for their id picture. I took the picture and a few days after i went to the student central to pick it up and it was horrible. *no shocker there. So what I did was , i glue on another picture on top of the student id picture to cover it up. Now it looks nice ~


Now that story is done , let me talk about this video i made. Now there is actually a story behind it too. Last week , our CCPD lecturer Mr. Benedict told us to prepare a short presentation. The presentation was about "Introducing myself in a creative way". At first i was nervous and can't think of anything (by the way it has to be done in 3days). The next day, I thought of something "what if I sang a song introducing myself? Now that's creative!" My boyfriend helped me with the it and we got to finished it in time. But when the time came , I guess I missed the CCPD tutorial last time so all the effort goes down the drain ~ but hey at least I have something interesting to post on my Wiki Assignment. It wasn't a waste after all.

High school and college are totally different. Some say it is easy and some say it's not, but whatever it is I am the kind of person who doesn't quit. By each passing minute I really enjoy the course. All of the subjects , really makes me think out side the box and go beyond my comfort zone. I'm glad I choose the course that I'm in. And i never regret it.

Another Part Of My Life =) ( Kah Say Yeing )

Every human being has his or her own life and he or she will has to go through the kindergarden, primary school, followed by secondary school, and lastly university life before goes to work. The same thing goes to me. As what my family and friends told me, university life will be the most amazing part of a human life and I expected it to be the same for me~
This is the precious moment that i have been waiting for since i ended my SPM examinations. =='' 7 months of waiting time was really a torture for me. But anyway, I am now in the life that I have wanted for and it is none other than the university life which is in the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. =)
I have met a bunch of friends. They are kind, friendly, decent and funny. ^^ As i am quite introvert, so i need these type of friends to get along with. We went to school together, had almost every single meals of the day together as well such as breakfast and teatime. We even went shopping together too. woot ~ woot ~.. XD
I still remembered the first class that i have attended which is Dr.Ben's lecture. Due to the lateness of the shuttle bus, I was late for the class. The funniest part of the day happened to me when Dr.Ben humorously told us that we have attended the wrong class. Because of this, my friends and I walked around the school just to look for the right location and class. At last, we realized that actually we were right at the first place. The clerk clarified with us and she said that Dr.Ben did this as he hate people who are late for his class. Thus, from that moment onwards, I told myself that I will never late for class anymore especially Dr.Ben class.
So far, i have no regret on choosing mass communication as my course. I am glad that I have a wonderful classmates and responsible lecturers. For me, passion and interest in the course that i have taken are the most important thing for me to continue on studying
Time passed so fast that now is my second week in Taylor's University. Although when i first came to Bandar Sunway, i felt quite lonely because I was alone and i miss my family and friends in my hometown. However, I have found my new friends here and I hope that i will have an unforgettable university life at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. ^^

Blending In or Standing Out? - Shana Shafiza

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"

"Before you judge me, take a good look at you. Don't you have anything better to do? Seems to me, you're a little slow to understand that ignorance and jealousy go hand in hand"

I remember my first day of college quite well. Although, everything in between is a bit of a blur as A LOT happened at the time but everything has settled down a few months after my first day :) My orientation was on the 26th July 2010. If you all are wondering why am I here in Semester 1 with everyone is simply because.. this is what you get when you don't get rid of your old habits. In my case, procrastinating too much & NOT doing the work given.

I've learned from all that already as I failed 3 subjects from my Semester 1 & so, I've decided to work harder, to ACTUALLY study & do the assignments I'm given. Why make such a decision NOW when I'm already in college & that it's not school anymore? Because I had nothing back then. I definitely had friends, lots of them, but my life was a mess & I had no intention of doing my work & whatnot. But all that's changed & I'm a different person now, study-wise & personality-wise (a little bit) ^ . ^ v

Back to the topic, I had a mixture of feelings the night before AND the day of the orientation. I was nervous, excited, worried, happy, sad, etc. I was relieved when I knew a friend of mine in which I've known since primary will be doing the same course! Yes! A familiar face as my classmate! :D Haha. My day went well but I was EXTREMELY exhausted & thirsty due to the tour & I hadn't enough money to buy myself a drink -__- Good thing I went straight home after all that.

The ENTIRE week of orientation was bundles of fun! ESPECIALLY the ice-breaking ceremony/activity/whatever & Friday's lecture or.. whatever it was (I can't exactly remember) because it was SO funny! Haha :D I first met Kavita during the ice-breaking thing. She's awesome I tell you. She's in Semester 3 now. I'll introduce her & the others if you'd like :) I then met Darimi for the Friday's thing. I thought he was a weird guy at first but he changed all that after we hung out.

It's thanks to him that I've made friends with the Architecture students as well ~hee ♥ EVERY friend I've made are such amazing people & I wouldn't exchange them for the world :) If y'all wanna know what I've been doing after SPM ended & before college started, well, I did practically nothing. I was being a complete couch potato at home, couldn't go out too often & wasn't allowed to work (crazy, huh?) . Sad, really :/ I was SO looking forward to working! D:

BUT, my mom made my middle July days wonderful. She came down to visit from Seattle! And I FINALLY got to meet my brother, Jordan! :D He's such a bright & awesome kid. Hyperactive too! Haha ^^ We went wakeboarding, jungle-trekking & even went around KLCC too! I love her & Jordan to bits! =3 Also, thanks a million to my mom for buying me a DSLR for my birthday! I can do my own thing in photography now :D Even though I don't take photos very often now, I'm trying to start again this Semester :)

Well, I guess that's it about my college life. Oh! And if any of you would like a place to stay, I recommend you Sunway Court. Don't stay at Taylor's Residence. TOO expensive! D: And another thing, sorry for the huge photos! >.< I couldn't find any smaller ones so yeah :/ Thanks for reading though! Here's something I found online xP =>


"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief.. and unspeakable love"

"If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad"

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication, remember all things are possible for those who believe"

"Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses"

"Every once in a while people step up, they rise above themselves. Sometimes they surprise you, and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes, it can push pretty hard, but if you look close enough you find hope in the words of children, in the bars of a song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you're lucky, and if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back" - One Tree Hill

"Laugh when you can, apologise when you should. Know that grudges are a waste of happiness. Let go of what you cannot change. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take some chances. Give all you have got. Always try to take things in your stride and smile when you're feeling sad. Remember what you've got but also love and cherish what you have now. Give all that you have, because life is too short to be anything else but happy"

P.S. Anything here such as the quotes & anything I didn't mention that was mine, I found them online. Don't ask me where because I browsed through my blog for this. Thank you.

The Beginning Of A Race by Ryan Fong Fu Wen

Everyone starts of with a new beginning each day. Maybe for some, a beginning doesn’t start with a day but the moment they were born. And for most who are reading this, we have just began a brand new start in Taylors.

Adjusting to a brand new environment can be a challenge. For many it is difficult to adapt to a new lifestyle and new changes. I personally find that changes can be a huge challenge and something that will be difficult to adapt to. Despite the fact I have been changing school during my primary and secondary school years. Meeting new people and such. I still am not used to it. But this doesn’t mean changes are bad. Changes can be good.

The first week of lessons started out pretty well. Even though our timetable appears to be very tight. But somehow things don’t always turn out as it seems. The lectures turn out to be shorter than it suppose to be and surprisingly fun. However, the timetable got pretty much messed up on the second week onwards which is kind of disappointing and sad BUT adaptable. I hope. At least.

Moving on, parking. This is madness. If only there were more places to park or more parking slots, then I will never have to wake up so early just to find a place to park my car. Imagine all the precious time which could have been used to sleep! This is very saddening. I envy pessimist who has the ability to see this as an opportunity to discipline themselves.

Well, besides lectures and lecturers and the chaos in parking cars and the amazing library to hang out or sleep in, there are many amazing people. Yes, I’ve met many. Though I am having trouble in remembering the names of many. And I apologize in advance to those who are reading this and not remember your name. (I will work hard in remembering all your names.) The people who I have met came from Bangladesh all the way to Johor to other places of the world. And man, everyone is amazing. Having met different kinds of people with all kinds of personalities does add spices into life. Some can appear to be very intimidating, physically, but funny. Some can appear to be bubbly and yet still be very bubbly. Some can appear to be cool and yet extremely lame. Blah, blah, blah. Well, you get my point.

Due to the lack of ideas, this is all I can say for now. Since it is only my third week in Taylors. (Including orientation.) What I’ve said is just the glimpse of what is to come. After all, this is just the beginning of a race. Not the competitive kind of race but more of a run or a marathon. Where we students, friends and lecturers run this race together seeking our goal (graduation). How? By working together, motivating and encouraging each other to press on and persevere until the day we graduate together. It does sound simple but it will be tough. I do hope to get to know and work with each and everyone in the days to come and I do believe it will be extraordinary.


Imagine going to a Mac store and ask, "Where is your macbook air?" After being shown where it is and having the attendee beside you, you put your face close to the keyboard and take a DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP breath. Then say, "So this is how the macbook air is like." Sorry if I wasted your time. =D

Departed To My Dream!! ❤ by Blue Sia

My college life, I can’t confirm with you how was it. But I am sure that it wouldn’t be a wrong way to my success. Actually I never consider studying other course except from Mass Communication. Since I am 16 years old, I told my dad that I want to do something about Mass Comm in future. And he told me seriously that if I don’t get an “A” for English paper in SPM, then stop thinking about that!! I don’t want to let my dream gone without making efforts towards that. I like to talk and playing around in class while teachers were teaching. But for English class, I never! I told myself that if I don’t achieve the target given by my dad then I don’t have the right to think about my dream! Finally I did it well for getting an “A” in my SPM and a “B3” for my 1119 exam! I never thought that I can do it but anyway I achieved that! Thanks to my English tuition teacher, Mrs Yap. She helped me a lot. I will never forget her for whole my life and the words she said “Do your best, God will do the rest.” Thanks my dad’s “threaten” and my dear God too. I found that I am blessed always.❤ My dad asked, you like mass communication because of your idol? I smiled and don’t answer anything. Dad, we’ll see!! I had a dream to go! Not for my idol but myself and you. Believe me!

I can’t really remember my first day to visit in Taylor’s.
I was rushing to grab the tickets of Super Junior’s World Tour Concert Malaysia at Sungai Wang Plaza. =.=!!

My Step To Taylor's University on 09-02-2011
Can you find ME and my friend in this picture??
From this, I learned a lesson that I have to make myself SHINE and this only I won’t feel being ignored :D

Actually I am not used to my college life yet, still nervous when attending classes. I remember that I even trembling when someone try to make friend with me. I am sorry I can’t speak well in English. Just give me some times. And thanks for that, I feel warm. Every of my friends shocked when they know I will study Diploma in Mass Communication at Taylor’s alone. They said “Blue is a brave girl!” No, I am not really brave. I scared too. But I don’t think my dad will wrong to dump me into Taylor’s. At least I make new friends here, and I am happy to meet all of them. Playful, cheerful, and you guys like to smile!! It’s really good for me!! I like to see people smiling ^^ Heheheheheh.. I can’t get close with them in such a short time but soon I think we’ll. Looking forward! :D
I wish I can get used to college life as soon as possible. I afraid to talk to someone new (stranger) T__T So, don’t blame me if I am too quite. I don’t mean that. I like to make noise very much too! I feel suffered when I keep quite in front of new friends. I found that’s not me actually. I remember that my first and second week in college, I don’t make any friend in classes and I talking non-stop when I back home. Even I keep on calling my family and my friends to chat. Lol I felt it’s annoying but I still did. So, you can know how much I can talk and how much I love to talk!!❤ Hahaha Wooooo, 500++ words!! Done!! Wahahaahaha!!

My College Life

Sight of Everything By Joyce Mshigeni

First of all I really thank GOD for everything he has done for me, and for showing me some miracles, and additionally for keeping an eye on me regarding my health. And I thank God also for giving me a chance to go abroad for my university course. Secondly I also give thanks to my beloved and delightful family, for their support and kind encouragement. Without their financial support I would not be in Malaysia.
It is just like yesterday when I arrived in Taylor’s University college at Lakeside residence. I was extremely happy and emotionally touched when I arrived in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, and saw the exciting Twin Towers. I was also very excited when I arrived at the Lakeside residence. Before I left Tanzania I could not think of ever being in such a beautiful College. I never knew that I would enjoy my study here, so far away from my home country. Since joining the College I have make some very good new friends, and have seen some very good teaching staff. But in making new friends I am not surprised, because I myself am a friendly and charming person (hahahahahahaha!). My mum and my elder sister had accompanied me to Malaysia, and had helped me to settle, to do some shopping, and to open my own bank account, since this was the first time I was going to live alone, far away from my home, and from my country.
Olalalala! In the orientation week I went with my friend who I had met in Doha airport in Qatar on my way to Malaysia. But then we did not know that we had travelled on the same aircraft from Nairobi in Kenya to Doha. And also I did not know that we were going to the same University in Malaysia, although taking different courses. So we were very proud because we got to know each other early, and because we come from neighbouring countries in East Africa. So we went to our orientation courses together. It was kind of amazing because I also met some two new friends from the other countries. Unfortunately I was not able to enjoy my orientation course fully, because suddenly I got sick; but I thank God I had some good friends who helped me to catch up on what I heard missed.
My lecture and tutorial classes have been exciting. I was happy to see some certainly good teaching staff, and also I congratulated myself saying: “now THIS IS IT, I have become a University College student, and I am no longer a High School student”. When I attended my first lecture, the lecture hall was rather crowded, and I thought that perhaps I had entered the wrong class. But I just kept myself calm, because my heart was telling me that I was in the right room. I sat in the second row listening to the teacher very carefully, and studying the new class environment to cope with. Supercool , the lecture room was comfortable. We had been allowed to carry into the lecture halls our electronics equipment, like phones, laptops and related gadgets. But we were not allowed to answer our phone calls. We were instructed to keep them in silence settings, in order to avoid causing disturbances.
There is also something I learned about the lectures and the tutorials. One dared not miss any of them. Missing them costs one hugely. Indeed, I never want to miss any of my classes. As one of the lecturers said: `You will never know what I had planned for you on a specific day’. Thus if you miss a class, you may miss an important test. But I like my lectures, because the lecturers teach very well. They always emphasize good study discipline, and that they are developing us to be capable of doing the right things. But some are sometimes harsh to us. Harshness is something you do to discipline a child, to prevent them from doing nonsense things. But perhaps harshness is not necessary for University College students.
I have learned that in a University college people are always busy . Students are busy studying hard, aiming at reaching their goals. These are students like me. But due to their serious ambitions towards attaining achievements, some never mind other people’s business. But staff members always care a lot about their students. For that I thank them. They are not rude. They are always around and ready to help any student with a problem. It does not matter from which gender, countries, or religions they are from. I discovered that this is very much like the situation in my home country, Tanzania. The situation I see in Malaysia, where discrimination dooes does seem to be an issue, reminds me of the song by Lucky Dube who said: `DIFFERENT COLOURS ONE PEOPLE.‘
On my side, I have got to know good friends of different cultures, religions, and colour, and I see them all as true brothers and sisters. And I feel that I am increasingly becoming a citizen of the world. Yes, University education gives a happy experience. Also important to me is the fact that, all along I have lived in my parents’ residence. Now for the first time, I am living far away from them, operating my own bank account. I am therefore getting an opportunity to learn how to live independently, to plan my own things, to live happily with my new friend, to learn how to play new games, and to enjoy College life. It is fun. A special thing about me is that I am easy to get along with, and I am quickly adapting to Malaysian style of living. And, Wooow! I never regret to have choosen Lakeside College.

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REBIRTH - Shadman Kay Kamal

‘All we do in our lives is go from one holy place to another’ (Salinger, 1959).
Although my interpretation of this quote does not live up to its literal meaning I have experienced an unusual plethora of satisfaction the day I set my toes on the hallowed grounds of Taylor’s University.

The first few days of my college prior to my orientation went like clockwork. My family booked into this nice little hotel called Reumz located just beside Starbucks Coffee, while I gleaned at the assembly of shops and restaurants that surrounded around me with such mesmerizing qualities. After the first day was coming to a close I went for a stroll to the down the lake, hence the name Taylor’s Lakeside Campus: P. As I sat down on a lonely chair beside an unfamiliar café (that was soon to be my favorite spot for lunch) I started to write a poem that symbolized my connection to this place, while I reminisced about the memories I forcefully left behind and the recurring thought that a new picture must be painted on my canvas to mark a new beginning, a new life but more importantly a new me to the atmosphere of this impeccable place.


**A tainted beauty my eyes seize to see
a flawless spectacle with angel wings
a mirror with a reflection that can't be shattered
an alluring mermaid that perpetually sings.

Taken against my will with a soothing sound
and euthanizing my senses to to an eternal slumber,
pulling me forth to the mouths of its lust ……..
with an insatiable appetite as it did with its previous number.

As I drowned in the depths of its bowels
with my mortality struggling to survive
I recounted the memories that fueled my nostalgia
as the light from my eyes began to fade alongside the memory of my last dive.**

As the second day began motion, my stomach went through a roaring appetite of enthusiasm as I wanted to break the ice with new people and their respective cultures but priority is always a creeping ghost waiting to land a spook before u get your salvation : - ). I had to finish the remainder of my registration so I swung by the International Office and waited for a good two hours on the waiting cue before relinquishing my stuff and making an official Taylor’s student: D. Soon after I left the building I bumped into one of the professors teaching business, I can’t quite remember his name but his warm attitude was enough for me to seal the memory of how I first him.
Not long I retired back to my hotel room but on the way I came across the dance club and threw a few moves at them although its unlikely my dance skills lived up to their expectations but they commended me for my efforts, what can I say?? I went out on a limb.

When my orientation day came into effect I grabbed my things and stormed out of the lobby all the while forgetting to eat breakfast: P. I saw my mom standing outside citing a prayer while she kissed my forehead and my sister unleashing a gigantic hug as she tearfully cried over my shoulders, my father shook my hand with an unyielding grasp while mouthing a few words of wisdom as most dads like to do. I went off and entered the MPH where I was introduced to Dr. Adnan and his nasty speeches regarding sex and relationships but he did make some very valid points which I later came to respect and understand.

The last two days of orientation felt like a breeze as I enjoyed what they had to say, and what they said really inspired me to take my diploma in communication program an enduring fight. When I left my mass comm seminar on the last day of my orientation I met Lulu, a girl whom I met a day earlier and a fellow student in my batch, her friend and another diploma student Surraya introduced herself before we all decided on getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It’s a spectacular feeling when you meet new people and that’s what really made that day really spectacular.

As my family left me to fend for myself I felt a bit unnerved but it soon died when I stepped into my new hostel room and slowly slid back into solitude. As my classes progressed I met even more people all with their own unqiue quirks and personalities. The first of them were Matthew, Tham and Sayyeih three guys who I especially enjoyed talking with or chilling out when I felt bummed. I also came to know Sofea, a girl who failed her driving test four times but all and all she seemed sweet , a guy named Adem who’s from Libya who always wear a cap with mad fussball skills, and another named Jin who plays the guitar and thinks she has muscles but really doesn’t :P and finally michelle a girl who also plays the guitar along with her friends Kasinn and Swaroopini, encouraged me to take a picture with a famous Singaporean actress that came to the campus a few days ago.

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a picture with a thousand words = )

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To sum up this extraordinarily long post I just gotta say that coming to Taylor’s has really changed my life. There is always something new out there but I hope that something this new where I feel reborn never fades away from my heart.

The Start Of Something New - Tasha Nair


As I got of the car and walked towards the registration booths outside the MPH, the butterflies were fluttering in my tummy! I wasn’t sure if it was my hunger (as I got up late that morning and didn’t have any extra time to have breakfast) or the nerve wrecking feeling I was experiencing. It was orientation week! The last time I attended an orientation was the first day in high school, which was more or less 5 years ago! Can u imagine how nervous I was when I got to Taylors??? Registration and everything else went pretty smooth n I met Aishah. My first new college mate! We both felt lost as we were both new to the environment! She was the one I hung out with most of the day. She’s really nice =)

Anyways, Hells to the yeah! COLLEGE! I have been waiting for this moment all my high school life. Although I enjoyed high school, n I miss it already, but I’ve always looked forward to going to a college/university n here I am today, in one of the best college/university around town. I’m sure that this place has a whole lot in store for me and I am just on my way to find out and to discover a whole lot of new things and experiences. Frankly speaking, so far college has been good to me n I hope it remains that way for as long as I’m going to be studying here.

After a whole week of orientation, I finally had my first lecture class for CCPD. It was really scary to be looking around the lecture theatre and not recognizing ANYONE!!! Where did the kids in my classroom for the past 5 years of high school go, you know? It’s all different now. But, it’s alright. After a few days of adaptation, everything was smooth. Meeting the lectures were not so hard as I thought it would be. They are very nice people and they really expect all of us to be much more responsible in everything we do as we are no longer in that little thing called high school. After a week into college, I found it much easier to get around the new environment and actually getting to know the people around me. I wasn’t so afraid to approach new faces anymore. I now have new classmates that I could joke, spend time, have lunch and to hang out with! We even went all the way to Sunway Pyramid to catch a movie together and it was certainly a day to remember! That’s how much we have already bonded within the past few days and I don’t feel sooooo lost anymore!

Lectures and tutorials has officially started n I’d NEVER want to be late for any of it! Lectures are quite strict on the attendance and not being late for class, unlike high school, I could come late for any class and my attendance would still be taken, but this certainly doesn’t apply in college. Besides that, the student portal is probably the most important thing right now. I’m still not too familiar with it. We definitely did not have something like this in high school. Everything is updated through the portal. Students and lectures communicate through the portal, timetables are posted into the portal and not forgetting the BB7, the site where our assignments, lecture and tutorial notes are given. It is very much different from high school and it is going to take me some time until I can fully operate this student portal thing. But hey, I’ll eventually get use to it right? It’s just the matter of time.

My expenses in college is a little bit scary though. With all the food outlets like Subway, Old Town White Coffee, Starbucks, Famous Amous, Baskin Robins (my favourite ice-cream) and the rest, trying not to spend too much is getting hard. My parents are already complaining but oh well, I didn’t have this in high school, so I’m guessing this is where I should enjoy all the good things in life (college life).

Alysha, Me, Bella and LV at lunch.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited for the next 2 and a half years of diploma. I’m really excited for everything that this course has planned out for us. Besides the messed up timetable, my past 2-3 weeks of college life has been pretty fun! I am planning to appreciate as much of the time I have here in Taylors and to spend it as best as I can with the new friends I have made. I got to admit that it is going to be hectic, and hell, it’s going to be difficult as nothing is easy or comes easy, but I’m sure it will all be worth it at the end of the day. This is a whole new journey of my life! =)

Photos uploaded by LV on behalf of Tasha :)

That very first move, Aslam ;)

The title seemed to look like a rip-off of some dating sex magazine doesn’t it? well it’s not. It just popped in my head as I typed the title. Don’t judge me! Okay back to my entry, I would never thought I’d further my study in a university, a High-End University like Taylor’s. So it was the 25th of June, D-day, the day I finally become a man….. Not really. I am still a 6 year old stuck in an 18 year old body. Anyway, 6 month of chores and lifeless life of watching TV and hanging out has finally ended. It’s funny how time flyby so fast when you had “fun” or at least expected it to be.
So it’s the orientation week, day 1, mum had to wake me up at 6 so we can dodge the traffic on the way to Taylor’s. Its bloody 6 am in the morning, I feel like its school all over! I sleep at 6 am in the morning, every single day. Yup, my 6 month daily timetable consist of funfunfun *lielielie*. Anyway, so yeah, I woke up, put on my best shirt, wear my lucky pair of boxers and I am off. I do wear pants, just saying.
So we did not dodge the traffic coz we had to make pit stop along the way, I got hungry. Sorry. But we managed to get there in time for orientation. Its still is early though, we got there around 7.30 am; it’s all quite and cool, Taylor’s is still fast asleep I guess. One thing that separates Taylor’s than any other University is that it has got a lake smack right in the middle of it. It looks just like the picture in the brochure! Unlike some fast food restaurant where the pictures are fake. The view of the lake in the morning is just beautiful, add the sunrise. Perfect. Done with the sightseeing, took my luggage out of the car and settles in my room. Mum helped me to unpack (she did most of the job). Don’t blame me, I was just too excited. Exited? Where do I start, I get to make new friends, getting to do what I love the most, finally living on my own and living the college life. Wondering about how college life will be like seems to cross my mind that time. People said its fun, especially at Taylor’s. Will it be just like in those western teen movies where they just have fun and get wasted? Or will it be dull and boring, life full of boring lectures and assignment? Or maybe it’s just like high school all over again? You know what, it’s a mix of all that. No one said it was going to be easy.
Back to the orientation, so I entered the hall a little late because my parents wanted to give me a hug for the last time, everybody aww :’). As if I am leaving forever -.- Anyway, I was late for the orientation speech. It was the most awkward moment of my 2 hours of college life so far. I opened the hall’s door which was quite heavy and accidentally let it shut by its own mechanism. That was a bad idea. It slammed hard by itself and it drags a lot of attention (attention seeker spotted!). So that kinda interrupted the speech that was being told at that time. Almost everyone at the back row stopped chatting and looked at me as if I just murdered someone.
So I walked towards an empty chair. As I walk, things gone from bad to worse. You know that noise new pairs of shoes make? Well that noise just came out as I walk. I swear to you I feel like chocking myself at that time. I finally get to my seat, all ready to hear the speech but then the speech ended. All that thing I went through and the effort went down the drain~
Then us “freshmen’s” were told to go to specific groups, mine which is the SOC. It sounds epic right? Sorry to ruined the excitement but it actually stands for School of Communication. A round of applause! Anyone? No? ok. Anyway, yeah, I am taking communication, in diploma to the exact. I love to talk and I would love to be a broadcaster one day so that’s why I joined the SOC. Pretty simple. So I got into my group. So many beautiful faces differ in race and culture. Some of them are looked so Korean. Its funny that they are all quite, aren’t we like suppose to communicate? Maybe these guys are just as nervous as I am. Ouh well. So we walked, I seemed to lead the way. We were told to go to the lecture theatre, Lecture Theater 2. My first impression of the theatre was that it’s huge, just like you see in the movies. I feel smart just being there. We were talked to our course and how will it be like in college in more detail. I wasn’t really paying attention; instead I was paying more attention to the people around me. 10 minutes through the talk, a girl finally said hi to me. I finally made a new friend. A Sabahan friend. My very first Sabahan friend haha! Her name is Myra. Then shortly after that, inspired by her guts to make friends, I made an effort to make friends. So I introduced myself to the guy next to me. As awkward as it gets, I manage to pull it through. His name is Hans. We ended up talking through the talk.
After all that, we had our lunch break. I was exhausted and hungry. So I walked to the commercial block. I even gave the block a nickname, food haven. I tell you, the place is jam packed with food. They’ve got a 3 stories tall food area ranging from anything to everything. I knew from the minute I walked through the commercial block that I’ve made a right choice studying in Taylor’s :p I lost my friend at that time so I had to have my lunch alone. It was sad. Everyone around me seemed to have friends except me, sitting in the middle of the cafeteria all alone.
Lunch is over, what a bummer. I was told to group up near the hall. The head of SOC is taking us for a tour around campus. I was happy to join since its part of the orientation. Many turned up but not as much as before. Maybe some would rather chillax and figure their way around the campus themselves. So we’re off. The campus is as big as its name, it has got 5 blocks; three coming soon. A three stories library facing the lake, what could be a better way to read books by facing the lake. There’s many more actually but I don’t want to type it all haha. The tour ended.
It was such a tiring day but it was fun. I get to meet many people and made new friends and that what matters the most. I went up to my room and sleep the tiredness away. College might be fun and all but I always put it to myself that my parents invested a lot of money on me so I better be serious in my study. I am pretty sure that my 3 years in college is going to be fun, fun, fun and not just wasted for nothing. I can finally choose what I want to do in life and in god’s will, I get to be a broadcaster one day. Looking forward to all the excitement. CHOW!


Neo Life - Izzhar Hann

Hey everyone! I’m going to start off with a quote as an intro to my story;

“You’re nobody until you’re talked about” –Kristen Bell (2007)

How does it relate to me or to us? I’ll explain it at the end of the story but as a starter the answer is pretty easy ; The College Life. Since the day I left school (done with my Biology papers) I have been spending the whole holidays which was 7 lazy bum-ness months with the activities that a typical 17 going 18 year old teenager did. I worked, travelled, chilled out with friends, wasted plenty of times etc and I had enough. After 7 months of subsequent death of brain cells, I finally entered a brand-new phase of life — The College Life.

25th of July 2011, the sacred date that I’ve been really looking forward for has finally arrived. My first day of college was a complete bewildered. I was too shy to say “Hi!” to the other students so I just kept my mouth shut. Then I realized, if I want to make friends around here I should avoid hiding myself from them. Therefore, I broke the insecure feeling that restrained me from making friends. The first guy that I said Hi to was Hisham which I remembered he just got back from PLKN. He’s very cool because he owns a production house if I’m not mistaken. (correct me if I’m wrong man ;]) After the friends-making session went to a success, I started to feel it wasn’t that hard to make friends actually. All I got to do is to be friendlier towards them and things will be a breeze. Consequently, I’ve made loads of friends during the entire orientation week and some of them even came from a whole different world (course) than mine.


Friends that I have made during the orientation week :)

On top of that, I learnt that Taylor’s University uses the utmost art technology system equipped with the latest gizmo and gadgets that’ll wowed all of the students. See for yourself, we have almost everything in here. From the food to the books, entertainment and stuff. What more to ask? Thanks to Mum and Dad. You have invested your money to right place  Moving on to the lecturers and classes – To be frank, I am grateful and blessed enough to be able to learn via all these ingenious and proficient lecturers that not only came from Malaysia but from other countries too. Moreover, the techniques that the lecturers used are very facilitating and convenient as we will experience a more conducive environment in the lecturer theatre. I also found it very exciting as all of my classmates are very friendly and bubbly to ensure we have a perfect atmosphere to study. One of the lecturer even said that in the future we will be able to access to a virtual learning process. Isn’t that simply exceptional!

Okay, what else? Oh, I even joined the DICM July Intake Facebook group created by our Programme Director, Miss K. By associating into this group, all of the DICM students will be able to interact with each other beneficially. For the time being, we share most information regarding the catastrophic timetable that hasn’t been finalized yet. We also utilized this group to see how’s everyone doing or anything that we wanted to share with each other. Other than that, the senior students of SOC also created a group called Taylor’s FnN which allows all students from SOC to mingle and communicate with each other in a more interesting way. The first gathering was organized a few weeks ago where we got the chance to know all of the Communication students. There was sorts of fun activities and games intended to make us feel less worried about entering the college life. To all the senior students, you guys rock! Please construct another gathering anytime soon because we will be there!


The DICM July' 2011 Facebook group created by the PD.


Alright, I’m going to wrap this story by now. Back to the quote above, I personally think we can really relate to it. How? Well let’s see, we have disclosed ourselves to the world of communication. No doubt communicating and interacting are the utmost execution applied to be a part of this world. Everybody needs that. We need to talk to get everyone’s attention. We need to speak in order to make sure people know our thoughts and views. If we don’t let it out, no one would know eventually. To me, I will do whatever it takes to shine and to achieve my goals because I know I won’t be going anywhere if I don’t prove it to myself. As time goes by, I will learn something new. I will discover a whole new environment. I will meet new people. Well corollary, that is how my life is going to be, indeed.


Last but not least, this is the name that I want my friends to call me [pronounce; KHAN]
Hahaha but it's okay, you guys can still call me Izzhar if you want :)


New episode for me – Kai


All right ,why I chosen my Diploma in Mass Communication in Taylors Lakeside, actually can say so, it is quite lucky and fate I think . Because Taylors is the first University I had visited before I graduated from secondary school. Actually I plan to survey many College or University before I made my choice, but the first time when I step into Lakeside campus, I fallin in with here environment and the view. It is very AWESOME that having a huge lake in the campus. Not only lakeside , but also those branded shop in the campus. Starbuck, Old Town , Baskin Robbins , and more … I never thought that any campus could having these shop as their canteen before. It’s really shocked me when I first touch with Taylors Lakeside Campus.

Sure , I registered Taylors not only the Starbuck( sweat =__=) its because the environment for students here, specially the Mac Lab and those lecture class . its very big and one of them is the lakeside view lecture.(I hope can have a class at there asap !!)
Let's talk about my first day . Actually I skipped the orientation with all MPH(as many senior told me that it can be skipped because it is too boring xD ), I only join the academy briefing class. That's why the first lecturer class I’m alone .It is not difficult for me to make more new friends, but the problem is …. All speaking fluently English , and my English was totally suck … Since I was a student in kindergarten until high school , Chinese is my main language .Actually before I started my DICM course, I had studied Intensive English Course in Taylors to improve my English about 3 months, I hope it’s work for me. Now stepped to University, language is my first challenge and also communicate. The first classmate I had spoke is Azrin , he always dressing with hiphop style, having a brightly cap, and his strong point is humorous. First question he asked me is : are you Korean ? … actually not only him asking like that, since the first day I came In the class, many of them asked me. But my answer always disappointed them : I am Pure Malaysian. I still met two of them who came from Batu Pahat, its just beside my hometown and they are Chinese too , they are Tham and Sayyeing. I felt warm with that I am not alone. My classmate are cute, that's why I enjoy the time stick with them. In my opinion , the coming 2 and half years will be “spended” with joyous and madness . LOL . That's why we are DICM students :D

—I started my new chapter in Taylors , welcome everyone to go on with me . Welcome to my life !!! xDD

It is my first time to attempt blogging . I hope It won’t disparage you guys. :$

A Whole New Experience - Joshua Chai

A whole new experience started once i step foot in Taylor university .Everything started to change, everything , everyone , everywhere is new to me . It felt like i have enter a whole new world. On my first day to Taylor university. I was so afraid and nervous.
i was afraid that i can't make any new friend and have to be a loner in Taylor university, and i am so nervous about what what type of lecturer will do the teaching . I keep having the thought that i will get hammered in the first week . But , fortunately that our class 'Diploma In Mass Communication' are a bunch of friendly , kind and funny guys , and our lecturers seem to be fun and nice but who know what could happen in the future right ? I manage to made new friends during my first week and it is actually quite fun to be around with them . Many of our lecturer's class are bore so i often slept during lecture class , nah nevermind that but i do feel that tutorial class are much more fun than lecture class cause we get to go home early when we done our work.

Lets see Taylor university is almost the perfect university to go to but there are also some flaw ,well i did say almost right . Taylor carpark is like shit . well if you came late a bit and you will be finding urself looking for parking and trust me you are not going to find one . There also something that annoy me very much and that is the infamous grouping lists . its like wow , they keep on changing and changing . One days like hell i remember which day , i reach Taylor university and i know that i am in group 2 cause the D.O told me i am in group 2, i came to Taylor and found out that there is no class that day but the timetable clearly indicate that there are class that day . Then i went to the divisional office and demand for answer and they told me that there are no class and they change the grouping lists again. its was so damn confusing i was like ,you can see steam coming from out from my ears. From that time onward i log in my student portal whenever i reach home and keep it on till i went to Taylors.

That the end for now 1st. As far as i know college can be fun and scary too.

Strangers - Friends - Tham wei Hong

After SPM I’ve been resting for half of a year. My parents decided to sent me to Lim Kok Wing for my futher study. But since I get my result in March and I found out that Taylor’s have the same course- “Mass Communication” that I wanted to study, i discuss with my family to sent me here and they were quick to promise. =D

College life? First day? Yea, I can still remember it very well even what I wear that day is still in my mind.
I was late for the first lecture class because of the new environment and I miss the 7.30am shuttle bus. The second bus after the 7.30am one was late and I reached my school at 8.30am + finding the LT3. =(
I rush into the class and everyone was looking at me. Then Dr.Ben asked me a question: “What course are you taking?” I said Mass comm and he said to me that he is teaching “business” =(

I have a friend that took the same course with me (I am quite happy with that ;D) and we are come from the same secondary school and hometown of course. Yup, she is my good friend and important. Haha, the first few days the class was so quite that can even hear the slightest sound of a falling needle! *exaggerate* LOL. We don’t know each other and I never meet them In my life also. Lukily that I have her with me and we take our “breaklunchdinner” together for the first few days. As the day pass by, i know Kai,Matthew,K.Shadman & Lulu and
we took a picture to commemorate.

After that, we got more and more friends now like Sujin, Ryan, Bull, JiaHua, Bayu and many more!!! Weee!!!flickr:6041198785

I am really happy that all of my classmate are so Friendly and this is my college life!zzz got to sign of now..haha =P

A Start Of A New Journey - Suresh -

I think i am probably one of the last to post on this page,hence i shall start of by sharing some thoughts of mine on my very first day at Taylor's University but before that,the last 7 months was much of a challenge for me as i was previously pursuing a Diploma in Information & Communication Technology at Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI).As the first year went by pretty fast,i developed a hate relationship with IT as i enjoyed more being involve with the media as i was frequently writing articles for the likes of Sony Music Malaysia & Golden Screen Cinemas and etc.

As soon as i got done with my Diploma in Information Technology it was time to get my head sorted out and make a decision,that was to either stick with IT or pursue my studies in Communication which quite frankly i knew i would have more success in as i handled,organized and dealt with the members of the Media Industry here in Malaysia.So here i am here pursuing a Diploma in Communication at Taylors University.Taylor's is regarded as an institution that is build sorely on Excellence! A right choice i would say and Mass communication happens to be a very popular field of study at Taylor's too.

I shall start off with my very first day at Taylor's where i meet Azrin & Daniel Jude whom i previously knew before this,so it wasn't all that hard adapting to a different environment.The talks that we went through during the whole week of orientation was pretty lengthy in my books but yet it had loads of inputs to make our stay at Taylor's all the more easier with the various services offered to students and not to mention the facilities available for us as well..

taaadaaa..soon it was the first week of class…

The first day was awesome as there was a good mix of different ethnics in class and everyone was pretty enthusiastic about our first semester and we were all was busy getting to know each other.Studying isn't all about books but it is about having fun yet still building that bridge for a brighter future.


[[bibliography]] :

Nothing like entering a lab and having an iMac workstation to do your work! Good Example of Facilities!

Last but not least one of the good things about studying at Taylor's is you would never get bored of eating as there are heaps of restaurants available here ranging from Korean,German,Italian and whole lot more.Oh if you happen to be Vegetarian like me on Friday's do check The V Cafe as it serves Western food and Pastas that are 100%vegetarian.How does RM9.90 for a meal of your choice+a drink+a small scoop of ice-cream sound like?Totally worth it!


Spaghetti Carbonara with Vegetarian Ham @The V

[[bibliography]] :


Olive Oil Fried Spaghetti with Mushrooms@Backofen

[[bibliography]] :

All in all it has been a good experience mixing around here and getting to more of my classesmates as days go by.Can't wait for another wonderful week at College next week..Cheers to a fruitful week ahead!
Stay tune for more updates!!

"One small decision can change the rest of your life" - Lin Vin (LV)

I quote that from Jonathan Cook, frontman of the American band “Forever the Sickest Kids”. It’s true isn’t it? Everything you do, everything you say… it affects you and the people around you. Fifty years from now we’d look back and think, “Was that the right choice?”

A short note before continuing:
Should any part of the blog post go beyond human comprehension, do not panic. It is possibly probably most definitely due to the high intake of Nutella during random hours of the day. Well, maybe. Soz Apologies.

Long before the SPM exams, I was sure I was going to take a break right after high school. A break that would last long enough for a “soul-searching” mission. Little did I know that “soul-searching” really meant staying at home and doing absolutely nothing with your life (no, not really. I was just being lazy). That particular “soul-searching” mission, hopefully my first and last, lasted for 8 months, maybe more. And apart from the occasional “life-changing” activities like getting a job for a week and going to Phuket (and standing on the beach where the tsunami destroyed everything in its way), it was (in no specific order) football, sleep and Nutella every single day. Not to forget, getting bombarded week in week out by Mum about college that eventually it got so tedious I actually wished college would start already.

For example,

“Is your college starting tomorrow?” “No, ma.”
“When your college starting ah?” “July 25th, ma.”
“How come you not in college yet?” “I start in July, ma.”
“Eh tomorrow no college ah?” “NO, MA.”

Take those four simple examples, multiply them and imagine them being spoken on repeat. Include various accents and/or slang for entertainment purposes (don’t tell my mother I’m mocking her, please).

Now imagine this scenario:

You have just registered yourself as a Diploma in Mass Communication student in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. You’re set, excited and ready. Then you decided to meet up with some of your schoolmates before starting college. You could barely recognize them. It had only been 6 months since THEY started college but now look like they’ve been to war. Constantly tired, permanent eye bags, bad breath and an odd temper that was never there before. You sit and listen quietly to their college stories, at first eager to hear about how much they are enjoying life as a college student only to find out that it is a shitty as it can get. “You better enjoy your holiday as much as you can right now. College sucks,” says one of your smarter classmates. “I hate my subjects, man. I can barely understand a single thing the lecturer is saying,” says another. “Lecturers are so confusing. They lecture you, then give you homework which you haven’t learn and expect you to complete it. They never teach!” says another, to whom you give the weird look as you think to yourself, “Well duh. They’re lecturers, not teachers. They lecture, not teach.” By the end of the night, you are officially terrified of college and you immediately spend what’s left of your holiday coming up with nonsensical excuses to skip that part of life which involves tertiary education.

But no.

Week after week after week went by. You spend the week before orientation driving to campus just to make sure you knew your way there and back. Then two nights before, you have dreams nightmares about being late for your first class. On the morning of your very first day, you wake up at the crack of dawn to ensure that the nightmares you’ve had don’t ever come true. You eat your breakfast while checking every single calendar that you own to make sure it’s July 25th. You let your mother nag you about road safety for about 5 seconds and then you set off to college to start a “new” life.

Did you manage to imagine that?

Because if you did then you probably know 90% of how the first day was for me. Within the first week of college however, I realised I made the right choice, like I actually belonged here. So maybe I don’t get every single thing the lecturers are saying but I’ve been out of school for more than 8 months. If there was one thing I learned in my first week at Taylor’s, it’s enjoying every second of what you’re pursuing. I’m lucky to be given the freedom to choose what I want to study and who I want to be. And if you’re fortunate enough to have that, don’t screw up.

So apart from having a crap timetable which includes starting late and ending late, starting early but still ending late and as well as having long, crazy hours of breaks in between, I’ve also met people who not only possess the ability to complain about crappy timetables (Dr B/Ben/Bene/Benny/Benedict, this is a true story) but also having the good sense to laugh at my jokes. It’s either they genuinely find me funny (which is odd because I don’t think I’m all that funny) or they’re just pretending to be nice…

Well, writing this blog post has been stressful. I need some Nutella.

Easily one of the best days of college I've had so far. It's the weather, you know.NutellaandStevieReinatheRedTeddy.jpg
Obligatory picture of Nutella and Stevie Reina the Red Teddy.

A New Beginning (BELLA.S)

Living a college life seems to be a lot more different in a whole lot of new aspects,it's the other side of the world where we were before in high school,new exciting things and exposure to be discover.As for me,the exciting part will be traveling to Sunway,its because im living way back in Ampang where its about 20 minutes drive to Sunway,so everyday i have to wake up at 6.15am just to avoid the traffic,but once im in the campus,everything seems to change,meeting all my friends and classmates it just make my day a whole lot better.

Its been couple of weeks here in campus and i've got the chance to meet a lot of different,weird,cool,funny,and interesting people that came from different backgrounds,culture,religion and country.It burns up more when everybody can team up together as one.
It has show me another side of the world,people may say high school is the best time of our lives,but to me college is better,somehow the excitement is [[footnote]] beyond my expectations.But its is also frustrating sometimes when everything is online and im not use to getting assignment or any updates via portal.But that is the whole point! As we reach certain level of age,everything will change to a much more advance level,i cant wait for more to come,challenging task to be done and preparing for my working life.

As Taylors Uni is the coolest college i've seen so far to be apart with,its incredibly huge and the lecture halls are phenomenal !!!!
the hallways are huge and amazing.But there is flaws to it,which is the PARKING LOT ,it is made out of rocks and sand! I mean why cant they put tar instead of rocks? However,it is as big as a football field,which can sometime be a problem,if we students who is driving by cars come later than 8am,we must park at the end,which can take us like 10 minutes of walking to the campus!! crazy!! but overall im happy with the other facilities they have there,such as the commercial block!! They have everything there! And its awesome!.

Well at first i was scared and mortified to enter the place because i am afraid of not having friends,because everyone there seems to be so not friendly.But i prove myself wrong,as i introduce myself the very first day,someone just came up to me and introduce herself! cool! i have friends now,which before i was complaining of not having one,and i have like the whole classroom of friends! these people are so friendly and they have different interest and hobbies.I now have like close friends but to bad,they are all in the same group and im the only one left behind in another group! but its ok,i will still have friends around to help me out with things i dont know!
There is also the lectures,it is totally different than what i have imagine before,they are so up to date since they are using MAC computers at all of the labs,exciting huh? but its rather frustrating since the lecturers have the time table set up with a long gap,imagine coming up to class at 8am and it finishes at 10am for 1 lecture,and the next lecture will be at 4pm till 6pm,and between that 6 hours what am i suppose to do?lucky enough Sunway Pyramid is close,so stopping by for a movie seems like a good idea,since im living far away from Subang,spending the whole day there is better enough that going back and forth for the next class.But that is what i have expected earlier,and it is another challenge for me!.

To sum things up,i just cant wait for more!!!! And it is just the beginning of my new life,and i bet it is going to be an awesome journey!!.
P/S: Lets enjoy the ride!! cheers!

Never say never!!! - Su Jin

Thumbs up for the title? Yay bieber? Baby baby baby oh? No? Alright. Soooooooooooo, 8 whole months. No work, no study. I bet this is the exact reason why I’m stuck at this particular sentence for already 20 minutes now. Yay me. Can’t imagine how much of my brain cells actually died during this period of time. Slacking basically summarized everything I’ve did. Being wasted, using money. Okay, maybe the only ‘useful’ thing I’ve done is with my guitar. I’m not proud but yeah, 8 months. Planned to start on March but kept on dragging, dragging and dragging, had no idea which college to go but my mind had always been set on Mass Comm, since high school. Just like all of you, I want to have a career next time that has got something to do with the media. I mean, i don’t think any of us here would wanna work in a………bank next time right? :X No offense to people in banks though. Heh. I love making people smile or laugh, sounds very dotdotdot but yeah, I have a very simple target, I just wanna be able to communicate with anyone freely anytime, anyhow, anywhere. I really can’t stand the awkwardness when you’re with someone and NOT COMMUNICATING, get what I mean?

Yes, I do realize I’m really off topic, this ALWAYS happens. Anyways, taylor’s had always been out of my mind cause yeah, I don’t come from a very well-off family. But just bout a month ago, my parents made up their mind and settled me down at Taylor’s. It’s not cause my dad won the lottery or something okay but just simply cause they want the best for me. And yeah, Taylor's is the best, that's what everyone say right? LOL Finally registered and tada, Su Jin's a Taylorian. Before college, I dreaded even setting foot on campus. I’ve been to Taylor’s once and seriously, the environment, facilities, everything is just too cool, toooo cool. I kept feeling like I don’t belong there, I never thought I’d have the chance to study in such a beautiful University. I started doubting. I was afraid, afraid that I can't cope or fail to achieve my goal. What if I let my parents down? What if I let myself down? The countless thoughts of paranoia wouldn't leave my head. But this mere few weeks of college has given me such comfort that makes me want to strive a lot harder. The people I’ve met so far and everything. It’s time for me to just wake up and word hard. Simple said, I’ll prove my parents right.

Okay, so I live in Klang and driving up and down everyday for class is just the worse thing so far, especially 8am classes *JIN LOVES 8AM CLASSES!!!* I gotta wake up like 6am, leave my house around 7 and jam my way to college for like 1 hour, yayy! :D Been sleeping at like 4 or 5am everyday during this 8 months so yeah :) Planned to car pool with my neighbour but our timetable is just too….you know, lovely. *don’t wanna start on the timetable part before I go all the way out of the point again* Well, first 2 days in college was just…….lonely? Seriously, I couldn’t stand that awkward moment of walking around campus all alone, grr.. Felt like just jumping into the lake. Ryan was my lifesaver on the 3rd day :D He asked me to join them for breakfast and yeah, there’s when I finallyyy get to know quite a few of them, byebye loneliness! :D Everyone was friendly. And from that break onwards, “My name is….” and “Nice to meet you” are the words that flowed endlessly throughout the day. Everyone was so eager to know everyone. Got to know almost half of the class in the mere 1 hour :D Well, first lecture was Mr.Ben’s *OH HI, MR BEN!!! :D*.. What can I say? He’s just awesomeeeeeeee.. *RIGHT, MR BEN?! :D* Okay fine, hahah. As expected, the class was in total silence that day. And as expected, it’s not like that anymore now. HOHO. Well, nothing extraordinary happened yet but everything is just going real smoothly. I believe, i mean i know that I WILL spend a good time in the coming four years here in college :)

Everything is fresh here. New environment, new surrounding, new people. Basically, college is like a beginning of a whole new life. You get a chance to restart in a whole new world, meeting lots and lots of people you’ve never met before in life, let’s live each and everyday wisely :) Thanks again to my parents, for giving me the best of the best. I’m really proud of being a college student and I promise i'll make results out of it. So just like my title, never say never. College is a whole new beginning for us to a new lifetime experience. Despite all the pressure and work college would require from us, we should never give up. I know I didn’t make sense bout the title but I just wanted to link my title in somehow. The phrase “Never say never” didn’t make sense in the first place anyway right, it just sounded motivating LOL. So yeah, that’s all for today guys. Best of luck to all of us! Let’s strive hard for our dreams! All mighty DICM!! :D

+ It's A Blessing… :) - Kelvin Ng

Entering Taylor's Lakeside Campus and enrolling in the courses there has been a long awaited moment for me. I was selected for National Service Training early this year for the first batch of year 2011 that is why I couldn't attend for the earlier intakes. Despite that, the another reason of the delayed course enrollment is because I had been trying to make up my mind before I started to register and consider between two different courses, which is Mass Communication and Hospitality. At first, I thought Hospitality was fun to me. But apparently after I've went through several counsellings and career tests, every of the different counsellors told me my characteristics are more bound to be in the Mass Communication industry. Well I never knew what Mass Communication is, that is why I never really gave a thought about it. But guess what? I surfed the net, get as much information and details about what Mass Communication really is, and yet I had found something that I can relate myself to and something I'm passionate with. I feel I'm blessed and really grateful to have enrolled in this course, and especially this intake as well! Because it is a course I find it comfortable with, and my coursemates are just awesome! It is like a package, a gift. I find many reason for myself to be able to grow along with this course. The

The first day of college, which was the first day of orientation week is not much of an impact to me, it was pretty the typical procedures and type of events that you had to go through. So it had been more likely been foreseen by me. Or rather, an intuition. It was a boring day where I had to listen to several speeches and dozed off in the middle of the speech in the end. *Chuckles* But hey come on! I couldn't really help it! I was with my secondary school friends that happened to have enrolled the July intake courses as well to take the seats around me. We were all bored, most of them were playing their "PSP's", a gaming device invented by Sony. I was the only one that fell asleep though. But to conclude it, judging by our behaviours during the speech it's obviously we were all experiencing boredom to it's extreme. After the general speech at the MPH(Multi Purpose Hall), we were all separated accordingly based on the courses we enrolled. I was lucky I did not slept at the lecture theathres because the lectures were giving inspirational talks and important information about Mass Communication. But after the first day, I was just so reluctant to come to college anymore for the next few following days for the orientation week. Can you imagine the extent of my boredom where I really had run out of idea and went to the Basketball Court at the far end of the campus to kill some time. I was just really helpless about thinking of what to do in the campus as I skipped the speeches/talks that were after lunch break.

Well after the orientation week, it's where I began to know my coursemates and my lecture more well. I felt every individual in the class has their own uniqueness, everyone stands out. I really felt blessed and am happy to be in that class. The lecturers are quite amazing, the students are enthusiastic, interesting, and fun in many ways! I get to go around the campus with them, and also to the shopping mall Sunway Pyramid! We had a lot of fun time. And what is more my friends are just so capable of doing anything! They even walked up to a Singaporean star to ask for a photograph of his together with all of us! And we did took the picture in success! Things happened so fast we all had crazy fun in such quick moments. In a blink of an eye, I already had made so much friends. For now, I'm just happy with the way things are, and I hope it will just maintain this way, despite the certain fact of the up and downs incidents in life, I pray for this to last. :)


Nur Shahiirah

A dentist? a teacher? a model , well Que sera sera what ever will be will be. The very first time I stepped my foot in a place called college was in January. i was so excited because alas! I was no longer a high school student and I do not have to wear the white and blue attire , yes my school uniform. I was informed that i had to go for 2 days orientation. It was a smooth journey untill i realised that i did not belong to the science community, the one year SAM course was too stressful for a person who falls sick most of the time. After a long talk with my beloved parents, I decided to rest my case and left Taylor's college.

How should I start? Well, first and foremost thanks to my parents for being so understanding and all the courage that they gave me from day one till now. So here I am now heading for my new direction.The college which I got the privilege to choose among all the colleges in the country. I get to meet all sorts of friends and live the life as a student . Its a whole new experience and environment to me and i really enjoy it till now . Although the distance between the college to my home sweet home is about 50 kilometres but I think i could manage it. I woke up at 6.30 a.m. and i was so happy till it took me almost 30 minutes to choose my perfect outfit to wear for my first day in Taylors. I wore my favourite guess jeans and a pink guess top to match with it. I was so into cool and trendy outfits since i was young and now i get to style on my own way . My dad's driver drove me to college that morning and i didnt really have the time to have my breakfast with my parents since they were so busy with their work and myself who was in a rush to college. it took me about almost 1 hour and 20 minutes to go to subang and if im lucky enough to avoid the traffic jam, so it would be like 50 minutes i guess. Although i didnt get to have breakfast with my parents , yet i was still enthusiastic to look forward to meet all my new friends and lecturers .

Next day of college life , i was really looking forward to buy books and stuff for college and had lunch with my friends . They seemed so nice and understanding plus they were very supportive . The orientation day was great and i got to do my student ID in the MPH. you could not magined how excited i was to see how i lookrd on my student ID card . Miera , Faza and Syifaa also did their student ID. We got to know each other well and really share our experiences together . We talked alot till we felt that we had known each other for so long. Faza is a friend who supports and always makes one another happy , Miera is a girl who likes to cheer her friends up and not to forget Syifaa is an adventureous person and likes to talk alot. As i looked around the classes and places in Taylors , I have a good feeling that i will be fit for this and i will be successful in what i am pursuing . Im happy that i made the right choice of going to Taylors to do my diploma,well a new fresh start.

+ A Fresh New Start - Raznina Alysha

College. I was super excited for my first day. Meeting new people. Learning in a new and different environment. I wasn’t really that ready to start learning again because the 7 month break was way too long for me, I spent 2 months visiting my dad and little brother in Bahrain, and another 2 months working with Nokia doing road shows all around Malaysia. I stopped work a week before orientation. Honestly orientation was really boring for me, I expected it to be really fun at first. But all they did was talk about the course and about plagiarism.


First week of class, I remember sitting in FOM ( Fundamentals of Management ) class alone, and this girl named Sarah invited me to sit with her. I sat with her and a friend of hers for 2 classes. She seemed really nice to me. She came talking to me every time I was alone. In between classes I would usually call and then meet up with my high school friends. We had the FnN ( freshies n newbies) gathering that afternoon. I didn’t really want to go at first because a friend of mine who I was supposed to go with cancelled last minute. I’m thankful I still went because I made new friends. I remember two girls; Tasha and Sofea introducing themselves before the gathering. Our seniors made us play games and stuff. In the end it was all good.

Second week was way more fun, my college life would be sitting in class taking notes, and trying my best to not fall asleep :D I feel more comfortable in class thanks to the girls. We’d sit together in all the classes and just chill before and after class. We planned to watch a movie at Sunway Pyramid on Friday because we had a 4 hour gap in between class. So it was confirmed that we were going to go watch Zookeeper at Sunway Pyramid at 11am. The next day we ended up asking the Matthew, Arif, Adem, and Kingston if they wanted to join us and they did. So after class we went to Star Teh Tarik. I got to know everyone even more. Matthew couldn’t join us because he had to pick up his maid or something. So there was only two cars. I went with Bella and Tasha, While all the guys went with Elvi. We were all excited to see the movie. I remember in between trailers Elvi would be the loudest among us. There was always something she had to say. The movie was pretty funny.

So far I’m loving CCPD ( Creative Communication and Portfolio Development ) CSS ( College Study Skills ) and MC ( Mass Communication ) class. I’m still trying to cope with FOM class although I find it rather difficult. I really hope I’m not the only who’s still lost in the subject though :) Waking up early everyday, especially when you have an 8am class is actually torture for me, I have to leave home by 6.45 if not I'll be late for class. Parking before 8 is easy. After that would be almost impossible to find. College is like a fashion runaway to me, everyday people dress to impress. The gap we have between classes. Omg. Sometimes we have to wait for 5 - 6 hours. What pisses me of is when we have only 1 class a day. We struggle to get to Taylor's only to stay there for 2 hours and then left with nothing to do. I guess these are the thing we have to get used to in college. Mass Comm didnt really seem like a hard course at first but now I realized that you really do need to work hard. One thing’s for sure, I am never ever going to do any assignment or whatsoever last minute. Nothing is easy in life. Minutes before the deadline my laptop decided to go bonkers on me and the wifi couldn’t work. I actually did my last paragraphs in the car while my friends drove me to a place with wifi. Cheers to a great beginning in college! :)

- Alysha :)

A Whole New World (Aishah Rashid)

 School of Communication ? I keep repeating this in my mind. How am i possible to fit in with this course? Im a girl who loves literature so as history plus humanitarian job. Wants to learn law for future. So why School of Communication? My dad was telling me that i need to get rid of my shyness. Need to have confidence and face the public. After talking with my mum which she wanted me to take business studies.. Finally i made up my mind. By not letting my dad down , just give it a try. So here it is.
 KRIINGG ! (alarm buzzing) its 6.30am on a Monday morning. After 7 months of break this is it . This is the day. I thought 'oh SPM, finally u left me with a big smile and no more nervous feelings. HA-HA here it comes again. Left the house at 7.20am , without any traffic jam would be about 15 minutes drive from my house to Taylors. The first look, deepmdown i felt like im such a tiny person walking in a big world. Lets say bye-bye to my amazing highschool and say Hello to my new world , Taylors University.
 With such beautiful architecture building, the relaxing looking lake.. I walked in with a little fear (just a little bit). While talking on the phone to make me feel much better and less nervous, i walked up the stairs to the hall. There weren't as many students as i thought it would be. Ten minutes later, i turned around and WOW so here it goes. Queuing up the line of SoC there was a bunch of girls came up to me and asked which is the Diploma and Degree line ? I told them that i wasnt sure myself. Since that we stick as a groupmand go everywhere together. Finally im not lost, phew! So we went to registered. It was tiring though. All the speech was about Student Portal. I was like what an earth is that? So went to the lab and start doing what we should. There are many programmes that caught my attention such as, Charity, belly dance, swimming and more.. After orientation week, we started our lectures. The first class was CCPD, Dr ben was the lecturer. First impression was, im guessing he must be from the Philippines. And yes ! I was right . Shockingly he is a gamer ! Haha honestly i was suprised. Good one. I was happy that all my lecturers seems pretty fine .
 Student Portals ! They are really testing my patience. I bet the whole class are all confused with the grouping and timetable that keep changing (sigh) i hope everything is going to be alright. Up till today, im still hoping that i would be interested in SoC and do my best. Peple surrounding me gave me their support and that is beautifuk.
Like my dad always says, Be the Best than You will Get the Best.

Another step in life.

College. It feels like something I’ve been waiting for my entire life, and at the same time , something I could’ve wait my entire life for. Ask me about this particular subject exactly 1 year ago and the last answer I would of ever given you was that I was going to be in Taylors Lakeside Campus. Back when I was still in high school the only answer I would be giving to the question “Where are you going to study after high school?” , would be “Im going to ICOM , Oh you haven’t heard of that place? It’s the International College Of Music.”

Its pretty painful to see how much passion I had for music just a year ago , That I was going to devote my college years and future career to the path of a musical career, and how that passion had just go out like a candle in the middle of a monsoon.

How did I wind up in the Mass Communication Class Of Taylors Lakeside? It’s a pretty long winded story, Painful, but all in all , it felt like it was something that was meant to happen. An unseen hand guiding me towards a predetermined path if you may? I try my best to believe that everything happens for a reason but we cant always say we practice what we preach.

Up until the day I was being forced to enroll into college , I was procrastinating as much I could. But alas , the day finally came when I laid my first step on the campus of Taylors Lakeside. It was a pretty scary experience for me , taking note that In less than a few months , ive buried my lifelong dream of being a professional musician in the graveyard of my mind. I felt so unsure signing up for my course that I actually had to visit a counselor. But then again, I’m pretty sure every student has. It was a decision between a course in Mass Communication or one in Hospitality. But as the counselor explained to me the difference between the two courses , the choice became obvious that I was going to be enrolling in a Mass Communication course. But even as I did I still felt nervous , fearing that I would be burning my parents money , that I’d be taking a course that I wouldn’t have anything to do with in the future , whether this campus would be somewhere where I would feel comfortable in. But it wasn’t really until the very first days of my college life did I manage to swallow down my doubts and find myself proven wrong in any of the doubts that have built up.

Recalling the very first week of college for me is a pretty easy feat. Me , having missed orientation had very same fear as most of the other people. The fear of making new friends , whether we’d meet nice people and whether or not we’d be able to cope with our brand new life in college. So anyways , back to the first week, we all had that first time “hi and byes” and we start meeting our friends here and there. But eventually we’d make enough to start feeling comfortable and start hanging out in cliques. But the my favorite part of my current course is that everyone has something unique about themselves yet we’d all find common ground and grow upon that. As for me personally? It was pretty interesting seeing the people you’d meet on the first few days itself on college and how you’d easily find something you have in common with them. I’ve met sneakheards , motorheads , musicians and the list goes on and on.

Truth be told , the past couple of weeks have been the most fun I ever thought I’d have along the lines of being in the education system. I’ve had a day where I actually felt like getting up from bed and just heading to college. It just gets more and more exciting as the days go past in college . Especially when you’re fortunate enough to have the people I’ve met as your course mates. I might not know or be close with everyone yet, But its already a proven fact that with these guys as your course mates? You’ll never be living in a dull moment here in college. All in all , College has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to be progressing on and seeing what else life has instore for me.

A picture of the group doing our assingments for various subjects

-Calvin “with the C” Tan

Back To Square One - Tan J-Shawn

College.Ever since I was 13 I always dreamt of going to college,being called a college boy,being all grown up and lets just say living the life.However when I actually decided to enroll in Taylors I realised it was not gonna be an easy task.The first day of orientation was pretty much like the first day of school,you didn’t know anyone you didn’t have your cliques and I felt like it was school all over again but only this time you didn’t have your parents or teachers to help you our.You have to be more independant and find everything on your own.

The first day of college I was extremely nervous and afraid I wasn’t gonna make any friends having not made any during orientation,but suprisingly it wasn’t hard to make friends because everyone in my course is really friendly.The first ever class for me was CCPD.The lecturer walked in introduced himself as Dr Benedict Agulto.He is a really funny guy and he gave us an introduction to the subject the subject Creative Communication and Portfolio Development to us and tell us what the upcoming assignments are.I could tell that this subject was gonna be a fun one.After class everyone started heading their own way still without their cliques.The second day came and the first class we had was College Study Skills and what we had to do in class was introduce ourselves with 2 unique things about us,from there I knew there were a lot of people in our class with their own skills and unique feature about them that makes them stand out in class and not any average people you can meet in school and by the end of the class we could see everyone mixing around and making new friends,everyone and I mean EVERYONE in this course is really friendly.Basiclly that was the only fun thing about the first week of my college life,It wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be.

The second week of college was really different from the first week of college,It was really tiring and hectic,everything was messed up for the whole class.The timetables kept changing and one by one everyone got confused because they kept changing the groups.But it was really funny to see everyone stuffing themselves in one small tutorial class.After everything the timetable and grouping list was settled out everything was back to normal again and everyone would already have their group of friends and already having lunch together and sitting as a group in classes.By the end of week two everyone would already have phone numbers and facebook of the friends they have made in classes.

All I can say is the people in Diploma in Mass Communications 2011 is a very unique group of people that really stand out.From Rockers to Bakers,we have all of it!and to end my post I would like to post a picture of the famous lake of Taylors Lakeside University :)


I'm on a whole new level - Vittal

I was not suppose to study at Taylors University. My first choice was to study at Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology. But my parents told me it was too expensive for them too afford and asked me to make a second choice. For the next few months I was doing my research on where to pursue my studies. Google was my best friend a few months ago in choosing a right university. The word of mouth a few at that time between my friends was that Taylors University is an awesome place to study. My parents wanted me to study at INTI College because my twin sister was studying there but I told them I wanted to be on my own. So I went to Taylors to check the place out and the courses they offer. What can I say? It was a really beautiful place!


I couldn't have made a better choice in where to study. I chose the July intake because at that time I was taking my drivers license and driving was my only means off transportation. In came the orientation for my course which was Diploma in Communication on July 25th. The day before I was tossing and turning on my bed! Haha. The one problem I had on my first day was the parking! Sheesh. And I was under the impression that the hardest place to find parking was at Sunway Pyramid during weekends. Okay back to the topic. I went to the MPH hall and it was like a concert stage. I was feeling kind of awkward because I had no friends in this new environment. I thought to myself that the transition from high school to university wont be too harsh for me to handle. I have to make friends all over again. I'm not generally a shy person,but I tend to be quiet in a new place.

I went to the lecture hall to listen to the academic briefing. I was kind of excited and nervous at the same time. This mix feelings is not good! I went in and I met my classmates for the first time. The lecture hall pretty quiet. We listened to what the programme officer had to say. Then the first person to talk to me was Calvin Tan. He asked me about the grouping. Cool! I made a friend :D The orientation week flew by and I went for my first lecture. Lecturer name was Dr.Ben he teaches Creative Comm and Portfolio Development. It was an interesting course to learn. The next day we introduced ourself to the whole class and I realised I have interesting classmates from different backgrounds. I made a few friends during the first week and we even went to Sunway Pyramid to play pool! :)

Last but not least,the change from high school to university life was not as bad as I thought it would be. Here I am doing my first assignment! Its really an awesome place to be and have the freedom with no one to question you. I'm happy that i'm blending in well with everyone. On a second thought,why blend in when we are born to stand out? We are all constantly learning new things and I hope to learn and get to know my classmates better everytime. I'm sure my whole classmates and I will be pretty close as time passes by. I'm glad to have made the choice to study at Taylors as I have met nice people. Its something to be proud of to study at Taylors University.

Never look at life through the rear view mirror. Look instead through the front windshield, you never no whats in store ahead.


Mass Comm lecture by Thaera Yousef


Musings of a student (stephaniekaren)

We’ve all had our own take of our first day,the nerves,the fear of not making friends,getting lost and all sorts of unpredictable embarrassing scenarios our mind could come up with.Some how convincing ourselves it would happen,when on any other normal day the chances would have been a thousand to one.

When it came to the day of meeting everyone,i found myself already learning so much.I found myself in awe.Watching all the various students introducing themselves with clear differences in personalities and yet somehow we all shared the same interests and passion.As the days went by,we slowly got more comfortable with one another and all the sharing of stories and opinions began.Now this is what took me in awe,to see everyones different ideology and views on things.In a sense that what would be a clear answer of “A” to me,would be a very clear answer of “B” to them.My ‘right’ could be your ‘wrong’.Its so fascinating.Naturally we would assume there would be a lot of head butting,but somehow we all became accustomed with one another.Which is very pleasant i must add.A smooth harmony of laughter among us all.

Another thing that struck me,was the way we all lived our lives.Our choices of paths,friends,experiences we all had and how different we were.When you go to school in a specific area,your life and its routine revolves around it.It becomes our lifestyle,it appears the only way any other normal teenager would live their life. And then you go to college,and meet a whole bunch of diverse students and to see that hey,they didn’t have the same routines i did but they’re still pretty normal.They’re just like me. So different from one another but yet so much a like.

We’ve all heard the famous quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.Im sure we’re all guilty of this crime.Heck i do it almost everyday,i don't intend to,but its only human nature.To come to a conclusion on a person by the way they look and realizing they turned out so differently is always so interesting.Just like how id conclude a students accent would be a certain kind and then to hear it and realize it was not what you would have imagined. Its always interesting and entertaining. It keeps you going,keeps you wanting to know more. To be even more curious.

I can already virtually imagine all of us hanging out on a daily basis at Mcdonalds hogging all the tables with only one cup of coke in the middle.I owe it to all of you for a great start to college.and though we may have our arguments and irritations with one another as we get along to be more comfortable with each other,i am genuinely excited to go through these phases with all of you:)

on a much lighter note. since we’ve all shared quotations. heres one to always keep in mind.

If you sleep with an itchy butt,you will wake up with a smelly finger-fortune cookie. :)

Unusual Jaunt

Cassie Chee - A Wonderful Beginning!! :)


The big day has finally come!..After 7 months of indecision of what course to take and which college to attend, I’ve finally made my choice. Just last week, my dad brought me to register for my course. That’s where I met the program director Ms Karmini who gave a quick overview of the course which was enough to convince me that mass communication would be the one. Well, I would definitely not choose law,accounts,etc..(too heavy stuff for me)…lol.


During the orientation week, I went for the Masquerade Party which was amazing! It was held to help students break the ice and get to know each other and with the helped of the mask, it makes them a little more relax. Literally, I think the hall was too big for the number of students. Things would appear more intimate if the hall was smaller. It wasn’t entirely successful though i only manage to meet a friend from interior design. I thought maybe the next masquerade party can be set up to encourage more interaction among the students to achieve its purpose of getting the students to mingle and get to know each other better . Unfortunately at the last party most of the students kept to themselves or their own group .

So after 7 months of sleeping late, I hardly slept the night before. I guess thats because my biorhythm still not adjusted. So I arrived college at 7.40 am, bleary eyed and feeling a little groggy. Thank god! It was a short day..haha. I didn’t want too much attention today, being my first day I was hoping to make it through the day without embarrassing myself! As I enter the first class, it was a pleasant surprised to meet my former schoolmate sara halysa. I started hanging around with my classmates, they were all really nice. The lecturers were interesting and their apporoach in the lectures made the day pass quickly . I admire their flare and hope to able to learn their skills one day.



The Beginning of a New Chapter

** ( Faza Maisarah )

As i was deep in my sleep suddenly a sound occurs. It was so loud that i tend to get out from my deepest sleep. The alarm rang as it was 7am and it took me 15minutes to drag myself out of bed knowing that i have to go through everything for the second time. Getting ready for college isn't something i looked forward too. I took a deep breath and clear out my mind and get going. Just as i arrived in college i realized that this would be my second chance. Second chance to make things right. To prove to others that I am extraordinary. That i have something more to offer than to just be present in class. I know its in me just that i have to push myself to bring it out. And so i will.

There were times when some of the lecturer did gave me a hard time and shoved my spirits down to the ground. Shouted at me in front of the entire class and believe me its was humiliating but yet i hold my head high and tend to prove her wrong. There is one thing I've learnt from being in college that would be, things isn't going to work its own self. Its we who have to make it work. How and when its all on us. We determine where we stand and what we become. By knowing that fact and i buried it at the back of my head i'm determine and committed to make this time work. Thanked God things are getting smoothly for now. And i hope it will remains that way. Cause college is my stepping stone to my future and the career path i chose.

A fresh new chapter (Sofea Mastan)

It still fresh in my mind the first day of college, I remember thinking that I have to go through stress all over again but despite all that, the excitement is in me, I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am so excited to the fact that I can’t sleep the day before college starts. In my mind that night everything is going back to square one. I have to start over, meeting new friends getting to know the lectures and back to being a junior.

The next morning, when I was about to go for the orientation, only god knows how nervous I am but the existence of my friend from high school helps a lot, it calms my nerves a bit. The Master of Ceremony introduces himself and talk about his experiences in Taylors. I’ve got to admit it really excite me to start a new chapter here in Taylors. Taylor’s environment is really breath-taking. I have never seen a school as beautiful as Taylors. Taylors has a huge library and on my second day here I realized that they have a twenty four seven library for student. How convenient. I knew that once I step into Taylors I would have fun studying here. The stress will still be there along the way but with friends that I have known now, I’m sure I will go through smoothly. On the second day of orientation, I finally had the guts to get to know people. I hate this part right here because I am not good at making friends, the only thing that I am scared of in starting a new college or school or clubs is meeting new people. I am scared that they will have a wrong first impression of me but once I said hi to Ruepz, she is the first person that I knew in college; she is so friendly and nice. She made me feel comfortable being around her. As the day pass, I meet more and more awesome people. I feel like I knew them forever but actually I just knew them three weeks ago but already we are so close.

The classes are great, the lectures are all so cool and funny. I remember the first class i attend is CCPD. He made us laugh when he told the guy that was late it was business class and he immediately leave. Everybody in Diploma in communication July 2011 Intake is so talented and they impressed me during the ice-breaking session in CSS class. We were supposed to introduce ourselves and tell everyone what is unique about us. I couldn’t think of anything, then the classes started talking and they impressed me. Some of them wrote for Sony and some of them represent our country in some sports. Each of them is so talented and that moment I knew that college will give me wonderful experiences with all those talented people around me. On the third week of college, the class is already noisy. We played music in lecture hall as loud as ever waiting for lecturer. My first three weeks of college is great and i wish for more great weeks to come.


UPGRADE AND REBOOT ( Sharifah Amina )

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”- Ursula K. LeGuin

Life evolves continuously and consistently with every passing day. Today is different from yesterday and it will not be same tomorrow. The only way we can differentiate it, is by the good and bad day we just had with the given choices we have. After SPM, I convinced my dad to sent me abroad. I was the youngest in my family and at that time I was eager to have a chance to live on my own and be independent. I was into science during those days and because of that I took Health Science in Curtin College, Perth Australia.


After a year of working my ass off and being unhappy alone, I finally realized that I was only interested in science but wasn’t really good in it. I’ve learned that when you’re interested in something doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it, but if you’re good at something you can teach yourself to love it. Being in Perth has taught me a lot in building the person whom I am today. It took me awhile to finally come to my senses. I came back to Malaysia for good. A month after, here I am today in Taylors University doing the most amazing course (to me) Mass Communication.


I registered for Mass Communication because I was into media. Look around in this new generation, media have ability to control everything. From printed to broadcast and they all play a big role daily. The media also can control from what you wear to wear you go. I want to be a part of that. Having said that, I will try my best to achieve my goals. It’s the end of a new beginning…

Taylors has been good to me. I meet new people. People from all walks of life. It’s a big change for me but I feel like right at home here. The lake view campus is new and modern looking. I love the environment and the vibe that I’m getting here. Call me “over-exaggerating” but here in Taylors the lecturers are super helpful, my classmates is awesome and the facilities are amazing. Proven!

All of this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my ever so loving and supportive family. Although I’m leaving back with my parents I feel that having them around is much more fun and easy. Without their faith and trust in me. I wouldn’t have this opportunity to be here. I am also grateful to God for giving me the chance to appreciate what I have. I pray the best for myself and may all my dreams come through

In this part of my life I see myself upgrading to be a more matured and rebooting myself to become better person in this world. I simply call it ‘upgrade and reboot’. : )

College Time! -Farouq-

I always thought college is going to make me feel bored or tired, but obviously i thought wrong. College life is on the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I'm still getting use to waking up in the morning for morning class. If during school days, I would be acting like sick or be pretending to be asleep till nobody will wake me up. I also thought that college will burden me with assignment after assignment, but actually it isn't really burdening me, it's kind of fun actually than I go and waste my time outside and do nothing. Lakeside campus is huge, and there is many things to do in this campus. We have all sort of facilities here, like we have Student Live Centre (SLC), in SLC we have, pool, foosball, pin pong, hang out area, board games and many more. We have a very good and helpful library. We have a MAMAK SHOP in this very campus!! This is very helpful. Why iI say having a mamak shop would be helpful is because it can help me save money than spending money in eating Ecoba, O'hana or Poppi Poppi which is not at all reasonable. I'am happy with the way my lecturer's teach, they are not so strict like what I thought, yeah, at times they are strict but its for the best of me and my fellow classmates. The only think I don't really fancy in this college is about the parking system. There isn't really enough parking spot available, and if it is hot there isn't much shade, and if it rains we will get wet no escape. There a few category of student's here also, there is the very rich one's, the rich one's, the normal one's, and the normal one's, but there isn't any stuck up or show off in this college. Every time I come to this college, I learn something new everyday.I hope I would pass and get thru with all my exams till I graduate.

The second time around ( Saarah Jasmine)

The first time I went to university, it was smack-bang in the middle of Melaka, in a tiny town called Lendu where cows crossed the road about as frequently as people. Needless to say it wasn't exactly the most inspiring experience of my life. I had always imagined university life to be just like what I had seen in the movies, young naive girl leaves home, makes lots of new friends and becomes the throbbing nucleus of her social group. Well, was I in for a culture shock.
I did not feel the so called 'spirit' of UiTM that my lectures and peers were always going on about. Nor did I feel attached in any way whatsoever to the people I had met or the tiny dorm that I stayed in while my roommate played Super Mario on full volume as I tried to study for the final exam the next day. A year and a half later, I finally persuaded my parents that I was not born to be an UiTM alumni.

I was so nervous on my first day at Taylor's! I've had problems with making friends before this, so the night before I was told to always speak to the person who is sitting on their own. On orientation day, I talked to a boy sitting next to me in the Multi-Purpose Hall. He then got the wrong idea and thought that I liked him. After I told him I had a boyfriend, he walked away from me and I haven't heard from him since! My first friend at Taylor's is a girl named Venice. Even though she's doing her Foundation in Communication, we still hang out a lot because we were each others first friends.


After orientation wrapped up a week later, we started classes. I think I was about half an hour early so I sat on my own until my current two amigos, Aslam and Hann, came and sat next to me. We've been friends since day one.


So far, its been pretty hectic. Going to Taylor's is like going to Urbanscapes everyday, it's full of fashionistas and a lot, I mean a lot, of hipsters. There's high waisted pants and wayfarers everywhere you look. The timetables and groupings are always changing. But in a strange way I think that its helped us bond as a class. We're going to be together for three whole years, so we'll be practically family. We help each other out with assignments and hang out just like old friends. The staff are friendly, the students are great. It's a great start to August.
It struck me the other day how lucky I am to be finally pursuing my dream. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't be inspired sitting next to a lake with ducks and fish while drinking at Old Town White Coffee? At the moment, it's difficult to imagine how my life could get any better. It's practically just like the movie I've always dreamed of and I can't wait for the other five semesters! Here's to passing with flying colours and going on to be part of the media!