monosyllabic story

Jack, Liz and the ball - Alvin John ~AJ~

Jack and Liz was on the way to a ball, when they saw a bull named Chris. They asked Chris the way to the ball and he showed them the way but it is not the ball they wanted to go to. Then they met a dwarf named Paul and he brought Jack and Liz to a ball full of dwarfs. The dwarfs are happy that they have new friends at the ball. Jack and Liz was the king and queen of the ball that night and they went home with a big smile on their face.

Die Bob Die - Azrin

There was once a guy name Bob. He like to fool with men. He soon walked to town as it was not hot on that day. Bob met with a man and the man showed him a gun. The man shot bob and bob die of pain. Bob then came back and shot the man.

Sam I am - Arif Lee

Sam went to the mill , to find and kill bill . Bill was at the mill as he was in a thrill to get six hard buns in a bin Sam stood in front of the mill as it was time to kill Bill . His tool of choice was none but an axe. The task was a done deal so Sam had his meal.

The Moon by Shana Shafiza

She's here no more. I loved her. We all did.. and still do to this day. Two years had passed since her death. I won't say her name, but you all can guess. She made films and ads. They were great and we could feel them. They had no clue of how I felt. “You're strong”, a person said. “You're wrong”, I thought. I cried hard like I've not cried in so long. I look at the moon and I think of her. She wrote a poem of it once in her very last film. Can you guess who she is?

Mad About Him - Nur Shahiirah

I was so mad when he said that he is not my love. I felt so stress and the way for me to be less stress is eat.I ate a bowl full of ice cream and i stop think bout it . I am fine now that i get rid of him .

A cat - Kingston Lo

One day , I was on my bike . I saw a cat . The cat is in a box . I took the box and tie it at the back on my bike . I ride my bike home. My mom saw the cat and scream. She hates cats . Then I took the cat back to where I found it . I ride my bike home.

Bob Is Cool - LV

I sit in class next to a red head named Bob. We both sat next to the wall as Ben talked. We were just so bored that we start to play that gamed called "Guess The Name". I lost and Bob won. Ben stopped his talk when he heard Bob's loud cheer.

Eggs - Raznina Alysha

One day I went to the store. My mom made me buy eggs. On the way, I found some keys. I searched for the owner here and there. I gave up and I sent it to the lost and found. I bought some eggs, and walked home. I tripped, and cracked the eggs. Went back and bought some more. The end.

Ice - Sofea Mastan

The day was hot, so I went to the shop to buy an ice. There was no ice so I got a sweet. I went home and I lay on my bed. I was so tired and I took a nap. I left the sweet on the table and an ant ate it up. I burst to tears.

Pip & Dog - Puteri Zelia Athirah

Pip was the name of the girl who lost her dog while she went to the park. She searched for it high and low, but it could not be found. One night, a man came by with a box and left the box in front of her door. The next day, she found the box and flipped the box out. Her dog was found dead in the box.

BOB DIES :D - Vittal

A man walked on a long road which lead to a far place. He had no kin. He has no love. He walks and walks till he gets tired. The man sat down at the side of the road. He wants a drink as he walked for a long time. This is one lame guy. His name is BOB. BOB died cause he had a drink of sex on the beach. Rest in peace BOB :)

The Beach-Tasha Nair-

One day,my mum,dad n I went out to spend some time. We went to the beach. I played with the sand while mum and dad went for a swim. It was a hot day. All three of us got sun tanned but we still had a good time.

Fake film – Kai

When i was a child , my dad used to sing us a song when he is free .
His voice stayed with us till last month , now , all of us stand in front of his tomb .
We tried to hum his songs , but tears stopped us . Rest in peace .

The girl that fell in the arms of another day (stephaniekaren)

There was once a girl that felt she was all alone.she could not feel love.she could not feel happy.her dad ne’r never gave her a hug.her mom never gave her a kiss.and her dog ne’r gave her his bone.she lived in a small box placed on a day as she lost her bread she met a man that made her smile.he had light round his body.light from the sky fell on him. and she knew she could feel love.she knew she was happy. she was fi'ally in the arms of him.

Fake Smile - Swaroopini Nair / Snoopy :D

A girl I know used to smile at me , but the smile I felt was sad . She used it as a mask to hide her hurt but I was not impressed . Her tear was cold as her smile was fake and I used to feel so bad . To see a girl so young and pure feel so deeply hurt at heart . She is happy now as she is not here , she is long gone away . I miss her and her smile , even if it was fake.

Pencil - zikrimarzuki

Between pen and pencil, I prefer a pencil. When I write with a pencil it gives out this significant sound which I find it interesting. It is as if it is a musical instrument that produce a rhythm as I write and enjoy writing with it. Some say you have to be confident to write with a pen but pencil gives me confidence.

A girl - Kasinn L

I am a girl. I mean I was born as a girl. A girl should have long hair but I am short hair. A girl can have short hair or long hair. I do not know what it means so do not ask me what it means. So, bye bye and good luck.

WHAT'S UP BOY! -Hisham Zainal

There is a boy who walked down the street.He was not sure of where he was at.He asked a man for the way home.He then went down to the end of the street.His house was just by the side.In the end,he went back to his house with a smile on his face. :)


One day, as I walk down the street I saw a young boy. He looks scared and i asked him if hes okay but he did not speak a word. He has bruised on him arms and legs and It was bad. He stood up and started to cry. I’ve tried to cheer him up but it did not work.

Risk Is Life - Calvin "with the C" Tan

Tom had live a life , filled with peace and bore. Pain or fear were things from which he hid. Tom lived past the age of friends, but with no risks nor a tale. Still tom met death , safe as he a child born. A mate of old , ask of a tale. Tom had none , for life ne’er was his

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Mad About Him - Nur Shahiirah

I was so mad when he said that he is not my love. I felt so stress and the way for me to be less stress is eat.I ate a bowl full of ice cream and i stop think bout it . I am fine now that i get rid of him .

A very very boring day - Tan J-Shawn

One day I woke up from bed to eat my lunch which was a fried fish and rice,I then fed my dog what I could not eat.When my dog ate all the food on the bowl I went to watch a show at the mall with my friends,when the show had come to an end I went home and slept again.

Mad About Him - Nur Shahiirah

I was so mad when he said that he is not my love. I felt so stress and the way for me to be less stress is eat.I ate a bowl full of ice cream and i stop think bout it . I am fine now that i get rid of him .

FIRST LOVE - Emmanuela C Alessia Mutiara

I had a best friend, since child hood. we were raised together and suddenly, i fall for him. i call it was a first love. first love is something you can not forget the rest of your life. but i don't want this love ruin our friendship. so the best way to stay close with him is by being a friend.

Pissing cat - Syed Haziq Ali

One day, a cat went with me back home. The cat pissed on my pants so I kicked the cat. The cat got mad and bit my leg. I screamed in pain and ran back home. I bet the cat smiled it's way back.

THE DARKEST SECRET-Thuraya KHalid Mbarak

Facing the truth is as hard as breaking a stone with your bear hands. It needs you to be strong and as fit as a fiddle. That I tried although it wasn't easy at all. Should I be honest to myself or should I go on being the shadow of what's expected of me? As much as I try to ease my mind at peace, I can’t seem to get at ease. Sometimes I say ``the world is an unfair place to be living in’’; Beginning with all the tension that makes my head throb…

the floor - adem khaled younes dreed

Its white. Its black. Its full of dots. I love it. It makes me smile. It is weird for me to say that . but I like the floor. It helps us walk. It helps us move from one place to one more place. we can put chairs on top of it. I love the floor.


Last night, I was at the top of the hill. The view was so nice, it was like I could see the whole world. On first thought, he came to my mind. We used to come here all the time back then when we were young. It was our spot. When we are sad or down, we will meet here and share our thoughts and probs. Now, he is gone for long and I miss him so much.

LOST - Shadman Kay Kamal

A long time when I was small I was left in the woods by my old man and I could not find my way home. A few hours went by as the breeze gushed through my face, and I saw a swan in the lake near the woods. It stared at my eyes with such lust and hope and i did not know why. I went to it and fed it some brown bread as it looked quite weak, it smiled and gazed back at me one last time and doved back into the lake. As the day came to a close with the sun at its set, i walked down a stone path where i again met with the duck that ate my bread. Its skin glowed, and in a short time I stood with a fair girl. The girl gave me a guide and showed the way where I can find my Dad, while she went back to her home. As I came to a ditch I found my Dad at last with a smile in his face and teardrops in his eyes.

Box that Glows - The Fool (Qirza)

Box that glows, so fake, so old. I would watch day by day, so bored. To think life would be filled with such fun from a box that glows. News, tunes and life styles, I watch all day and night, to learn and doubt. Box that glows, so fake, so old, so plain, yet so bold.

The New Wife - Hann

The bliss life of one good wife ends when her ‘hubs brought in one more wife to their lives. They stood still in a yacht while her ‘hubs tells his first wife how much he loves his hot new wife. The scene end when the first wife killed the new wife then she leads a good life ‘till the day she die.

F. Aslam :)

There was this girl named F. She has it all; the eyes, the looks, the smile, everything and that one thing that made her stand out from the crowd. One day, she was wearing a white top with a pair of tight black jeans. She walked into a room in which I was in. I was stunned. She caught my eyes with no help at all. I have never taught such thing could walk on two legs. I put a thought in me. I had to know her. We met, we talked, we texted and we called all night long. I told her what I feel by the lake. Her eyes shined. We held hands, we hugged and we kissed. Now, we're in pairs.
She is my second girl but she is my first love. No one can stop us. Our friends would all make fun of us but we just laugh long coz none of them had ever felt this way. She made my day, everyday. Since day-1. My world is not the same no more and she is to blame. I love her.

Brother. ( Faza Maisarah )

I dont know what to say, but it shocked me to death. The time i got the call, tears flows down my cheek. He had died when i was still at school. I got back and saw there he as on my mum's lap. Mum cried to her sleep. Her only son had just left her. Left all of us. I fell on the floor and prayed to God that he went with peace. I lifted mum up to her room and put her to bed. As i looked at her i thought of old times we shared the three of us. All the laughs we had. The smile that was drawn on our face. That was when i sat my goal to make my mum to ne'r see her cry and to draw a smile on her face her whole life.

Hero** by Joyce Mshigeni**

"We can not all be heroes… like, if there was a fire, and I had three kids in there, I do not know which one I would save. You can not save them all; somebody's feelings are definitely going to be hurt. And what if you save the kid that started the fire? Now you're living with an arsonist. That's nothing I want to be involved in."

Spring by Blue Sia ❤

I am at the park and the wind is so strong in such a way that it blows down all the leaves of the old oak tree. Poor tree! There is a full moon on the sky, with stars. It was the end of Feb, bloom and green! I love spring ❤

Prey & Predator (a sad story) by Tham WeiHong.

When i was still a kid, i love to kill. I killed a lot of ants. As i grow up, i kill bees.
As i grow even more, i start to kill bear, i hunt blue whales.
In the end, the blue whales that i have caught eat me up and that is all. haha

Ode to Hamzah ( Saarah Jasmine)

You make me sad, you make me frown,
You make me cry when I am down,
You make me pout, you make me mad,
You make me think that you're just so bad.

But then you crack a joke,
And all my anger goes up in smoke,
My hard drive you fill with movies full,
You wrap me up in cotton wool.

You squeeze my zits and I pinch yours,
We don't think of it as a chore,
You leave me to die on Left 4 Dead,
But you shout "I love you" as you fled.

You make me smile, you make me laugh,
You really are a hoot and a half,
You hold my hand nice and tight,
You make me feel quite alright.

Bob Dead and Gone (Wyman)

There was a guy name call Bob. He like to fool as a men and with the red cap. He walked to road as it was not cold on that day. Bob met the a man call Kai and the man showed him a gun. The man shot bob, bob in pain. Bob then came back and shot the man. And Bob dead and gone.

Trip - yeing

One day , I was on my way for a one day trip with my friends. We got lost and we were scared. We tried to call for help but failed. We drove on and out of no where, we saw an old man by the road, he helped us to find the way out , finally , we got home.

Tears. There are two kinds of tears in this world. One kind is called tears of sadness, the next one is called tears of joy. When you feel sad, and you feel the hurt so deep in your heart, that tears start to roll down your cheeks. On the other hand, when you feel a sense of joy that you can no longer use words to represent, tears start to roll down your cheeks again, but this time it is the tears of joy.

A Ghost - Joshua

One day , i woke up , went to the letter box of my house grab the newspaper from the letter box saw a girl . She was wearing a raincoat but the day is sunny . Funny that she is wet . Can't see properly , thought she is a ghost then ran in house . Drenched with fear and sweat.

My Dog

A Dog I have a dog, it name is Pup. Pup fur is white and brown. Pup is naughty, it like to bite my shoe. It also likes to eat. When I am eating, Pup will come to me, I will give some food to Pup. Pup is a dirty dog, because it does not like to bathe.

About Myself - Kelvin Ng

I am a boy. My last name is Zhern. I have ten toes, two feet, two hands, four limbs, and a head. I love art. I love music and dance as well. I wish to be a good man one day. A good man that can be at his best each day. I have a lot of dreams. And I wish to make my dreams come true one day.

About a friend- Matthew

A good friend is a friend that will be there when you need him or her.when you need help,this is a friend that is hard to find.Each friend should have this friend as their best friend and have more friends like that.Like they say a friend is a friend when you most need them.

You by Sara Halysa

The first day I met you was on the 23rd. You caught my eye. As I walk on by. When I saw your face, my heart feels with joy. You seem nice and thus we be friends that time. As time goes by, my heart told me that this is more than a crush. I was shy to tell you, so i kept it to a down low. No one knows I like you. Not even my best friend. We laughed, we shared, we even said stuff at the same time. I did not gave you hints that I like you. I want you to know by your own. It went on for weeks and weeks, up till one day you had the courage to say it. It was the day that became OUR DAY.

Death by aLhanafi J

I see death here and there. I can't stop it. It haunts me all the time. This so called "gift" is like a curse to me. I hope one day I won't be able see them at all. So I took a fork. I watch the fork as it gets in my eyes. It did no hurt. The pain of able to see them is much more worse. In the end, I can't see them no more. I lost a lot of blood and I feel like it's the end of my life. And so I met death.