Living the life - Azrin Bob

My lens collection, 300mm F2.8, 70-200 F2.8, 24-70 F2.8 and 50mm 1.8(L-R)

Back when we were in primary school. We often write essays and one of the topic given would be “Hobbies”. Often I would think hard on the things to write, as I didn’t have any hobby in particular that I was doing at that time. Looking at my friends having different types of hobbies made me feel left out. I made an effort to try stamp collecting, building models, reading but none of them stayed for long. The longest was probably for 5 months and I finally lost interest. As time goes by, each time I want to try something new, I was told that the new hobby that I was going to try wouldn’t work out in the end.

Since young, I have always enjoyed taking photos. I never thought taking photos, as a hobby would work. Spending hundreds to thousands on a small camera and abandoning it like a white elephant in the end isn’t something every parent wants to see. My dad being a camera enthusiast keeps his entire camera collection from his younger days in a small chest under his bed. There are days where I would sit with him in front of the chest and we would go through all his film cameras. I found one particular film camera that instantly caught my eye. I took it out of its case, gave it a blow and boy I was happy. I could still smell the camera as if it just got out from the manufacturing factory 20 years ago. So I loaded the camera up with film and started snapping. During the film age, I would always plan before clicking the shutter button. In a roll of film, you can only take about 30 photos and after that you have to change to a new roll. There is no way of looking at how the photos turned out after snapping. All you can do is just send to the local camera shop and ask them to process your roll of film. I will feel excited each time I collect my album and processed roll from the camera shop.

Super GT 2011 Event, Zouk KL

About 2 years ago, I started taking photos more seriously. From that small little film camera, I upgraded to a small digital compact and finally got myself a new digital SLR which was a Canon EOS 1000D after years of saving. Digital SLR (DSLR) is the type of cameras used by most professionals today. I started snapping on a weekly affair and joined forums so I could learn more from other photography enthusiast and professionals. I never attended any classes and my only source of information was the web, youtube and forums. Most of the time it was a trial and error process when trying to get a specific look on a photo. As months goes by, I managed to pick up 1200 ringgit of cash from Wrigleys photography contest. From that onwards, I knew with effort, I can go even further. Soon I upgraded my 1000D into a Canon 40D then a 7D and just 4 months ago I upgraded again to a Nikon D3s. Changing 3 different cameras in a span of 1 year might be crazy for some but it is the passion.

Burgers anyone?

Most of the time nowadays, I will be out covering events in the KL scene like event product launches and concerts. There are times my concert photo would be on the newspaper or magazine. On alternate weekends, my photography buddies would always hang out at the local coffee shop and we would just have a chat while indulging on some ted tarik. For now, I will keep photography as a hobby and hopefully in the next few years, I will be able to go pro.

I'm a Lover not a Fighter - Arif Lee

Can I start by saying that I'm not going be talking about kickboxing . So don't stop reading this post , just cause you think I'll be doing so .

Since I was eight I loved imitating people who sing , no matter the source ( the television or the radio) . I also had a knack for it , after hearing it one time , I would sing in the best octave that suited me . Being a kid , I always thought it was natural for someone to be able to do so , little did I know that most people didn’t have the ability to do so . So , I found out sometime during form one (yeah I know it took a long time to actually come out of my shell) that people thought I could sing . To me no matter who you are , I believe that there’s a singer inside each and everyone of us . Whether it may be in the shower , in the car or even on a stage .

During my standard four primary year , I decided on trying out for the choir team . Even though , I wasn’t in the spotlight , I was content that I had a place to showcase my talent . Before this it was usually in the shower or on the couch while humming & mumbling the little lyrics I knew. We practiced for eight weeks and these words still replay over my head “We came in eighth because we practiced eight weeks . Next time we’ll practice only one week and we’ll come in first” I loved her humour & dedication but I don’t recall her name . No excuses though , I still loved the times I had practicing with my choir mates and all the hours we put in . An experience I wouldn’t give up if I had the choice .

My individual performing journey started finally when one day , my secondary school class mate ( Faheem Amir ) and I were just jamming to the song “Creep” by Radiohead . We picked up our guitars & just started playing . Somehow rather I started singing the song . Our classmates grouped around us and started watching us . That was my first time actually singing in front of people . I was absolutely surprised when some of my friends told me I could sing . Shell-shocked to get compliments on my voice , I started asking my other friends what they thought of my voice . Positive feedback ensued and I knew I had something .
Without much thought , three years passed by with me envying every moment someone stepped on stage and performed . As again , I only joined the choir team .

We only performed for school events but still I loved what I was doing . Form four came and I became a prefect . This was my chance and I took it . You see , every year prefects have their own camp . To build confidence and teamwork within the organization . One of the many activities we participate in is “Talent Night” . We’re separated into groups and are told to perform a musical . I volunteered to do the singing and how’d you know , the song I had to sing was “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You” The irony was something you could smack your face and say “AIYA” . I got up on stage feeling so alone and stuttered my introduction which was “I really hope I don’t ruin this for everyone , this is my first time singing on stage” . A tight knit family as I soon found out , they all cheered me on . Flooded with confidence I started my first verse and before you knew it , I was done . Applause , cheers and even a standing ovation .

I smiled & the rest of the story is for you to find out ;)

Check this out if you want to see me in action

WOOO :D - Kingston Lo

Gaming….where you release all your hardcore tension into your PC or consoles (Evil me :p). That’s where it all started. I started gaming when I was around 8 years old. My dad bought me my first ever Nintendo Gameboy. I was like “OMG!@#$%^&* A GAMEBOY!!!!!!!!!” I remember when the game Pokemon was a hit. Grinding all 150 Pokemon to level 99. Gotta catch em all. Good times. Nowadays I play all kinds of games. From Action RPG to Real-Time Strategy and First Person Shooter games. Basiclly everything. Some of y’all might think that I’m just a lifeless dude, but noooo! I have a life. I hang out with my family and friends. I just play games when I have the free time. So I’m not a Hardcore gamer but not a casual gamer. I’m just in between. Here are some of the gaming consoles (rigs) that I own.


Da Collections: Gameboy Advance SP, The Sony Playstation One, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 3.

Other than Gaming Consoles, I'ved played PC games and online gaming like, World of Warcraft, DotA, League of Legends, Call of Duty and blah blah blah. If I list down I guess I will fall asleep while typing a long list of games that I played.


This is my Alienware M14x. I use this to play most of my PC games. No Spike, No lags, No delay. The perfect gaming laptop.


Some of the PC games I'ved played. By the way, I already quitted World of Wacraft. I just cant handle the monthly fees. And i dont wanna have imsonia while grinding Levels non stop without sleep. Played 2 days straight without enough sleep just for some stupid quest. Overall gaming is very fun. With time management you can play games and study. Its all about time management. Just don't get addicted thats all. Control yourself.

Other than gaming I would love to spin some tracks in the club. When I first went into a club, the DJ's were spinning like there is no tomorrow and is very fun to watch them mix and scratch with the turntables and DJ sets depending on thier style of music. and the atmosphere in the club where you would just continue to spin till there is no tomorrow. Not a healthy job but thats what I would love to do when I grow older. Peace Out

Channel 131 - Izzhar Hann

Hey fellow Masscommites!

As for this week, I will be talking about things that I love to, things that intrigued me the most, stuff that I spent most of my times with. Well as for other people, they must have their own hobbies either doing things indoor or outdoor. While some enjoy doing extreme activities while the other love to stay home. Well as for me, I love to go out exploring new places and meeting new people or trying new things but grievously, I found it hard to find someone who willing to go along with it *yet. In the other hand, I always occupy myself doing things that love the most which is… Watching my favorite TV SHOWS!

I know it sounds random and plenty of people must say everybody does that, how could it be special? But to me, I’m kind of addicted watching all these TV shows. It never failed to put a smile on my face and I don’t mind watching the same show again and again. To be really really honest, I only watch all the TV series from The US. It’s not like I disparaged the TV shows in Malaysia but let’s be real, TV shows in US offered us an extremely good qualities of storyline better than any other country. They always came up with something different and yes, there isn’t really a strict censorship line that they must follow which keep their story even more tastier.

Alright let’s get in to the topic. My utmost favorite TV show that I’ve been watching since I was in Standard 4 is no other than Desperate Housewives. LOL! I know it sounds weird but to me personally, I really think Desperate Housewives has taught me to be a better person (not sexually) but for those who had watched it from the first season must knew and learned something from each and every character. For every episode, it will starts and ends with a narration by the narrator that uttered some good advice on how we should lead our life or to guide us in the sense of which type of people we should be with and which we must avoid and what not. The show is basically about 5 housewives (used to be, still be and will be) Bree, Susan, Gabrielle, Lynette and Renee that aren’t really that desperate. The thing that piqued me the most is how they cope up with their lives when they faced problems and trying to solve it in many kind of ways. The show will come to an end (season 8) next year after 8 years of pushing limits (read: the fact that the housewives are getting older.)



Another TV show that I’ve been possessed to is Gossip Girl.( I know people are starting to think “What’s up with this guy watching all these women’s TV shows?”) but let me tell you brother, you MUST watch it and fully understand how the story goes in order to treat your girl right. As for Gossip Girl, for those who have watched it must know how brilliant the dialogues are. The main reason why I watch this particular TV show is because I want to learn how to become a better comrade to my friends. I wanted to know how friendship actually works. How to make your friends feel comfortable with you. Well, for those who have watched it before must know what I’m talking about. It’s a story about 7 friends or should I say enemies ; Serena Van der Woodsen, Blair Waldoft, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Jenny Humphrey and Vanessa Abrams. They lead their lives as normal teenagers like we are but the thing that differ us from them is how rich these kids are. I enjoy watching how the director make each character so alive and unique until I can adapt some of those techniques in real live. The upcoming season premiers on 26th September and yes, I won’t miss it!


Gossip Girl (dont' judge okay. LOL!)

On top of that, I am also a Gleek! I love watching Glee because high school stories or student’s conflicts never fail to entertain me. Glee taught me to be myself and don’t give a zilch on what other people have to say about you. The characters in Glee really reflect how I used to be before. I am genuinely used to be super silent and now I’m different and tend to become a bubbly person and I love it! Furthermore, I’m also a fan of How I Met Your Mother, House and Supernatural. Alright, I guess I’ve said enough on how I spend my time the most. Haha, I know how stodgy my life is. Till then, I will be writing again next week on a different topic. Thanks for reading!
P/S: Selamat Hari Raya, people!


I'm a true Gleek!




Supernatural & House.

It Just Makes Me Happy! - Sofea Mastan

I don’t really have a particular favourite thing to do until three years ago, when a friend of mine sign me up for my school netball team, I have no interest of playing netball and how to play it all but I keep on coming for practise and I keep on questioning myself Why do i keep on going for practise? I remember my coach first question to me, ‘’ Sofea, what position do you play? ‘’ and I was so clueless. So, my coach just randomly gave me a position. I played Goal Shooter for two years and i finally realized how much i love netball, I have to play it. It’s like a drug to me after a few weeks playing netball.

I am so excited every time there is a netball practise, it’s the only thing that i do for fun and because no one ask me too. As I started playing netball and I like it more and more. I become more serious in it. I become interested in competition and so on. So, i started signing my name and i start competing, at first it’s just around Malaysia I compete again school like Garden International School, Alice Smith School, Mutiara Grammar School and also Local Schools. Its great every match taught me a lot and also form new bond of friendship.

Playing Netball makes me happy; whenever i am not in the mood it will automatically change me when I’m on the court. Just like some people love to sing, write or just chilling around. I just love it when I’m around the court shooting hoops and just shooting hoops. It’s fun and exciting, my teammate is all very cool and energetic, we are all so close and we taught each other a lot. After two years playing netball locally, we start playing internationally. We compete against the international school of Hong Kong, French international School, United World College Singapore, and Others. I have to admit Competing with United World College Singapore was challenging, they are so good and very fast as well but they made us learn new skills. I remember after the competition we sat down and talk about how to score more. The competition was two days long and we had a road trip from Malaysia to Singapore as the competition was held in Singapore. Netball just make me feel so alive and it gives me confident. I just like it because it is so much fun.


My Awesome Teammate :)




Game On!




Match Against the Staff :)


A guy once asked me, “What do you do for fun, Aslam?” Easy question comes with an easy answer. I do what I like, and I like what I do. So what is it that I like doing?

For that question, it needs a little bit (not really) of elaboration. I do have this thing called “hobby” where you just spend your free time doing the same thing that you find interesting while others don’t. Hobbies can range from just sitting in your room taking off the stamp off old letter and arranging them into specific date or journal and ending up making love to your pillow to bungee jumping off the twin tower butt naked (Yes, butt naked!) which could result of you being front page news. I am more into that jumping off the twin tower butt naked hobby kinda guy.

We’ve got what kind of hobby you are into, Aslam. What is your hobby exactly? I am a very outgoing person, so I do enjoy being outside most of the time. Alone or with a friend, its equal amounts of fun. I am very open to anything fun and extreme. Whether it is climbing up to the peak of the Broga hills at dusk just watch the sunrise on time or shooting paintball, I would go for it anytime.

Like I said, I am outgoing. Being outgoing myself, I love going on road trip with myself or on a convoy with friends and family. I don’t care if its near or far, hot or cold. Even in the scorching heat of the sun or in the blistering rain. As long as I have my tools; the car, few greens in my wallet and my lucky boxer shorts. I am off. Note that we don’t bring maps on road trip. I would just venture my way across Malaysia using the old winding pothole’s roads, with nature all around you with the windows down low and the music up top. Whether it is just a stroll down the beautifully light up and congested city of Kuala Lumpur or driving into the unknown with no clue of what we’re getting ourselves into, I’d still enjoy being behind the wheel. One of the many places that I have been to so far is driving up to Pangkor and Penang with my friends. I haven’t been to many places much since I don’t have my own car. It is impossible to take the family car for a trip as mum would let me to drive around Kuala Lumpur only. Her car is her baby. Sadly true. Therefore, once I have my own car in the future, I’d travel through the peninsular of Malaysia non-stop and maybe even one day, travel the whole world with a car.

Other than being on the road, I do enjoy a loud night out with friends. Yeah, I said it. Loud. We would gather our friends whom we last met since primary to we just met yesterday to hang out or so called lepak by the local mamak stall. Others would eat. Some just want to get away from their cranky wife at home. And even for a little drink by midnight. Usually, my mates would catch up on each other or watching our favorite football team on tv while sipping our glass of teh tarik and puffing out sweet scent of flavored tobacco yet deadly shisha smoke. The smoke fills the air full of noise of people chit chatting. Basically mamak stall is every Malaysians second home. I don’t know about you guys but I considered lepak and catching up with friends is one of my hobbies too.

Hobbies are great. It fills in empty day to day schedule with things you like to do. Road trip and hanging out with friends by the mamak is my hobbies to say the least. I am still in the growing process of becoming a man. Maybe someday, I’ll find a new hobby to be listed in my other hobbies.

"Do what you love or die unhappy." - Tan Lin Vin (LV)

Using yet another quote for my title, this time it’s by M. Shadows, lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of American metal band, Avenged Sevenfold. They may or may not be relevant to this blog post. Oh you know, because I like being random.

The word “hobby” is such a general term. Suppose it’s something you love doing, something you would never get bored doing, something you do to pass the time, something you do because… well, because you love doing it. To me, “hobbies” exist because it inspires me.

I watch plenty of television (this is an understatement). Ranging from movies to tv series to CNN to the occasional documentaries (bar the boring ones of course). But most of all, I watch sports. Lots of sports. Football, tennis and Formula 1 in that order. And television, despite what adults are saying these days, is a great source of inspiration.


I used to Photoshop a lot too. No, not those “photoshopping your own photos to make you look like you’re gorgeous and fake”. None of that. I Photoshop because it is yet another inspiring activity I like doing in my spare time. Below is an example.


But everyone loves watching tv, reading books, playing video games, doing sports, baking, cooking, shopping… I love all of those stuff too but would they top my list? No.

Because if there was one thing I’d never grow out of, get tired of or get bored of, it would this: Talking to my dad.

Nothing beats talking to my dad. So much laughter, so many jokes, so much fun. My dad is such an easy person to talk to. I’ve always been able to open up to him, tell him things I can’t tell my mother or my best friends. I can tell him lame jokes and not get embarrassed. My dad is a great listener, a fantastic audience. And that’s exactly why I love talking to him and it is far better than any other hobbies I’ve fostered in all my 18 years of life. Because talking to him, telling him stuff about school, my classmates, my secrets… comes as easily as learning my first word when I was 10 months old. Funnily too, the first word I ever said (that made perfect sense) was “Pa” which is what I call my dad. And he is, without a doubt, the most inspiring person in my life. Sometimes when a decision becomes too difficult or too complicated to make, he’d be the one to push me in the “right” direction. He’d be the first person to understand my dreams, to accept what I want to become and to support me in whatever it is I plan to pursue. He’d be the one to laugh at me when I tore his car bumper off the first time I got on the road. He’d be the first one to disagree with me on all things football. He’d be the one who will mock me in shock horror when I tell him I want to have Steven Gerrard’s babies. He’d the one who tells me that it’s okay to be average. He’d be the one who is okay with me not being “the best” or “the most intelligent” because, I quote him, “at the end of the day, all that matters is how successful and rich you are in life.” He’d be the first person I’d go to for advice. But above all, he’d be the one who buys me my never-ending supply of Nutella.

Not to stray too far from the topic, simply put… talking to my dad is definitely my most favourite hobby of all (grammatically incorrect there but just for emphasis, it will have to do).

P.S. My dad inspired this blog post.

Image sources: Images were saved some time ago, so specific sources are unknown. Sorry, Dr Bene!

The Strings - Su Jin

Back then, I never really had a particular hobby but now, playing the guitar is my passion. All these started a few years back, during the growing bubble of YouTube, that was when I discovered that there were actually so many people with extraordinary talents on the internet. Everyone from everywhere is emerging with good minds to collaboration of music instruments and good voices. That was when i really got inspired. I learned to appreciate good music. During my free time, I would be on the web seeing, listening to songs and covers on YouTube. I got motivated to learn at least one music instrument. After nagging my dad for a few whole months, I finally persuaded him to get me my very first Yamaha acoustic guitar, which is my very first baby, which is also what I'm still using now :D I then spent most of my time on YouTube, watching short clips and tutorial videos taken by people who was generous enough to share with everyone some simple step-by-step guitar lessons. With good encouragements from my parents, I then started taking up proper lessons. Ever since, I got motivated more and more each time I learn a new song. I make time for guitar practice every single day. But around a month before my SPM, i stopped my guitar lessons as I wanted to concentrate on my studies and THAT WAS A BAD BAD CHOICE LOL. I continued my lessons 3 months later and realized that I've forgotten most of the songs I've learned in the past cause I don't read notes and I play all my songs through mind. Was extremely frustrated, it was as though my effort were all thrown away just like that, i almost stopped guitar lessons as I actually felt that I was wasting my parent's money. However, with advices from my teacher and friends, I made up my mind and did not give up, practiced twice as hard and finally got back on track. I'm still trying to improve myself day by day and I hope to be a professional guitarist one day.


I've been 'guitaring' for almost 3 years now and I just started teaching my very first student 2 months ago at my teacher's music centre. Sounds like a pro aight? HOHOHO Honestly, i still SUCK and I don't think that I'm qualified to be a teacher yet as I'm learning guitar free-style, as in I don't take exams and like I said, I do NOT know how to read notes. All thanks to my guitar teacher that had always been supporting and motivating me since day 1. He gave me lots of opportunities, like teaching and also singing in cafes for example. My teacher is also a cafe singer. I don't really have a good voice but I really enjoy singing. I've always admired cafe singers and secretly hoped to be one as a part time job in the future but I've never believed in myself, I wouldn't dare to sing in front of people. My teacher really talked and persuaded me to finally had the courage to sing on stage for my very first time and now, I sing in cafes once in a while with his guidance. I still panic very easily though, it's like i have stage phobia or something LOL, even till today. I really enjoy music and I want to have a part time job that has something to do with music in the future no matter what I do or where I go.

My teacher also allowed me to play around in his recording studio sometimes. When you record, you'll notice your weakness and you'd naturally wanna improve yourself :) I'll maybe post up videos of covers or me guitaring soon, MAYBE. XD I'll share with everyone if I do :)


One last thing, speaking about 'guitaring', how can I NOT mention this very person that has a great influence on my guitar playing, specifically guitar playing. He's my biggest inspiration and the reason why I'm playing the guitar today.


Sungha Jung, a professional finger-style guitarist from Korea that uploads videos of himself playing the guitar on YouTube. He started posting videos up at only the age of 10, if not mistaken and had already inspired hundred and thousands of people around the world. Sungha used to play songs arranged by professionals. Now, he arranges himself and also had composed a couple of his original songs. He has over 400 videos on YouTube now. He's only 15 years old today and his channel has already over 14 million views. He has also won 13 awards on YouTube. What else can I say? A young legend, an icon, a guitar God to me.

For those who had never heard of him, this is his YouTube channel :)

So yeah, that's basically all. For my opinion, the guitar is one of the best and easiest instrument to pick up. Something I've learned through out this 3 years for guitaring is 3 words, be BOLD, CREATIVE and DETERMINED. Never give up on what you love. I'm passionate about what I do and what I believe in. I will not stop playing the guitar and I hope to inspire people in the future :)

Prima Notte & Red - The Fool (Qirza)

They’re not perfect, but they’re always there when I need them. They sing to me when the world just seems too silent. Her slender brown neck has a certain flaw that gets in the way when she sings, but she tries her best despite it. She occasionally tries too hard though, but I let her rest when necessary. Prima Notte (First Night in Italian) is my occasional muse when music starts to build up within me. Red does her part as well when the time comes by amplifying my music, but very rarely have I use her. Who I am talking about, you may ask, are two very unique ladies in my life and I know how sad that sounds, but it’s true. Of course, naming unanimated objects is still just as sad. They’re both guitars. Ain’t that a long introduction to my hobby? I play guitar. Maybe a simple statement like that would have made it easier to understand than this long, round-about paragraph about my guitar. Now for how it all started. But first, let me introduce you guys to Prima Notte and Red. One of these girls you might recognize.





You see, when I was but a wee child, I have always been inspired to play guitar cause of my brothers. Now how my brothers started playing guitar was because my dad had an old guitar that he never played in a while, so my 2nd brother took up the instrument and started jamming to it since. My third brother followed and I as well later on. But I never did learn it properly till I moved back to Malaysia. The first song I ever learn was a song from a favorite game of mine, “The Legendary Theme”. Lovely song, very difficult to execute. Still trying has not mastered it to this day. The second song I learned was from an anime, “Moon on the water” by The Beat Crusaders. Also a lovely song. Still haven’t mastered it properly. Now you might have picked up about the second hobby of mine. Yes, I am a gamer and an otaku (slang for nerds or geeks who loves watching anime and reading manga – Japanese comics). But now I’m going completely off topic.

Playing guitar is something then calms me down when things just get too complicated or when I’m just plain bored. I enjoy playing guitar and making music. It helps me release stress and as well as create ideas or music. Forgive my cheesiness, but it helps me express my emotions. Without them, I would be a very boring person. Like totally boring. Like, waiting for the paint to dry boring. Well, you get what I mean. I dream of one day, maybe, I get to play in front of a huge crowd, playing my songs and touring. But for now, sticking to reality, I’ll just play for myself or friends.
Well that’s about it. Oh, and about where I bought Prima Notte and Red. Prima Notte was brought from a music shop at Sungai Wang called Chambers Music and Red was given to me from a very close friend of mine.
So that’s all to it then. The Fool signing OFF!!

A Piece Of Wood With Four Wheels by Hisham Zainal

Skateboarding.I started skating when I was 14 years old.I bought myself a board and just started skating.And ever since then i just never stop.Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody.Everyone look at it at a different perspective.Some people skate just to channel their anger into something constructive while some skate just to have a great time.

Me? I love skateboarding because its FUN! Just cruising around on the board,hearing the sound of your wheels,doing tricks and landing them.It's not always fun in skateboarding.Sometimes you don't land your trick or you don't land it perfectly and that can lead to frustration and anger.And you'd be cursing and throwing your board here and there.Well,it happens.I guess it's just one of those days.But landing a trick that you've tried for a long time gives you a full satisfaction.And that satisfaction gives you more confident and pushes you to skate better.From skateboarding I learnt that you should never give up easily.I mean if you fail you just get up and try again.

To me skateboarding isn't just a sport.It's like an art.You use your creativity to skate.Even if you're travelling abroad,from a skaters point of view, you'd just be searching for spots that are skate-able.Skateboarding is indeed a dangerous sport.Jumping off a flight of stairs or grinding down the handrail.Yes you can get hurt badly.The worse injury I got was when I tore a ligament in my heel.But that never stopped me from skating.

Let's look at the bright side of skateboarding.You get to meet new people and make new friends.You don't need to speak a certain language to skate.It doesn't matter if you have different ethnicity,black or white cause skateboarding is international.At the skatepark,if you get hurt,skaters will seek if you're alright.They lookout for you.They are as though a family.

Here's some footy.Quite old I guess.Old camera too,explains the quality. :D

Skateboarding also led me to make videos.I started of making videos then i moved to filming events,corporate videos and such.Every now and then I get invites to cover on the events.I manage this 'you can say a production' called filmallday.
Check it!Like it! :D


filmallday promo


The skateboard pushed me to the camera, camera allowed me to be a part of everything and more.-filmallday

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90 Minutes on the Pitch - Syed Haziq Ali

It's my 2nd home




The picture is just something I took off the internet. But look at the football pitch, beautiful isn't it? Every time I step on the pitch, it feels like I'm truly alive. I don't mean to be cliche or anything but, the pitch gives me a new breath. It's constantly on my mind every single day. I LIVE football! Oh, and my favorite team: Manchester United! Oh yeaaah!

Manchester United, always.

I think I developed the liking for football from way back when I was about eight years old. It started during my Physical Education at school. It was quite nerve-wrecking at first, then a few moments passed and suddenly I was having fun. More fun than I’ve ever had since I don’t know when. So after school, I went home and asked my dad to buy me a pair of football boots and a ball. So he got up from the couch, and brought me straight to a sports shop. I could only imagine the excitement my dad had when he brought me there. I remember it all clearly. At the time I didn’t know that my dad was an ex-football player who represented Petronas back when I wasn’t even born yet. Yes I know it’s a long time, haha.

My babies

I trained and played almost everyday with friends and learned a lot like lob passes, through passes and all those things. I think I got serious about playing football when I was at the age of 13, in middle school. I tried out for the school team’s under 15 league. And guess what? I got picked out of the lot that tried out. A lot of my friends wanted me to play for the team because I usually play with them almost every afternoon. I was to play as a midfielder, it’s the one who plays at the center of the pitch. It was kind of hard for me as I was the only 13 year old to play as a midfielder for the school team. It’s hard to play center field as it’s one of the most crucial position in football. I had to be a playmaker and believe me, I was yelled at quite a lot by the coach. But I never stopped training and listened to him and my teammates and try to improve myself.

My first match was the thing that changed my perception of playing serious football. We had to focus completely on the game. I think I did the most mistakes out of all my teammates. I lost possession of the ball quite a lot but I did score one. The final score you ask? We were thrashed 5 – 2 by Victoria Institute. And as usual, I got yelled at. I didn’t complain as it was my fault. I spent the next few matches watching the team from the sidelines as I went on the pitch as just a substitute. Finally against SMK Maluri in the semifinals, the coach gave me another chance to prove myself. I started for the match along with my teammates. I did very well actually, scored two. Can’t believe it right? we won 3-0. Everyone cheered and patted me on my back saying “Yeah, Haziq is back to his old self again!” A few days later, we were in the finals. I forgot who we played against. All I remember is that it was quite a fast-paced match. I don't remember a lot about the match but in the end, the scoreline was 3-2. We lost.

Those were the experiences that made me appreciate football. The confidence needed to even play, the excitement of goal scoring, the sorrow of losing, the feeling of winning an important match and so on. From then on, I feel alive and refreshed again when I step on the pitch, knowing that I can really play, all I need is confidence and just have fun.

PHOTO ADDICT! ( Emmanuela C Alessia Mutiara )

i don't know why i just can't say STOP to a photo shoot. lol.


Formerly, I’ve always had different answers when someone asks “What’s your hobby?” i don’t get what is my hobby. Is it something that i usually do? Like eating, sleeping, showering, breathing? As time goes by, i through my puberty time, i start to know what hobby is like. Something non-routine, which is i love to do, and finally i found it. Yap! PHOTO SHOOT!

But i’m going nervous, especially when the “photographer” is someone i never knew before. I have a few friends; they always want me to be their “Accidental Model”. Sometimes people also ask me to be their model for clothes, shoes, and accessories for their online website shops. Overall, me and my friends used to hang out and look for a good spot then had a photo session. Sometimes photo shoot is drug to overcome my bored-ness. When i don’t know what to do. I can even take more than 150 pictures of my self with ‘Self-Timer’ mode. Hahaha. Some say “Yeah you are the photo freak, girl!” and they keep teasing me every time they see my pictures. Well, don’t be surprise! We have our own way to wreak the bored-ness, right? ;)


Futsal is what I do best - Tan J-Shawn

People always ask me the question “Why do I love futsal so much?” well I always tell them that it didn’t start with futsal.My dad first thought me how to play football when I was 3 I think?and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to be good in football in that sport and one day represent my country for it.When I was 14 futsal became extremely popular in Malaysia and my friend invited me to play it in an indoor sport in Klang,when I first went I played it like it was football and after a few times of playing that game I realized that it wasn’t the same game as football and I became even more fond of it.When I was 15 a futsal coach for a team came to me and asked me to join his team and he would teach me how to really play futsal and all the tactics to it.I decided to join and I realized there were a lot of formation and different to football and if I ever start explaining it here it you guys would be totally lost.A fter a year the team was disbaned but I still continued playing tournaments and put what I learnt to good use.I changed my dream of playing football for the country to playing futsal for the country.I was out for 5 months because I suffered a injury to my knee and a injury to the knee is actually one of the worst injury you can face in futsal.When I consulted the doctor he asked me to stop playing because it might affect my knee even more but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream and I rested for 5 months and continued playing haha,but I have to wear a knee guard everytime I play now.I play futsal at least 3-4 times a week and before I started my course every evening I would go to the futsal court to jog and train by myself.Just last week I was invited by my friends from the Monash futsal team to play against the Taylors team and after that game the Taylors futsal club president asked me to play for his team for an upcoming tournament in Taylors,even though I’m kind of far from the Malaysian futsal team’s standard but I’m still trying to make it into that team.I’m 18 now and I still haven’t given up on my dream and to all those who think their dreams are impossible to reach,do not give up on it and just continue pursuing it.

My weapons of choice :)
Where I spend my free time.
My Teammates for my old team.I still meet up with them to play once in awhile.
Me after my game just a few days ago against the Taylors team

skate boarding - Adem Khaled Younes Dreed

6088877940_599f4a64ea_m.jpg 6088877978_183c4589b4_m.jpg

This is my skateboard. I had this skate board since I was 11 years old. The wheels are gone because of an incident I had with a skateboard when I was 13.

One day my friend by the name of Julian came over to invite me and skate with him. But unfortunately on that day I didn’t study and didn’t finish my homework. For sure my mom wouldn’t let me go out now. But what the hell I thought I will give it a shot .I took a deep breath, put a smile on my face and nicely ask “ mom can I go …” before I could finish my sentence she said “NO!”. Anyway I really didn’t give much attention to the “no”. It’s not that I don’t care about what she says .But at that time skating was my life. Is something you have to do everyday just to know you still got it. So I just came up with a lie. Told her I had to get a book from the shops .

Arrived at the skate park and took the first skate. And everything was going great until my friend showed me an awesome trick that he recently learned. It was pretty hard but very cool .the trick was, in the skate park there was a ramp that was horizontally slanting upright in a straight position. I had to stop in the middle and make a 180 degree spin .

I took my board and tried it out .the first 10 attempts was a fail but I almost got it. So I tried it again and again and again and I almost did it right. Julian decided to show me the trick once more time and so I did. After looking at him, I analyzed the move and finally nailed it. It wasn’t a great deal but to me it feels great. As I was about to go home I said to myself “what could go wrong now? “. Well I take it back .right before walking home I tried it again so I ran to the skate ramp and took my final skate. The first two skate down the ramp when perfectly when I told myself this was the final one I bend down on the board and when really fast. When I was about to do the trick I slipped and fell face first on the cement floor and broke all 4 of my new front teeth. It was really painful. I felt a really numbness on my teeth so I put my tongue on it and felt a large amount of pain. I placed my hand on my mount and there was quite a lot of blood. My nerve was sticking out. Luckily there were people there to help me. Sometime I use to laugh at my dad when he tells me to put on my helmet. I keep telling him his so old. Well I guess he was right. When I reached home my mom really didn’t punish me seeing I in pain was good enough punishment for lying to here. My dad was laughing at me a keep telling me how he was right.

Anyway despite all that I still love skate boarding. It was the only activity that I actually pushed forward too. But despite everything I would suggest to anyone wanting to do skateboarding is to try not to be too confident and don’t rush into things. Take time into doing something you love.anyway I’m hoping in future ill do a lot of great things. Like bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving and many more. For now only time can tell. And with that if you are reading this thank you and selamat hair ray to all my friends. Hope everyone has a great time.



highlights of my day - Saarah Jasmine

Truth be told, I don't have any hobbies. I've tried to fit in through the years and list my pasttimes as stamp collecting and flower arranging. But that was never really true. I never learned how to play the guitar, I'm not particularly into sports and I definitely don't have a passion for taking pictures. There's nothing in particular that I do in my spare time except surf the Internet ( I don't think I'm the only one guilty of this ) and sleep. Yes, I lead quite a boring and mundane life.

I do however, have interests. I love fashion. Some people only like it because they're brand crazy and carrying a quilted Chanel bag makes you the epitome of cool. To me, however, it goes much deeper than that. I think sometimes people forget to take into consideration that the designs they are wearing are someone's brain child, someone's baby. The things that people wear in every colour imaginable represent thousands of jobs and millions of dollars. I love the dreamy, romantic designs of Monique Lhuillier and the intricate yet eloquent creations of Worth. Fashion is about breaking boundaries and going beyond the norm. It's about designing with your heart and dreaming up every possible style imaginable in every different material ever created in every shape, size and form. It's about speaking with mind with the things that you create, and allowing them to speak to other people as well. Everything you create of dream up is your definition of beauty being eternalized for everyone else to see.


I don't take fashion lightly.

What else? I read 9gag everyday. I can't get enough of Subway, and I'd walk through fire to get a caramel frappuccino. I read at least two books every week and when it's sunny outside, I sit on the bench outside my house. I can't really understand how people avoid being in the sun because they're scared of their skin going dark. I have downloaded every horror and thriller movie ever made and I prefer listening to old tunes from the 70's and 80's, back when songs actually had meaning and not every lyric was about how much "I want to have sex with you". I love the concept of mythology. It is, quite simply, beautiful. I like riding the bus because I get to see different people going about their everyday activities. I enjoy reading body language. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they sit, or how their hands and crossed. You can tell if a girl is into a guy by if she leans forward towards him or she has her body turned away from him.

There are a million and one other things that I will discover about myself as I grow older. It is impossible to list them all down now because there are parts of myself that simply haven't been discovered yet. I guess one day I'll eventually find something I can do as a pastime that isn't so vague but at the same time interests other people. But for now, I'm just happy browsing and people watching.

Love love love (Puteri Zelia Athirah)

I don’t have much hobbies in particular, but I do have a lot more interests.

I have chosen photography as my hobby. I have always had a thing for cameras and how high a quality of a photo really is ever since I was 11 years old. My parents have always told me that I got this hobby from both my grandfathers. Both my grandfathers have a really high passion for photography and I have to say their photos are rather amazing.

For interests, I am much of an outdoor person compared to being an indoor person. I’ve always been into skateboarding, bungee jumping, go karting and rollerblading. But I never got the chance to do so :( But when the opportunity comes up, I will definitely go for it!

Oh, another hobby of mine is singing. But only to myself. Only my really close friends would know. But since this is for assignment, I'll give it a go :)

[URL=]View My Video[/URL]

Plain and simple, guys. hahaha. Was too lazy to find the karaoke and what not :)

fun stuffs that make up my hobbies (Thuraya Khlaid Mbarak).

There just some stuffs that take much of our attention than we could realize. What I love to do is combined in adventure, fun, exciting, and entertaining category of hobbies. So what I do for fun is…. well I just hang out with my friends, going to the movies or play PS 3 with my bro. I just love playing play station especially NBA street I would always pick that game coz I always bit him to it and he does the same especially in Taken5 I’m nat a gamer but I just enjoy it. I also like working with PCs, like Photoshop editing, or graphic designing. Most of the time when I get bored I just edit pictures and post em in face book.
The rest of what I do are stuffs like partying, sleep overs, dancing, swimming, playing basketball, drawing. In short I just love having fun…

I also love fashion and designing, ever since i was little that was my thing. coz i always used to see people around me looking so elegant and funky when i came to realise that it was fashion it took me a lot of time to figure it out.

Car racing is by far the coolest…stuffs like rally..oh thats also fun.. ok i could never dear try it but i just like going to watch cars racing.. i mean i just find it cool, the drifting and all that…thats just amazing but scary too; The way they do it is just wow and omg coz when they drift it looks like the car is about to over turn or flip. Like when i watched Tokyo drift, the movie realy moved me that I wished of trying it…but to come to think of it, heck i would never.

This makes me who I am…

I'm not going to go on about the usual hobbies like dancing and singing that nearly everyone does or at least attempts to perform . My hobby isn't something so extreme either like bugee jumping of the Niagara Falls with my eyes blindfolded . It's simple and some people even say it's not a real hobby or interest but what can I say , its what im best at . Talking….
Yes , it is possible for talking to be a hobby AND an Interest. You see there are many ways in which a person can use their words and a wise man can use his words alone to achieve all he needs. You can manipulate someone and insult them , or butter them up and make them feel like the most unique person in the world… It's the Gift of the Gab… and all of us have it but only few choose to properly act on it.

I used to be REALLY quiet in school and only when I opened my mouth did I make such awesome friends , same with college too. I do like the feeling you get when you talk to someone and the different styles you can try out on them.. Go for a flirty 'Hey.. ;] ' , or a LOUD "HI " , maybe try out a sarcastic comment or even just make the other person feel good so you feel happy too .
I am so beginning to sound like our CSS teacher and god knows we don't really need another lecturer so i'll stop my epically fail lecture… HAHAHAHAHA
If some of you guys read this and disagree that Talking is NOT a hobby…. Well … I like acting too… Going up on a stage and being able to play any character you choose at whim ; A pirate , or A teen spy ; Even a silent ninja… That would be so awesome. The worlds a stage and we are all actors , as quoted by Shakespeare . So , why not act ?
I hope this suffices for things I like to do… i hope.. I have recently been introduced to the deliciousness that is the Caramel Frappe in Starbucks and their banana chocolate muffin… Its like foodgasm… :D I nearly died.. but yeah thts relatively interesting and a hobby.. I suppose.. Im not so sure at this point..o.0
But anyway , they are things I like to do.. Im a person who's very fickle so in a few months if you ask me my hobby I will definitly have added more interesting things to my list of fun things…
Hope you enjoyed it… :D cos i sure did..

It's a passion by aLhanafi J


Back then when I was 4 years old, the things that I usually did was hide and seek, the infamous tag game that I ended up fighting with several of my cousins and the legendary 8bit video games like Super Mario. Living in the 90’s was far most the great moments in my life because I believe it is the last of our generation to have that kind of entertainment. Nowdays, you see kids with their impressive gadgets and have their own social networks. Basically, it is now more towards the media and technology stuff.
One thing that I notice that my hobbies and interest changes as time past by. I used to skateboarding when I was 11 years old. I used to do parkour or free-running when I was 14 years old for a year. But now I have found what I really love to do. I LOVE EDITING and SHOOTING A VIDEO so much. It’s a passion. From a simple tag game that we used to play to as a kid to something like this. Look how time changes us as we evolve.
I must say that my forte is much more to editing. I’m not really that a pro but I know I can be much more better at it as times goes by. Here’s an example of my recent music video project :


Pretty complicated is it? No, it’s not actually. This is just the basic editing. I love editing because you’re free to trim, put your own visual effects, find the right music that sets the mood for the video, the flow of the video and in the end, it’s all up to you to make it creative as much as you can. It’s your own video so create it to tell the people what is it about. There’s no limit in creativity. You just have to do it. Before you can proceed to editing, to be obvious, you need a video camera to record your videos. This is where the fun part is. You be able to capture the scenes that you really wanted to do. You’re free to do so except that when the people in the production doesn’t like the way you shoot the scenes. Well that’s how you learn to make your visual much more better. The moment I held my camera, I felt that I can make great videos with this to tell a story. I hope in future time I be able to make up to that dream of mine. To be a film director.
I have tons of videos in youtube. Here’s a link for my youtube account :


I used to do shuffling videos back two years ago. I got 375 subscribers and that is something I’m quite proud of. It’s not much compare to other youtubers who has millions of subscribers. Most videos in my youtube are much more to dancing videos that I record. From this small experience of making and uploading videos, I learned a lot in the process;to be better and impress the people with my videos that I create myself. I know for sure that editing and shooting a video will be the one of things that I love to do this past few years.

Travelling, watching movies, cars and filming – Vittal

These things that I do make me for who I really am today. The memory is still fresh in my mind. I went travelling for the first time with my parents at the age of 5. We went to Thailand. You can say that Thailand is my second home because two or thrice every year I travel there for my parents have business work there. The longest I stayed in Thailand was a month in a guest house owned by my parents work colleague. The best travelling experience I ever had was when I went to Egypt, Cairo for about three weeks. I thank my parents for showing me how fun travelling can be. I get to learn the cultures of other countries and get to know the local people there! Last but not least, I get to try various types of food :D


Pyramid of Giza


A nice building in Egypt


Streets of Egypt, Cairo


A popular dish in Egypt called Falafel


Belly Dancing ;)

I am a movie buff, cinema addict and a avid movie watcher. On average I’ll be on my laptop approximately 10 hours a day watching movies. If im not on my laptop watching movies i’m at the cinema watching a movie ☺ My ambition is to be a film director. In my opinion to get to know more about the film industry or a film director is by watching movies. A movies says a lot about the director’s style of directing a movie or the messages a movie conveys . I have watched many weird and disgusting movies that anyone can imagine. Don’t judge me! My all time favourite movies is


Taxi Driver




Jurassic Park


The Godfather



The very first time I drove a car was when I was 13. My dad was on the passenger seat explaining to me about driving and operating a car. Since then, I fell in love with cars. All types of cars! Classic, hot rods, sport cars and etc. I started driving without a license a the age of 15 until the day I got my license which was 4 months ago. My dream car is a Nissan Skyline GTR R34. Mark my words, I’ll drive that car one day :D


Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Last but not least, filming and editing. My passion and I will be doing it as my career. I entered filming competitions from 2007 until 2009. My team and I have won awards for my school. I also do filming as a past time and making indie films.

Always- Kai

Human can’t live without water , oxygen or food . But for me , I can’t live without sport !!! Specially basketball !! You know , basketball is the one I played for 9 years game , even I’m not really talent in basketball , but I enjoy very much when spent my time with basketball . Basketball is a game which needed communicate , teamwork , passing , so it’s must having a good coordination with everyone . Last time when I was still in secondary school , I would play at least 3 times a week , but now since I had came Taylors Lakeside for study , I don’t touch the ball for long time already ( it is mean I gonna die ? xD) I haven’t meet people who like to play basketball around me , it is a sad case . I had tried to go basketball court in lakeside alone last time , but I don’t like to play with stranger and the point is I am alone =[ . By the way , this is not the way to ended my basketball life .

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Other hand , football is also another sport I falling love in . Is late that I join football when I was 17 , it’s only the football team is short of player to take part a tournament as the football team is just a new comity in my school . So few of us who are basketball team decided to join football team so they could join the competition . After few months with full of training , we won championship in that tournament . But for me , the most worth thing is that I fell in love with football !!

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In short , I love sports XD

Unknown -Raznina Alysha

What I love doing.. It took me a week to figure out what it is that I loved to do, I changed my draft like a gazillion times, before finally deciding what to talk about. Everyone posted tons of interesting stuff. As for me? I have a lot of things I love doing.

One of the thing I love doing most would have to be baking  My mom had her own baking business ever since I was small. She sold ‘raya’ cookies, cakes, muffins and many more. Her specialty is her chocolate cake. Seeing my mom bake since I was little made it so interesting. The best part was I didn’t have to take any classes because my own mom could teach me. At first, my mom would only let me and my siblings decorate things like cakes, cupcakes and cookies because we were still very young to do anything else. As I grew older my mom would let me help her with preparing the ingredients and etc. Eventually I learned how to bake on my own without her help. The first thing I loved baking was brownies. Thick fudgy ones! Yummy :D Then it went on to baking cheesecakes which wasn’t easy because u had to bake them in a certain way. Then it changed to cookies which I started selling, back in high school. My specialty would definitely be chocolate chip cookies, especially the big chewy ones!

The second thing would probably be accessories. I spend most of my money on them. You name it, I have it. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even rings. Whether it’s with a long chain or short one, silver, gold, or bronze coloured I have them all in different shapes, sizes and colours. I can never seem to resist buying them, even though I rarely wear them. My collection is shared with my mom and my sister who is one year younger than me. I would have to say that I love necklaces and earrings the most because I can’t fit bracelets or rings that isn’t adjustable because I have really small fingers and wrists. These are some of my favorites :)


Besides that I also love drawing. The thing is I’m not that good, or bad at it. A friend of mine told me that all I had to do was practice, as often as I can, and I did. I tried drawing basic things and then people. I draw better when I channel all my emotions to it. I don’t really draw that much when I’m in a good mood. I also used to collect badges and keychains. But I left them in my old house so I can’t really show you guys how big my collection is. Besides that I was also into basketball and futsal. I don’t play that much anymore because my stamina is really bad nowadays. So yeah.. Soon!


Basically, I noticed that most of the things I do is mostly influenced by my mom and people around me. So what I love doing is trying all sorts of different things to do. From sports to collecting things to baking and even drawing.

Books! Books! Books! - Ryan Fong


Well come to think of it now, I do have several things which I enjoy doing. And fear not, I am not going to be talking about sleeping, daydreaming or anything similar to that. I usually spend my time reading. Before I was more into playing video games but as time passes by I grew fonder of books than games. Maybe it is because I’m really bad in video games and only play for the story. Yeah, that’s probably the only reason why I am bad at it.

Proceeding as planned, I enjoy reading books that is very beneficial and brings about change in mindset. In other words, I like books that make me think. May it be self-help or thriller. I read all sorts of books but not so much on horror or romance. Reason is because I do not enjoy horror because it scares me and I find it hard to imagine stuff when it comes to romance. So, sorry ladies, I am not a very romantic person.

I often enjoy reading when I am in a place that is very secluded and somewhere besides home. My bed or gadgets easily tempt me whenever I am home. Either that or the other reason would be that my parents would have things assigned for me to fulfill. Whenever I read books, I don’t like being distracted as it ruins the mood and I often take time to pause and think about what I am reading so I am able to get deeper understanding of what I am reading.

However, I do not limit my reading to just books only but also reading articles and blog posts online. And of course, articles that I am interested in only. I don’t read magazines nor newspapers though. Why? I can get it online and not even have to pay! That’s why. But the thing is that I have to search for it and put in more effort in getting it. So it is pretty much the same as buying a magazine as the effort is worth as much.

As for now, I am reading books that are based on theology or biblical doctrine. I have tons of book based on it and I have a lot more books to finish. I have a tendency of buying books even when I have not finished reading many. Probably due to sales around or the fear of not being able to purchase the book later on.

Well reading books is really fun and I got to admit, I hated it at first but that isn’t the case now. I enjoy the fact that it makes me think and visualize stuff in my mind. I believe that I am not the only who enjoys reading and each of us definitely have our own reasons to why we enjoy it. I already gave mine. Though mine differs from many, we all have our own things which we enjoy doing. And I do hope that some of you would find joy in reading too just like me.

The right fit.-stephaniekaren


To be very frank,iv changed my hobbies and interests several times.Iv always enjoyed trying everything.and i have to say,i have a very stubborn and competitive im not going push you off the cliff if you beat me. But iv always wanted to be good at things that i do.So when i try out something,id work towards being best at that (atleast to a level that i can be proud of). but before i know it id find something else that would take my interest.iv tried out tae kwan do,story telling,debating,guitar lessons,dance and the list goes on.I guess i kept changing hobbies because i could never really find something that really suited me.

But i think its safe to say,that for now my passion goes to climbing and all the outdoor activities it leads me to.Iv only started climbing the beginning of this year. but already im so in grossed into it. the climbing community itself can be so addictive,its just brought me into this whole new world.iv always enjoyed all the extreme outdoor activities,i guess i just never really found the right group of friends to try them out with.And now that i have,i love it.its just so much fun! haha.Finally feeling like im doing things i love.Climbing i have to say is not an easy sport,and being me,sometimes it can really break down my moral when i cant finish a route. but the rest of the climbers are always there for you. no back stabbing,no drama. They solely just want you to get stronger,if they see you hesitate they will push you to reach for it,if they see you struggle they’d direct techniques for you. and out of all the things that iv tried i have to say that the climbing community is so feels like a big family.iv been asked ‘why climbing?’ ‘all you do is climb walls’ and its true,all i do is climb walls,and i dont really know how else to answer that question but just the simple reply ‘because i enjoy it’. the satisfaction of finishing a route that is difficult for you is truly something that can only be understood if you try it out yourself.Every climber fights a battle with themselves against the wall. Its your disabilities that make you stronger. For an example,for a tall climber,climbing certain routes maybe easier compared to a shorter climber and since a shorter climber cant reach their hand hold by just standing up,they would have to learn and strengthen their techniques,and this in return makes them a better climber.or a person with alot of muscle,he would have more weight to carry when climbing his route,so he would have to turn to other techniques and require to have more endurance.every climber climbs in his own way and style. so it really is just a battle within yourself.Climbing alone wouldnt satisfy me as my ‘hobby’ so here comes all the other adventures it comes with.when i began climbing,i started meeting very ‘out-doorsy’ people and soon enough i became quite close to a few.In time i started joining them with their out door activities,iv’ gone hiking,i’v joined marathons and i will be going white water rafting and the list will continue to go on.So i guess in a nut shell,my hobbies and interest would be outdoors activities.Iv i guess you could say found the right combination for me that fits me just well.

Music in me - Kasinn

I guess music is both my hobby and interest in my life. I learnt piano at the age of 5


This is my piano….

At first, I did not like music at all. To me, classical music is very boring which was why I dislike music when I was young. However, although I’m not interested in it, I put great effort into the exams. My mom always supports me so that I would not give up my piano lessons easily. My dad also helps me a lot in my exams. When I am practicing my exam pieces, my dad will correct me if there’s any mistakes. With my dad’s advices and my mom’s supports, I’m able to pass my exams from grade 1 to grade 7 and currently I am preparing for my grade 8 exams. As time goes by, I’m now interested in music thanks to my mom’s supports and my dad’s advices and also my great efforts in my exams.

Normally when I’m bored, I will play piano. Actually music is really interesting. When I simply play some keys, it can actually fit as a song. Or sometimes if you don’t want the songs to be played so slowly, you can change it to a little bit faster by increasing the speed. It is just mix and match and it is really fun. To me, composing melody is not that difficult but composing the lyrics is actually very hard.

When I was at the age of 6, I learnt a song called “Edelweiss” from the movie ‘The Sound of Music’. It was the simple version (of course). My grandfather was a musician for the Chinese opera. However, he knew how to play the violin too. We used to play the song “Edelweiss” together. I played piano while my grandfather played the violin. Ever since he passed away when I was 7 years old, “Edelweiss” is the most memorable song for me to remember my grandfather. Music gave me the most precious memory to remember my grandfather forever.





Edelweiss 2


My grandfather was actually a really talented musician. He knew how to play many types of Chinese instruments like erhu, pipa, yang qin, percussion instruments and so on. However, I learnt one of them too. It is called erhu, the 2 strings instrument. (I don’t know, may be my grandfather’s music genes had passed to me but I really like it…haha) Erhu is a really interesting instrument. Erhu only has 2 strings. The most interesting part is we can play the whole song with the 2 strings. It is one of the most special instruments in the world and which is why I chose this instrument.


This is the example picture of erhu.


This is Pi Pa


This is Yang Qin

According to the scientist, people can't live without oxygen, water and food. Indeed, we can't live without them but it's no meaning if we stay alive without our hobbies. As my hobby and interest is music, so eventually I can't live without oxygen, water, food and music.

Enjoy……. guys :)

Cooking with Mummy by Sara Halysa

Most of my classmates loves to read book, sports, and even fashion. Well for me, I spent most of my time in the kitchen. You would fine my mum's face and me in it. I can proudly say, I can cook and I owe it all to my mum. She was the one who taught me everything that I needed to know like how much salt should I put, which spices should I use, how many tablespoons of that. I especially love to bake. I experiment with baking recipe every free time I have.


My mum and Opah preparing the food for buka puasa. We ate Laksa Johor, Chicken BBQ, Pengat Pisang, Sweet & Sour fish, Tomyam that night.

My Opah is my teacher too. Who is this Opah? Well she's my grandmother. She used to have a catering company but as time goes by, she couldn't handle the stress and the cooking that needed to be done so she retired. My Tokyah which is my grandfather , also helped her with her catering business. My Tokyah was a former teacher that taught students all around the country , before and after Malaysia got our independence. So anyway, their catering business was a huge hit. And that made me more interested in cooking food.

Typical Me - Joshua

Actually, reading book is all I do these days. In fact actually it’s one of my hobbies. Books that I read are something like Excavation written by James Rollins , Skin and Bone written by Kathryn Fox ,The Bodies Left Behind written by Jeffery Deaver and many more… . But among all of these books that I have read , my favorite book is The Last Oracle Written by James Rollins it’s about a homeless man takes an assassin’s bullet and dies in Commander Gray Pierce’s arms . An ancient relic that can be traced back to the Greek Oracle of Delphi . it’s something very old and ancient. Well I know that for you guys , this books is like a sleeping pills but for me ,it’s something adventurous and exciting book. Well I know it is boring but please be tolerate hehe.
Well not I did do something else except reading , that is the opposite of reading . it’s gaming , I play game for like 3 or 4 hours one day. I play games like Dota which most of you have heard before and World of Warcraft which is the game that doctor benedict is now doing research about . I enjoyed pretty much when I play games but due to my mother’s temper . The most I can play for 1 day is about 2 to 3 hours and if I exceed the time limits woah ,I must be prepared to face the music . So after that what can I do? I basically left only 1 option that is to read . To be honest , I am a pretty lazy boy .Don’t mind the word ‘boy’ cause I like if I said teenager or man , it felt so old . That is no way I can call myself that. Okay back to the topic , I seldom play sports but I do play basketball , football , badminton and many more but it’s not always it’s seldom maybe 1 month 1 times because I prefer sit in my room enjoyed the view in front of my house that is the roads fill with car ,enjoyed the air conditioner ,take a book out sit on my private chair which is coated with anime poster and start reading, that is how typical I am .
I often read in my room because I like that my room is so quiet and cold . But I tend to sleep after I read like about one hour and half . I have this habit for a long time and no matter how I try I always sleep after one hour or maybe two hour . There is one time that I read a book title Dead Men written by Stephen Leather .Wow I read about 20 minute then I felt sleepy already , this is the book that I would like to recommend you guys if you guys have hard time sleeping at night . well I think its tie to wrap up So basically this is what I do now a days….

Vroomm,Vroomm- Bella.S

Speed…something I can never resist, its like taking control over the road and feeling like the god of the highway..I’ve started to experience this feeling since I was 10 and I have never stop loving it since then.Go-Kart seem to be my obsession when I was a kid, its a lot safer comparing to the normal urban driving ,there is no police to stop you for driving fast, and no traffic light to make you follow the rules.. and no other cars or honks to annoy you..HAHAH!!!
Why is Go-Kart seems to be my passion? Because it is awesome! I can drive like a mad person and don’t give a damn on anyone around me but my self! I use to be in this Go- Kart team called ThunderStorm! It was the hit thing in my life at that time, every weekend me and my go- kart friends will travel to Subang Usj for sessions, there is almost 30 of us primary students..both male and female, and every time there is a session, we were divided into group according to sex and age, somehow whenever it comes to the tournament we will be competing against each other and different sex or range, and I was before the Best Female Driver and always the 1st or 2nd place when it comes to the tournament. It was the best moment of my life, I made my parents proud and my team proud! Some of the sponsors find me rather extreme and daring for my own age and sex, they even were looking for one of the best drivers to send to the Petronas F1 Team, and I was nearly chosen as the Youngest Female Driver at that point, but there were some complication in the organization that it brings down the team and we all have to play individually.


The best part of Go-Karting is that the speed it self! Back then we can only ride the 80cc which is the fun kart, but then as we gained experience we can now ride the 100cc or the 250cc which is way faster! You can only ride the 100cc and 250cc with the 80cc experience, they cant be letting you drive a 100cc which is a fast card for a beginner, it may will lead to drastic accidents, driving a Go-Kart is like driving a F1 car it self, without the gears and shorter circuit ,but with the helmet, suite, proper shoes and gloves which brings out more of the excitement, and once I drive and feel the fun of it, I can never wait for the next session it has become an addiction for me. And I have won a lot of trophies from it, not just from Go-Karting but also from other sports like athletic, I represent my school for high jump, each and every year I won gold medal for it, I even represent the Selangor state for high jump and it has also become something I love doing the most until I graduate from high school, there is nothing left and I can only join the Mini Olympic which my jump height cant qualify the championship.
Well basically I enjoyed sports too much and I cant resist it until now, the excitement of me driving and my adrenaline rush speeds up my blood vessel, but I am a safe driver and I got my license at the age on 17 on march which is so early, somehow I have a passion on driving and I enjoy it so much.


Emma loves manicuring &…

Erm… things that I like to do… manicure… hahaha… ya… I love my nail, if u ask me which part of my body I most satisfied, my answer is “my finger nail” lol…. I’m really enjoyed to look at my nail, I know this a bit narcissist. But I like :p Manicure is already a part of my life ^.* I’ll do manicure once a week, but rarely went to salon…I’ll do myself… hehe… this my hobby… LOL… I enjoy to do manicure by myself.
I hate to cut my nail short, during high school my discipline teacher interdict student keep long nail =( everytime when teacher wanna check our nail, I’ll runaway…^^ but at the end I still need to cut it T_T, my class teacher will check once again in class, that time I can’t runaway, because I’m always the first to let teacher check, she’ll call my name everytime, “ Emma, came in front I want to check your nail”… Then I’ll said: “oh gosh…!!! Again….” hahaha….=D that’s actually quite fun… and I’ll miss that time, nowadays no one will force me cut my nail. If now have someone interdict me manicuring, don’t know what will happen to that person…? Maybe I’ll kill that person…hahaha….just kidding… ;)


Mine manicure stuff =)
Manicuring actually important to everyone not only female, male is also very important…. Can u imagine when u shake hand with a guy, then his/her nail edges black… this will seriously spoil a person image =) Nowadays in Japan, Korea or Taiwan a lot of male went to salon and do manicure, because manicuring not just for beauty, most important is personal hygiene =)
I had help my ex-boyfriend manicuring before, started he was very irresistible. But after he try, he also like manicuring… I always help my cousins and friends manicuring, of course need to pay service charge la… ^.* ( nail polish need $$$ to buy)




The 1st season of Sex and The City, I can only remember hand of Sarah Jessica Parker was holding a Hermes birkin bag, another hand was holding a delicacy cupcake and walk at the New York street….Not only the cupcake attract me… I also learn a lot from Jessica, because of Jessica I know about life is our own, not for others ^.*

Car Love - Calvin "With The C" Tan

I live a life in which I believe is really nothing short of a blessed one. However , among the things I have been blessed with , I’d count my car as one of the biggest blessings bestowed by my parents.

I remember my interest in the automotive world really only started to grow when I had met a close friend of mine back when I was still studying in Form 2! It was practically the first topic we ever had between us. And since then he has been teaching me anything and everything about cars that’s ever came up in a topic.

Firstly , Being a motorhead , There was always something in this line of interest that I’ve always wanted to experience. And due to popular blockbuster films like “The Fast And The Furious” and other movies like that , I’m sure many of you will have an rough idea on what I’m about to talk about.


Drifting is the sport or as some prefer , “ art” in which a driver pushes his car to lose traction and slide his car sideways but still manage to control his car through these “powerslides”. In his exact words, when I asked a close drifting friend of mine to describe this ever growingly popular sport , he could only describe it in one way and one word : “FUN”. And ask anyone who’s ever got to sit in an amateur , let alone professional drifters car and he will tell you the exact same thing , that is of course if he’s not puking by the side of the road by then.

During the weekends , I was invited by some of my fellow drifting friends to join them for a small gathering they were organized over in Kota Damansara. . A friend and I drove over there to enjoy the spectacle but could not participate as there are certain unwritten rules to this automotive sport. Still , we were lucky enough to get a ride in some of the cars that were present there. My friend however was a step above as he was lucky enough to get to take one of the drift cars for a short drifting session. However a post like this is definitely more interesting with pictures and videos and I have just that.


This would be a video of the guys in action

Well I guess its time to post a lil something about myself for a change. I drive a 20 year old car which although gives me such headaches from all the problems I get , I still love to bits.It’s a Mazda Astina 323 . Its come a long way from how it used to look . Alot of time, effort and money have been put into this little machine of mine and this I believe is just the beginning for me.

Some of you are probably wondering why I love this 20 year old piece of junk so much. The story behind my love for this car? I grew up with it. Its been my family for as long as I could remember. However tragedy struck , as I had lost the original astina that had been in my family for years. It was however a valuable lesson well learnt to never ever drive with your emotions. On that night , I was in a major sleep deprivation and was in a huge argument with my girlfriend at that time. The end result? My car being wrapped around the tree.


This was what’s left of my very own family jewel. The only thing I could really salvage from the wreck was the bright red bucket seats that my brother had bought for the car. It now sits in my new Mazda Astina however it has been reupholstered with a black and grey colorway with red stitchings.

A couple months after my accident , my dad had decided to get me a new 2nd hand car. Thus began my search for a new-old Astina. I was contemplating the choice of getting either a Honda Civic EF or my beloved Astina all over again. I had initially felt very discouraged to be driving an Astina all over again but eventually realized that I missed that car way too much to let it go.

If anyone of you has ever searched for a 2nd hand car, you guys would realize how much time and effort it takes up to find the right car. For me the journey there was discouraging as all the cars I had view before mine were in such a bad condition that I’d had to pour thousands and thousands of dollars into that project for it to be up and running and presentable. However god had smiled upon me and presented me with not only a decently maintained Astina but it also came with an engine swap!

When I finally had the chance to view the car and take it for a test drive , I was blown away by how much difference this Astina was compared to my previously owned one in terms of power. It wasn’t however the most attractive Astina I’ve ever seen but that minor setback was soon dealt with.

This was how my car had looked when I first got it back from the private seller and had been sent into a workshop for a rim change.


And this is the same car couple months down the road , after thousands of dollars had been spent on it.


This little machine of mine has probably only taken its baby steps into the plans for modifications that I had intended for it. But as for now. I still stand proud to say that this car right here? Its all mine.


Passion and Love - Tasha Nair

Loud speakers, bass booming, hearts racing, people cheering, crowd going wild and party rocking, Everytime I get to this kind of atmosphere, I get this sudden adrenaline rush that would probably last for the rest of my day.
This is what I do, I go for concerts. My first love! I have passion for the music scene. It’s a way of expressing myself. My first ever concert was when I was 5 and it was a Ricky Martin concert. Since then I have been to approximately 15-20 concerts. The Pussycat Dolls, The Click Five, Kanye West, All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, Pitbull, LMFAO, Tokio Hotel, Usher, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber were among the few.
There is nothing like attending live concerts, the crowd, the people, and the loud music always gets me pumped! I have grew up attending these wonderful events which have me wanting more and more. I feel these has made me appreciate music and the different artistes in a way. I know it will not be possible if one do not attend concerts. The thought of people getting together for a night of music, dancing especially with friends that itself is the best feeling ever.

Besides attending concerts, I also play sports. Mainly, tennis. Tennis is my second love. I started to play tennis at the age of 10 at my hometown in Port Dickson. What inspired me? Well, it was the tennis courts that were right infront my grandparents house. I enjoyed watching the people that came to play tennis every mornings and evenings. Besides that, I also grew up from a family of athlete's.
It was a pity because at that age I couldn't dream of a career in tennis, especially in this country, and town, where there were not many big opportunites. I became better and better, my coach never gaved up on me. I developed a lot of strategies, and my both for hand and backhand were good. I participated in my first tournament after just 3 months of training. One of the reasons why the quality of my play improved, were the long hours in front of the TV, watching tennis matches and the long hours of training day and night.
I became obsessed with tennis, and there was a moment where I even knew how many ATP/WTA points each top ranked tennis players had. I had so much passion that I played in every single opened and closed tournaments. Finally, after 2 years of hard work, I was chosen to play for the Negeri team (Negeri Sembilan) and that feeling right there was beyond amazing. Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) had offered me a place at their institute, but I had to reject the offer due to certain inconvenience. At first, I was pretty disappointed when I had to make that call, but as time went by, It didn’t really matter as everything happens for a reason, right?
I had a whole collection full of racquets, I wish I could post a picture of my collection but I don’t have the racquets right here with me right now. Nevertheless, Tennis really is an expensive sport if you want to make a performance out of it, but, if you choose tennis as a passion and not as a career, it would be good to have some fun with tennis betting once in awhile.

(Posted by LV on behalf of Tasha)


I Enjoyed ❤ I Loved by Blue Sia

She likes singing; he likes reading.
She likes baking, he likes dancing and I like BADMINTON!! ❤

Look at me; scan through…… You will never know I am a sport girl. Although I had playing it for 3 years but I am still not the PRO.

Since 3 years ago, I started to play badminton. Just for my friends, because they like it so much and I be the one who accompany them. Yes, my group of friends is badminton lover and they can play well!! They are quite PRO and they had won lots of competition. I am really proud of them. And one of them told me, “I wish I can be the next one after Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and satisfy for our country!” I am really really proud of him!! He told me sincerely. I believe he can!! And he is really doing very hard! I am his very first fan.

For sure…they teach me how to play. They told me the rule but I never follow. I treat badminton as a game. I had fun every time while I am playing! Maybe my friends are one of the reason I fall in love with badminton. Because they had taught me patiently and try to make my skills improve hardly. And also, I love the feel after playing badminton! Sweating is really good!! Healthy and awesome feeling!!Wohoooooooo!!


We are a group to badminton; we are Term13 which include 6 BADminton-girls and 7 BADminton-boys. ❤

Badminton brings me a group of friends, named Term13 and Friends bring me an amazing game, named Badminton. ❤

Because I need to post a 500 words blogpost, so I keep on asking myself what is my favourite. As a communication student, one of our interests should be CHIT-CHAT, right? I don’t think you will shaking your head and disagree with me. Ermmm, seriously, I can’t communicate with everyone well here. But I am trying my best. Keeping quiet, the most difficult things for me! And when I really free, I will online chat with people who are in trouble. Actually I enjoy very much for doing this, but I feel bad when I can’t help someone to solve their problem. The worse thing is I try to find a way to help someone but that not helping them and cause another trouble to them. I love to share my life, my mind, and everything about myself with other, I feel alive! I am willing to lend my ears to my friends and lend them my shoulder all the time. God is not always free, that’s why friends are in need. I am not a girl who will talk deeply, but I am a girl who can let you talk deeply. Don’t believe? We’ll see! I have no magic, but a heart with sincere and the character of Scorpion. Laughing!! Yes, I am interest in constellation research too! It’s really mystical and holy.

I don’t think I had selected interest. I feel everything is interesting when I really enjoy! And I will fall in love in it! I love everything in the world! ❤

The Best Things In Life - Suresh -

I’m back for my 3rd posting this week,where i would be talking about the many things i do.In terms of hobbies/activities i are such as playing futsal,football,attending events and socializing with people.
Every since i started blogging back in 2009,i have covered a lot of events as a media blogger here in KL and in this post i would be sharing my experience gained from attending events.Alright, let see,i shall start of with The Wrangler Jean Media Preview which happened about a month ago where i was one of the official bloggers for the clothing brand and with another 9 blogger we had to modelled for their lastest collection


The 2 lovelies from Malaysian DreamGirl Season 1 & 2





My moment on stage!

It was a wonderful experience and being the face of the brand for their collection here in Malaysia was a real privilege and i had fun working with professionals from the industry such as Bella Rahim who is a choreographer and cat walk guru for clothing brand Jaspal as well.I shall move on to the next event.




Taken at Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Churp Churp Kite Flying Day out at Taylors Lakeside where all the Churpers as we are known as had a day out filled with lots of fun.For someof you whom are not sure,Churp Churp is Social Media community which uses twitter advertising to allow you to earn money through your tweets.Moving on from there the next event would be the Peugeot 207 Launch at Putrajaya International Convention Centre by Naza Group of Companies




Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed with Naza Chairman SM Nasarudin at the official launch

One of the most happiest moment was being one of the 10 official blogger blogger writing a review for Genting Group’s Outdoor Theme Park and Restaurant.




All theBlogger’s were invited for a Appreciation Dinner at the Single and Mingle Night courtesy of Resort World Genting after spending the whole day touring experiencing the many awesome rides at Genting Highlands All thanks to my partner in crime Allison




There is loads more of photos and event coverage experience to share on but i shall leave that for the introduction on myself that i would be giving at the next CCPD class..till my next posting…see ya..

Music And Me…~~~Chenelle

This is what I do…hmmm…I guess I’d have to say, Music is what I do…

I absolutely love music!! When I was younger, my mom did ask me if I wanted to take up dancing and music classes, but unfortunately, I said no. That’s a decision that I really, really regret. I should have gone for classes when I was younger.

But, when I was 9 years old, my mom was signing my younger sister up for music lessons at Yamaha, and she asked me the second time If I was interested in taking music lessons. This time, I said YES!! I attended organ lessons that year and I went for yearly exams, till last year, then I quit because of SPM. I took it right till grade 6. In organ, the grading is different from piano. The grading starts from Grade 13, and goes downwards. I’ve been an organist for about 7 years now.

I became one of the organist in my church, in the year 2005, I was 12 years old. I am not bragging, but, my seniors saw my potential and gave me more and more opportunities to play in the church, and in the next few years, I became one of the best organist in the church and a respected one too. I was also known as the senior organist and a role model which my so called juniors look up to and ask tips. Later on, I started playing for big masses. I played for the Bishop once, an anniversary mass and during my former Youth Leader’s wedding. It was really a big honour to have played for them.

Later on, I picked up the courage to talk to my mom and told her that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. It looked really cool to me. And, I really, really wanted to learn it. So, one day, I went online and found a website that show taught how we play the basis of guitar, and I picked it up and showed what I learned on my own so far. She was impressed. So, my mom agreed to send me for guitar lessons, but not only lessons for the guitar, but also the bass guitar. I was soooooo excited!! I had the chance to learn 2 new instruments. Since my interest was there, I picked it up real quick and started performing for my family and everyone was happy and quite impressed with me. I was also very proud of my own accomplishments.

Afterwards, I started playing the guitar in church as well. And I became a known and respected guitarist as well. I was known to my friends as the ‘Guitar Chick’or the ‘Rocker Chick’..Hahaha..It was funny nicknames, but it came with the respect of my peers. I heard that I even inspired little girls to think of learning the guitar. Then, in 2010, I made the decision to join the violin club. Another instrument. String instrument in fact. I was ok at it, not particularly good and that bad as well.Hahaha.

Another thing is, singing. I LOVE to sing! Since young,it has always been my hobby to sing! One day, a new friend I made, even told me that my voice sounded like I could sing.Hahaha. It was really awesome to hear that actually.And well, I do write my own songs sometimes, when I feel inspired. Haha.

Im not that talented,nor am I that horrible either, but well, to sum it all up, yea, music, is what I do…

The Pursuit - Shadman 'Kay' Kamal

Ever since I was a young boy I found myself almost detached from the outside world I never attempted to try something new, something different, something diverse, I always stayed within my comfort zone without any hesitation of growing up. As the years went by i was starting to feel stale almost inept with no inner achievement to take pride in until one fateful day when I realized I had a connection with 'writing'.

Now to some it may not seem much or even hold a candle to other fine forms of passion such as music, singing, dancing and art as pursuing those builds immense stability as well as satisfying the demands of its corresponding audience. Writing for me never urged for an audience, popularity or a fandom it just grew on me like a fungus, an infectious disease that flowed through my blood until I died into its grandeur. I began writing soon after my 10th birthday while I was sitting on my desk wandering what to do in the spare time that I had, feeling pigeon-holed with what few skills I owned I went for a walk down the local park where I sat on a bench and daydreamed about my current status in life until, I glimpsed at this rabbit hopping around in circles fishing for food, I took out some mint leaves and fed it some and then watched as it disappeared into the fauna. Just then I felt this feeling of euphoria cascading down my spine, I felt inspired as if I needed to do something so I went back to my room and began writing about this particular short encounter in my day.

The piece that I wrote transitioned into a poem, a small free verse describing my meeting with the rabbit. I presented it to my parents and then my english teacher at school, both of whom applauded my first efforts in trying something new, even acknowledging the fact that I finally found something worthwhile. After the hype of my new endeavor settled I took it upon myself to write about as many things I could think of. These ranged from poems, short stories, biographies to novels. As I grew older I was introduced to more advanced outlets such as blogging, social networks and micro-blogging. These aided me by providing a decent platform to convey what I wanted to share with the world and what the world expected even if it meant sometimes not producing good enough material, but I didn't care I loved to write and it sufficed my needs.



A mountain of smoke my mind once was
A forever mirror that casted my distorted reflection
A box of chocolates that was always stolen
A disease that kept growing until it sprouted an infection.

Haunted by the hunger to alter all that I believe
And drowning my fortitude into a pit of pain,
Testing my will to the heights of the heavens
Yet all my efforts were still dull and dry and my mind still insane.

Every day every night the silence screams in joy
while i ponder through the deserted night with an axe to grind,
Awakening with an angst that's as red as my blood
Still I endure like the day before even though I can't seem to unbind.

As I begin to quote the final lines that precedes my end
A pair of porcelain hands from above were bequeathed before my sight,
reaching out like a material child with temptations burning
I absorbed his guidance with an unyielding grasp and paved way into the light.

One of the poems I published for social networking sites such as Facebook.

As I became more and more in tune with my passion I felt confident enough in publishing more pieces on the internet since technology had captivated everyone it was the only way I could share my love easily. As time paced itself people began noticing my work and posted their opinions on every piece I published, from each month onwards I wrote and published poems and articles on the web for two years. More people started to take notice, many of them praised my vocabulary and style while others were less than enthusiastic but gave their honest opinions which I humbly accepted. As more months went by like a summer breeze, my poems became more personal. I soon realized that the more I wrote these poems the more it reflected my own personality, my psyche; on a more serious note it released my inhibitions and I saw myself in my own work. It wasn't that surprising, I enjoyed writing and I knew eventually I'd be translating my feelings into words as my favorite poet Emily Dickinson Emily Elizabeth Dickinson once did. Below is another poem I wrote out to reflect how I felt with the imminent changes cycling by society.



A crimson moon my eyes dare to see
a bloody vessel in the company of space
a bleeding statement of the Gavels of God
a spectacle so pristine that its a crime not to embrace.

Standing afar in delight while producing admiration
and gazing with a scented smile and radiating joy,
inhaling in the gore and greatness that reflects our world
whilst diving into a sea of thought and absolving the sins we employ.

Leaning back and away so as to return to the reality of our flaws
and redefining ourselves to ease the pain of our scars,
realizing that the moon is a just a manisfestation of our own subconscious
a messenger of truth it is, a messenger in the care of our majestic stars.

I'm still in pursuit of being a writer. Though I live in the present, I can see the future with ease and my future looks bright as long as I keep my head up, my feet planted to the ground and my arms always pointing towards the stars I know I can get there safely : - ).


I started it when I was just six years old!yeah,Before the first gymnastics lesson I was so excited to continue.Gymnastics came a way of life, it haven‘t been just a hobby anymore. I was very flexible and my coach’s one of favourites!seriously i love to dance and cheerleading! I used to be a cheerleader when i was in high yeah.Cheerleading is so fun because you get to show people what you are really made of. Its a good way to keep yourself in shape!Being a cheerleader is more than the cute, short, preppy skirts!lol!cheerleading,hmm,I think it is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new things, and experience a whole new, different atmosphere altogether!It’s the only sport I'm good at!and the most hobby i really love to do!let say i combined gymnastic and cheerleading in one!if we can do gymnastic,in the saame time we can be cheers squad!yeah!so its not wasted my parents sent me to gymnastics lesson before!haha!


as you can see,actually i can do more than this,just this is the only picture left!haha. I love practicing the cheers all day and making sure they are perfect. I love cheering! if you're doing a sport you don't even like you're not being you.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is a beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is life, fight for it!

The racket game by Matthew zubin

Hey let me tell you about the hobbies that i have,it is isnt something extra ordinary but its a game that we as a nation are proud about it.If you havent gotta a clue what i am saying it is badminton.The very thing that i enjoy doing trust me if you havent played it you should consider it.The reason that i have choosen this as my sport reason being that it is enegetic and foot work is vital during game play.This is not an individual sport i would say it shares a similar sport like tennis that is up to four players at a game.Hey is what i enjoy doing.Let me tell you about the badminton competition that i took part this event was a school event so the competition is for students only.Here i wasn't very confident about this competition.The three categories for the competition was men singles,women singles,mixed doubles and doubles.Hey i was looking forward for the singles and the doubles.I wasn't really focusing towards winning it but more towards having fun.My good friend whom has the same name as i matthew wong said yes for doubles event he has well join the singles event.All that i was hoping for is a medal any will do but all i can do now for the moment is play my best.So the very moment has come let the games begin.You know when you are there at the court knowing that is a competition the nerves tend to build up and each shot you make can be the decider for the entire match so focus is key and carming those nerves is another.This is my first competition so don't really have any experienced.These things you gotta face and my moment was now.The first opponent was a testing for my nerves and whether i was able to handle it well.You bet in fact i did it well couple a few mistakes but eventually progress well.So like everybody else at a competition you look for who is next it was a player exceptionally good at the game.So you wanna know what happen let me tell you i was at the loosing end and i did lose.Hey but i was proud losing to a player that was better than me no way arguing about that.But the score line says it was close encounter.I have to pay my attention to the doubles event that i still have getting threw was smooth and finally reached the last four.At this very stage the tension tends to build up the mistakes that you make at the game will not only affect you but your partner as well vice versa.We played the game as best as we could but the results didn't go our way.So now we are playing for third and fourth placing the winners for the previous game will proceed to the finals.The cut the story short the first set was a tight affair but ya we did win it.Then the second set with many unforced errors resulted to a third set and the decider.I am have to say this that let the best man win after loosing it.Hey but when you fall you must lift yourself up and get back.Like the saying practice makes perfect

Here is the picture with me and my friend at a badminton competition


This is What I DO (Wyman Ho)

One of my hobbies is working out. I started working out since form 5 (2009). At that moment it might seem like a trend in our high school so friends & I wanted to give a try on it. I clearly remember the first time we hit the gym, we were like barbarians running here and there and “playing” with the machines. We’ve been doing this for a good few months and I think we should do some “serious stuff”. LOL, I KNOW RIGHT. After an unproductive day in the gym (again), I talked to my father about getting a personal trainer for my “serious” workout. He agreed on it, it’s because I’m committed to a healthy hobby rather than slacking around during my leisure time.Besides, he thinks that it’s a bonus for my physical appearance as well. I got my first 24 sessions of a personal trainer’s guidance of working out. At the beginning it’s very tough. My muscles always got worn out by the very next day, but the more it hurts the more I’m motivated to grow. Gym is also a platform for peoples who share the same interest to work on their goals. I know many friends there and we often work out together. We motivate each other to reach our goals. Working out makes me a disciplined person. I’m concerned with the amount of calories in fries. I’m aware of oily “pisang goreng” at the hawker stalls. Friends always tell me to get a life and be myself. In reply, “This is me. The one who will never give up on his dreams.” I hit the gym every now and then. Eventually it became my daily routine. I always motivate myself hit to gym by thinking to be a model, and that’s my goal. I know its hard for me but I would not giving up on that.

This Person inspire me



My interest in dancing was first ignited after watching Britney Spears "Baby One More Time” video. I feel like dancing whenever a music is played. I recall how me and my sister would imitate her dance moves but of course it was harder than it looked. I was further inspired and decided to take up dancing lessons the moment I watched the reality TV program “So You Think You Can Dance”. After a few years of procrastination , I finally attended a beginner’s dancing class . I choose modern dancing and found it fun and interesting. The basic moves start with flexibility and body twisting moves, followed by learning move with the beat of the music. Besides being fun, dancing can also be a form of exercise which have kept me toned and fit. I observed some of the more senior students, who had been taking lessons for about 1 year . They were already accomplished enough to take part in a coming performance. This further inspired me as it didn’t seem to take too long to be a competent dancer . That made me try even harder to be the best I could. I would practice every day after school and right before bedtime too. Besides taking lessons , one should also practice at least twice a week , for an hour each session. Dancing is truly something I’d love doing and has helped me in a lot of areas. It elevates my mood, helps me establish self-confidence and heals whatever stress I have.

"The 2nd thing I Love" by Tham Wei Hong.

The second thing I love the most is BICYCLE. The Bicycle I like is not those that having two wheels attached to a frame that kind. So what is the Bicycle I like? Yes! It is Bicycle deck! Don’t know what is a Bicycle deck? *Just scroll down your mouse wheel and have a look at BICYCLE! *=D

Part Of My Collection.

OH YEAH! I love to collect Bicycle Playing Cards. Bicycle Playing Cards are a popular brand of standard playing cards, and are the USPCC's original brand and product. "Bicycle" is a trademark of that company. They are popular with magicians and other card enthusiasts. Bicycle playing cards are commonly use in card magic and flourishes, and are generally considered by magicians as the best playing cards for most tricks! =D

Magicians such as David Blaine, Brad Christian, Cyril Takayama, Lu Chen, and many others have all used and performed effects with Bicycle Playing Cards. Bicycle cards can have an 'air cushion' finish which improves the handling of the cards.
Besides Bicycle, I also collects Tally-Ho's, Alladin's, Dan and Dave's Smoke & Mirrors and others. These cards are as well as the Bicycle and is ideal for use with magic tricks.
These are some of my Favourite deck of all!


Dan and Dave Smoke and Mirrors v5 limited deck.


Black Tally-Ho's


Shadow Master's by Ellusionist



The price of the Deck is most probably between RM15-RM100. And some Limited edition deck such as D&D Smoke and Mirrors, Bicycle Arcane, their cost is RM400 and above. AND BECAUSE OF THAT, The price is the BIGGEST problem to block my way to collect these cards..=( But I’ll try my best to collect as many deck as I can!! I can, I must, I will!!! Hahaha =D

My Music. My Love. My Life by Alvin John ~AJ~

I love food, I love football/futsal but nothing beats my love for music. I really can’t imagine the world without music. Coming from a family that is not musically inclined, I experienced and appreciate the beauty of music only when I was 13 years old.


My interest for music kicked start after my elder brother started playing the guitar. After watching him practicing and learning every day without fail, I decided to pick up something to learn like my brother did but I was not sure what musical instrument I wanted to learn. Soon that interest faded away. Few months later, my friend went for long holiday to Canada and he left his precious bass guitar under the care of a guy who knows nothing about music, ME. After staring at the bass guitar for quite some time, I took it out and held it. Then for some reason I find myself sitting infront of the computer with the bass guitar in my hand. I slowly learn how to play the bass guitar and almost gave up many times but I pushed myself and with the support of my brother, I became a bassist.


I started playing in church with Mr Victor Beins, who became my mentor and I learned a lot from him. Thanks to him, I learned many different types of styling and scaling on the bass guitar. He is very strict when it comes to music and I often get scolding from him but his scolding just makes me better. I will go home and practice over and over again to make sure I do not repeat the same mistake again. He taught me how to listen and follow the music while I’m playing the bass. He has also given me opportunities to play in weddings and events where I gained priceless experience.


During that time, my friends invited me to join a band and we are called “Cyanide” and that begins a whole new chapter and new ambitions I wanted to achieve. I remember carrying my bass guitar to school and after class, my band mates and I will proceed to a room behind our drummer’s father’s clinic. That room soon became our hangout spot and our so called “studio”. Cyanide then went on to play a number of gigs. Then like every band, they have their highs and lows but there was once that we hit rock bottom so hard that we don’t know if we wanted to continue with our band. We were criticised by a newspaper for our tribute to Michael Jackson. Going back to school was not easy as you keep hearing people say, “Is your band the one in the newspaper?”, “Have you seen the article about the MJ’s tribute concert?”. Those words were just the right words to minus my band mates’ morale. Surprisingly, the next day, my dad told me not to worry about it because every band, famous or not, faced criticism before and we should not let that article stop us. Cyanide went on for a few more years till we went our separate ways but we still do keep in touch and jammed when we can. Especially for my lead guitarist, Gurdave and I, we put alot into this band and it was difficult to watch everyone split up. That was “Cyanide”.


After my lead guitarist left to pursue his dream, I felt I can’t do much with just a bass without a guitar. It was then that I picked up the drums. I might not be very good at it but I do enjoy playing drums. I love listening to beats and following them while listening to music. I was fortunate to have a drum set in my house that was given to me by an uncle. I practiced drums and again I have a mentor for drums which comes in the form of my brother from a different mother, Paul Black. We became very close like brothers and I often go to Malacca to visit his family and when I am there, they always offer me a place to stay in their home. Thanks to Paul, I became a part of Malacca Drum Corp and performed in an event in Malacca called the Malacca Music Festival. There are times to be serious when it comes to music but I’ve learned from Paul that I can be good, serious and enjoy playing music all at the same time. When we are free, you can find the Malacca Drum Corp basking around Jonker Walk making more music rather than noise. It was fun and I really love basking around random places. =)


Finally, music plays a huga role in my life and that is what I really love doing. \m/


My first hobby is swimming, even though I do not know all the swimming tricks. I do not care even if I am not an expert swimmer because swimming is just a hobby. I used to go for swimming classes during my early school years. I remember I used to enjoy swimming like a fish. And I used to be excited in the swimming pool like a mermaid! Oohhh it was nice! Whenever I saw a swimming pool, or whenever I went to the beach, I always enjoyed throwing myself in the water to swim. But now, because I am grown up, and I have got many duties, I only plan to go for swimming when I am free. But swimming is an excellent sport for keeping the body fit and healthy, since it enables you to give exercise to your arms, your legs, your neck muscles, your chest and lungs.


Secondly, I love playing basketball, which I started as my hobby when I was still in primary school. One day a friend of mine asked me to join her when she was going to play basketball. Initially I was reluctant, but in the end I joined her because she persisted. First, I thought it would not be not fun. But I was wrong. Later I really enjoyed playing basketball, because of running around, and throwing the ball into the net. Even now I sometimes play it with my friends. But we do not always follow the rules, and we just play it for fun. Sometimes I made my own rules, and play in my own style, which is called shaking the legs for fun.


Thirdly, I love meeting new people from other countries. Through them, I expand my understanding of world geography, human culture, and values. I always I feel excited when I get to know other persons from other continents. Where I come from, in Tanzania, we have got people from 125 different tribes, each with their own cultures, customs, and languages. But and we all live together in harmony, like brothers and sisters. I always like to share my culture with others, as they share theirs with me. As we share our cultures, we promote the thinking that the world is indeed becoming a single global village. I am glad I have come to Malaysia and made many new friends. So far I have experienced no discrimination in terms of skin colour, religious beliefs, and cultural background.


Fourthly, my hobby is dancing. Woow, I liked to rock and dance since my childhood years. I did not care what other people thought about my dancing, because I was dancing just for fun. I remember in my schools we had dancing clubs. Sometimes I would choose the Arabian dance . At other times Indian dance. Occasionally I would choose the Maasai dance. Wherever I heard good music I just danced; and I felt like dancing was inside my blood stream. But these days I am occupied with my studies.


Fifthly, a hobby, which is in fact my talent, is braiding hair. Creation of hairstyles is a hobby that I enjoy, which makes me feel good. Sometimes the hobby brings me money as well. Also I can braid my own hair, so I do not need to go a hair dresing saloon for the treatment of my hair. The hobby thus enables me to save money. When I was in my school holidays, sometimes I could braid hair for 7 to 10 people for one day. I used to be very creative on the styles I used in hair braiding, and I used to receive a lot of praise for my work. I can still do good hair braiding, but I am now very busy with my studies..


Some of my other hobbies I have not mentioned include listening to music, playing volleyball, netball, etc.